October 8th, 2007


Those God Hating America Bashing Civilian Phonies...

Ok, so maybe someone will explain who lets a 14 year old girl go to an 'early morning party'? Hum?
mall town in northern Wisconsin awoke to grief and questions Monday, a day after an off-duty sheriff's deputy shot and killed six people at an early-morning party. A seventh person at the party was critically injured in the shooting.
"I don't want to believe it. I'm waiting for somebody to wake me up," she said. "She's only 14 -- she'll be 15 next month; she's just starting to live. And the sad thing is who killed her -- a cop. Cops are supposed to always protect you, I thought, and it's one who took my daughter and how many other people's lives."
Friends of the victims said Peterson, who also worked part time as a Crandon police officer, stormed into the home where the party was going on at about 2:45 a.m. Sunday and opened fire.
"He was nice. He was an average guy -- normal. You wouldn't think he could do that," Johnson said, according to the AP.

[ cf Wisconsin town in shock after off-duty deputy kills 6 ]
Why NOT the Obvious???

If they are dead, they were Zombies!!!!

I mean that works with the rest of the professionals...

Clearly when the Zombies get your Deputy Sherif, it is time to get the Swat Team To Get HIM!!!

Can there be any better argument for why we MUST privatize Zombie Hunting???

Stopping The Iranian Flying Saucers.

The Associated Press reports that members of a separatist Kurdish group killed 13 Turkish soldiers near the country's southern border with Iraqi Kurdistan on Sunday, raising tensions at a border that separates America's staunchest allies in Iraq, the Kurds, with Turkey, another key US ally.
[ cf Kurdish rebels kill 13 Turkish soldiers ]

Ever since the Shah Of Iran started backing the Kurdish against the Free World, the Free World has faced these brutal and vicious attacks by Iranianist Flying Saucers!!! ( extra credit if you know the Algiers Agreement, otherwise you will burn in the Deepest Burning Sulphorous Pits Of Cleveland!!! )

Can there be any doubt here that we MUST WIN AGAINST the Iranianist Flying Saucers before they impose their Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Zombie Canadianist Konspirakii on our White Christian America!!!

Iraq Gone Wild!!!! More Reasons To Win Against Iran!!!

Hey Kids, it appears that Iraq has totally gone Bonkers
An Iraqi government panel investigating last month's deadly shooting involving Blackwater security contractors calls the guards' actions "premeditated murder."

Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said Sunday that the investigative commission formed by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki accused the American company's contractors of indiscriminately firing on citizens and violating the rights of Iraqis.
He added the contractors violated the rules of conduct and regulations for private security firms operating in Iraq.

"They must be held accountable according to the law," al-Dabbagh said, emphasizing that those responsible should be prosecuted for "premeditated murder."
Security contractors have immunity from Iraqi law under a provision put into place in the early days of the U.S.-led occupation.

[ cf Iraqi panel: Blackwater guards should face murder charges ]

The Iraqi's KNOW that they have signed away their birthright for porage, so why should they be upset if some of their Phoney Civilians get Waxed as a side effect of helping american Phoney Civilians feel like they are more safer than the plebian masses...

Don't those Wacky Iraqi Understand that this is all about helping american draft dodgers feel safer knowing that they stayed home, AGAIN, to fight it out with the anti-war types who do not understand the Stress of being a Most Greatest War Hero In The Most Holiest of Holy Crusades against Liberals and their Fellow Travellors!!!

I mean, are YOU tired of these Wacky Iraqi whining, and whining, and whining when a bunch of their Phoney Civilians are Identified as Zombies, and they get all fruffy about how they hate the Zombie Hunters who are In Iraq to restore the wetlands, and free them From Zombies!!! Don't the Wacky Iraqi understand that our valiant fighting Privatized Industry of Zombie Hunters are the best that the Invisible Foote of the Free Market could ever have created!!! and that they are the Most Fortunate of all Wacky Iraqi, to be So Fortuitously Protected By THE Most Bestest of Privatized Zombie Hunters that could ever BE!!!

But are they greatful for the best that it can be????

Of Course NOT!!! they are all just soft on Iran!

Hence why we must win against Iran to show the Wacky Iraqi how lucky they were when the Privatized Zombie Hunters were merely Hunting Zombies in Iraq, and not in Iraq AND Iran!!! When we will need to bring out the extra Special Zombie Hunting Tools!!!!

Why we Need MORE Blackwater Army Troops In Pakistan...

A suicide car bomber attacked an American military convoy on the road to Kabul's airport on Saturday, killing a U.S. soldier and a four Afghan civilians, officials said.

The bombing -- on the sixth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan -- threw several vehicles on their side. Four Afghans were killed and 12 wounded, the Health Ministry said.
The suicide bombing was the third major attack in Kabul in a week. On September 29, a bomber targeted an Afghan army bus, killing 30 people. A similar attack Tuesday against a police bus killed 13.

[ cf U.S. soldier dies in Kabul bombing ]
If we have learned anything out of our Liberation of The Wetlands Of Iraq, it is the importance of Both BlackWater Army Troops, and the value of engaging in a protracted war in the country to the east!!!

Hence we must be able to insert more BlackWater Army Troops into Pakistan before it falls to an Islamicists Secularist Military Junta dictatorial regime....

Then after bringing peace because we have converted all of the survivors to Christianity, americans will understand the special power that comes with being a True Christian, rather than a Dead False Believer in a religion not sanctioned by the state security apparatus!!!

I mean, it is our patriotic duty to support the president's policy that his is the first Zombie Free Administration, and we all know this means we must keep on winning against the Zombies!!!! Everywhere!!!

Is the NRO a Phoney Civilian Front Organization????

Last week, covering the Rush Limbaugh “phony soldiers” controversy, I described Media Matters, the liberal media watchdog group, as an “avowedly political institution.” Media Matters quickly took issue; a few hours after my article appeared on National Review Online, a posting on the group’s website declared, “Media Matters is not, as the National Review claims, ‘an avowedly political institution,’ but a nonpartisan, progressive nonprofit that is unaffiliated with any political party or candidate.”
[ cf Media Matters: We’re Not Political ]

Given a Choice to support the Troops, the NRO opts to go on the SlimeFest against ONE of the organizations that noted the problems in Rush Limbaughs Hatred Of America and American Troops!!! They might as well attack another one of those evil liberals:
Let me repeat: My sin was correctly quoting Limbaugh's slam against Iraq war veterans who have turned against the Iraq war they fought in. I used the quote as an illustrative lead in a column focused on my interviews with Army Capt. Joshua Denton, a recently returned Iraq war veteran who believes we should withdraw as soon as possible and let the Iraqis sort things out for themselves.

In other words, Limbaugh was cited briefly and correctly and used as an example of how some war supporters have used the war as a political bludgeon — mostly because they have run out of rational reasons to support a war that the American public at large has turned against.

[ cf Rush Limbaugh's 'Phony' outrage ]

Could the problem here be that the NRO, which once tried to show some moral fortitude by BANNING The Most Holy Blessed Virgin HanoiAnnie Coulter, for her totally wacked out series of remarks about how we really should be trying to impose a christian regime in Iraq, has now found itself backed into the proverbial corner of it's mere dogmatic position of supporting Rush at All Cost!!! EVEN if that means opposing the Troops, whom the NRO once pretended mattered.

Oh well... Another one of the Phoney Civilians who will want to be held to be a special part of the State Apparatus when that is great for getting them 'access' and 'draft dodges' but want to be specially protected as so called civilians, for reasons, that gosh, they are never too sure why they want to keep that piece of dualism up and running....

Maybe it is time for the Whole NeoConClownCarCrew to take some time out and work out which IS their position in any of this. What DO they want to be held morally accountable for... OR is their God, their mere ideological allignment to their, well self loathing??? Which would help explain why they are having such a hard time dealing with their own issues...

Those Darn Phoney Civilians Gone Wild.... (again)

Twenty years ago, televangelist Oral Roberts said he was reading a spy novel when God appeared to him and told him to raise $8 million for Roberts' university, or else he would be "called home."

Now, his son, Oral Roberts University President Richard Roberts, says God is speaking again, telling him to deny lurid allegations in a lawsuit that threatens to engulf this 44-year-old Bible Belt college in scandal.
She is accused of dropping tens of thousands of dollars on clothes, awarding nonacademic scholarships to friends of her children and sending scores of text messages on university-issued cell phones to people described in the lawsuit as "underage males."

[ cf The Lady is A Tramp (emphasis mine) ]

Oh good, thank god this is not another Senator Craig Crisis, it's his wife who is taking advantage of underage males....

ah yes.... But does that really mean that she is an actual civilian?

I mean, she is a Prayer Warrior, and if we have learned anything in the Current Holy Crusade Against Zombies, it is the clear and compelling need to WIN against the Beast Creatures Of The Pits, so clearly Prayer Warriors rank closer to the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp than the mere plebian Fighting 101st Keyboardists who are not always working on slaughter and slaying of unbelievers and getting God's Bullets to go from the Barrels of the Holy Warriors into the Bodies of Unbelievers, who were most likely Zombies Anyway...

Ah yes!!! Keep On the WhateverOnWhomever!!!! Since we can not have anything less than the Best Phoney Civilians as our most Holy Warriors in the Most Holy War!!!

Fixing Republican BrokenNeff...

I am constantly amused when so called conservativees can do nothing but whine about the evil Liberals. Back before the 2004 election I had to explain to this push poll person that I needed more of a plan on what we republicans were going to do than stop those Nancy Pelosi Dust Bunnies Of Despair....

Clearly the Republicans had a chance to help correct this flaw, given their total lack of reading skills, and fear of addressing the actual issues in the Evil MoveOn.Org Ad - but they got the ball rolling somewhere when they opted to get the condemnation vote. And they put a Moral Standards Question up for americans to salute, about how we are suppose to be the defenders of Our Members of The United States Of America's Armed Forces. But then came the Rush Test....

And so many alleged conservatives shot themselves in the foot.... again, and again, and again...

What will it take for actual conservatives to become a viable part of the national debate?

Or worse yet, what will it take for americans to decide that we NEED to have a national debate about national issues, as a National Part of Civil Duty FOR the Republic.

Or have we all tacitly agreed that there is no real need for a republic, and it is soooo time to embarce the Empire, and the Ceasar, who of course is a God.... Because without this, we will not be able to live out the fun and excitement of the Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire.