October 5th, 2007


Speaking of Torture....

When the President says things along the lines that the US does not Torture. Is that proposition to be held as truthier as when he told the Polish Press that we had found the WMD's in Iraq - and 63% of americans actually believed him.

Or is this a new TruthierNeff position, where as long as we know what he meant to say, we would know that it was within which ever bounds of his means mostly as truthier as he could say he meant it to be...

Or is he simply making another one of those Blessed Most Holy Virgin HanoiAnnie Coulter little Jokes, you know, just funning folks, because, well of course everyone considers Torture Fun!!!!

Ah yes, once upon a time I was trying to get an american to wrap his little pointy head around the problem and I learned the american way of coping with Torture:
But I do not have to worry about the government torturing my daughter.
I do not have a daughter....
Americans, you just have to love them, they are such fun folks.

Speaking of Legal IkkyYukkies....

Hey kids, yesterday we mentioned, again, that the USMC General downgraded a charge of "murder" to "negligent homicide"; which of course the phoney civilians were clamoring as a great victory.

But if it was such a victory, why didn't the USMC General simply squash the Article 32 indictment, asserting anything he wanted to, rather than concede that there exists a prima facia case that the USMC's ROE's were violated and that this trooper was on Par with the rest of the BlackWater Army Types, but unfortunately for the USMC Recruitors, was still bound not merely by the Legalisms of the UCMJ LAW, as if mere law in america were legal enough in itself, but by that higher standard, the USMC Code of Conduct.


Or should we all just go whistling in the dark and hope that no one actually thinks about the implications and legal complications, and, gosh, golly, gee whiz, the ETHICAL COMPLICATIONS.

Why do Those Phoney Civilians in the radical right Hate America and the American Military?

ON the surface, it seemed to resemble one of those infamous "Left Coast" incidents from the Vietnam era when the Bay Area was equated with the rejection and spurning of U.S. troops returning from an unpopular war.

Indications are, however, that the incident at Oakland International Airport on Sept. 27 involving a charter plane of 200 Marines returning from Iraq, who were confined to a remote location and not allowed into the main terminals, was more a misjudgment or faux pas -- a case of bad or nonexistent communication -- than malice or meanness.

But, as often happens in this age of instantaneous communication and news coverage, the incident was blown out of proportion by some pundits who dressed it up as a case of the war-weary Bay Area shunning members of our nation's military.

[ cf Marines' airport mixup misreported by media ]
If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times.

Just because my father married a couple of Civilians didn't mean I had to repeat that mistake, NOR that we should be giving Civilians any sort of special rights.

Given all of these Phoney Civilians running around as if they were the keepers of some majikal set of additional rights to hate americans and those of us who served, well, gosh, golly, Ghee Whiz, maybe they should think seriously about trying to fix their actual positions. Are they really Non-Combatants? Or are they actually Illegal Combatants engaged as puppet toadies of their Regime Change OverLords????

Hum... What if these Phoney Civilians figured out how to live up to the courage of their rhetorical posturing and opted to become the civilian segment of the Civilian/Military Mix required to WIN a Low Intensity Warfare Scenario, with asymetric combat and information mixes, that are a central part of any Counter-Insurgency.

Or would that be asking too Much of the Phoney Civilians!!!

And yes, some of my best friends are Civilians. No Honest, I really Like them, doesn't mean I want any of them dating my daughter, and yes, I think most of them look better in appropriate restraints, but that is another issue about maintaining personal safety in these trying times.

But as least none of My Civilian Friends are Phoney Civilians!!!

Those Damn Phoney Civilians Get Out Of Hand AGAIN!

I am just frightened to learn just how many different types of Phoney Civilians there are out there:
My name is not Jimmy Johnson, it is not Virgil Goode and it is not John McCain. But I am an American. No more, no less than any of these people.

My name is Cenk Uygur. And I am proud of it. It might sound a little different to your ear, but it doesn't make it any less American. That's the whole point of the country. If I wanted to live in a place where your race, ethnicity or religion mattered, there were plenty of other countries to choose from. I chose to be an American because I believed we were all equals in the eyes of the law.

[ cf This Is Not a Christian Nation ]

Americans should be put at risk by allowing phoney civilians who have funny sounding names to be considered the same as Actual True Civilians?

Why That is ALMOST as shocking as
A couple of days ago, Ann Coulter was on the Today show and she said the real problem with Senator McCain's comment was that he later said he would vote for a Muslim if he agreed with him. How dare he? Doesn't he realize that a patriotic American would never vote for a Muslim? They are the enemy. They are less than other Americans. They are not equal. This is a Christian nation!

You see, that's what bothers me. I am not a religious Muslim at all. In fact, I am agnostic. I don't participate in Ramadan. I don't need a resolution celebrating it. But once you bring it up for a vote, to purposely not vote for it is a clear sign. It is not a slip of the tongue or a miscommunication in the midst of a hectic campaign schedule. It is a deliberate act meant to send a message. And that's what I do care about. It is a sign that we are not welcome.

[ (op cit) ]
Oh Sure, just cite the Phoney Civilian, the Most Blessed Holy Virgin HanoiAnnie Coulter, as if that would change the nature of the whole Phoney Civilian On Phoney Civilian Fight!!!!

I mean, we all understand that HanoiAnnie wants the american government to take away her right to vote ( read for yourself), OR she has decided that she must keep voting for democratic presidents. There is of course the other option here, that she is in denial about being the worst drag queen ever!!!

I mean why should we patriotic americans be forced to live amongst these Evil And Vile And Dispicable Phoney Civilians!!! They Just Disgust Me because they lack the True Ameicanism To BE American!!!

Danger Will Roger, Brain Eat Disease...

The term “killer amoeba” may as well belong to some sci-fi movie. Unfortunately, a microscopic organism called Naegleria fowleri is not part of fiction. The amoeba lives in lakes and hot springs. Naegleria attacks the body through the nasal cavity, quickly eating its way to the brain. Once infected, people start complaining of a stiff neck, headaches and fevers. In the later stages of an infection, they will show typical signs of brain damage e.g. hallucinations and behavioral changes.
[ Six fatal cases related to brain-eating amoeba reported in USA ]
OH NO!!!!

Maybe NOW we can get federal funding to Find a Cure For Phoney Civilians before they attack AGAIN!!!

Are YOU doing Your Part???

Condi, Phoney Civilian or Psuedo WarLord???

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ordered new security procedures today for American diplomatic convoys in Iraq amid continuing repercussions over the shooting of Iraqi civilians by employees of the Blackwater USA security company.

She ordered that special agents from the department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security now ride with Blackwater security details; the bureau more closely review incidents like the recent shooting, and the convoys communicate with American military units operating in the same area.

[ cf U.S. Issues New Rules for Iraq Security Firms ]
Ah yes, another one of those great times of trying it all out...

Can You Spot The Phoney Civilian?

Tucker Carlson? Or Hansome Hunky Mike Huckabee?
Summary: On Fox & Friends, Mike Huckabee criticized senators for denouncing Rush Limbaugh regarding his recent "phony soldiers" comments, saying that "it is not the business of government to infringe upon the free speech of anybody, including a talk show host." But host Gretchen Carlson did not point out that Huckabee supported -- and attacked Sen. Hillary Clinton for opposing -- a Senate amendment that condemned the "General Betray Us" MoveOn.org ad.
[ cf Fox's Carlson did not challenge Huckabee's apparent inconsistencies on "free speech" ]

Why is it that these Phoney Civilians are allowed in public with decent people????

I mean, shouldn't these folks understand that in a time of Transferring The Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn, the most Important Thing Is Tax Breaks!!! And all the rest is merely molly coddling the Phoney Civilians.

Phoney Civilian would save the day...

Hum... when we kill them from the air, why worry about what they were, we could just assert that they were Phoney Civilians, and it would be simpler than noting that they had always been zombies:
The U.S. military in Iraq says about 25 militants were killed and two houses destroyed in a U.S. air strike near Baquba, north of Baghdad Friday.

A military statement says support aircraft were called in after coalition troops came under attack during a raid targeting a "special groups" commander believed linked to the Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
Iraqi authorities say about 30 people were wounded in the pre-dawn air strike on a Shi'ite neighborhood, in Khalis, northwest of Baquba.

Iraqi officials say civilians were among the dead.

[ cf US Military: Coalition Airstrike Kills 25 Militants near Baquba ]
And by the way, what right do the Iraqi's have in any of this.

It is not like they have any legal basis for being critical of anything that america does, because, well, America Is American, and they are not americans, so where do they get off Not Supporting the American Position on protecting americans, except of course the Phoney Civilian Americans, who need to be protected from the growing risk of Zombie Attacks.

In case you missed the Faustean General.

Then yes, you need to read General Faust since it is truly frightening to have the Evil Liberals advocating reading writers who are getting published in The American Conservative; eg: Sycophant Savior:General Petraeus wins a battle in Washington—if not in Baghdad.

Oh ME!!! Oh MY!!!!

Would this be a bad time to point out that early on the NeoCons were able to oust traditional american conservatives from The American Conservative, and gosh, now they have to deal with such Stab In The Back defections to the, well, gosh, American Way Of Life.

Oh ME!!! Oh MY!!!!

There could be a way to differenciate between those of us who are actual conservatives, and the dope smoking draft dodging God Hating America Bashing Phoney Civilians who want to play act that they are not only civilians, when it is expedient, and that they are conservatives, when it is politically expedient.

Are YOU doing YOUR part to end the Civilian Society and the Civilian Government so that we are all ready to totally win the Totalist Success that comes from Totalizing Victory Through Totality!!!

Strength Through Joy!!!!

Anything Less and the Phoney Civilians WIN!!!

Winning The War On Crime...

Support aircraft were called in when U.S. soldiers came under attack from militants firing assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, with one insurgent thought to have an anti-aircraft weapon.

"Perceiving hostile intent, support aircraft engaged, killing an estimated 25 criminals and destroying two buildings," the military said in a statement.

[ cf U.S. says 25 militants killed in Iraq's Baquba ( emphasis mine) ]
Well that will show Criminal Buildings that they are not acceptable, at ALL!!!!

We will not tolerate any form of Phoney Civilian Buildings, since we know that they are not at all like Real Civilian Buildings, and we know how to take care of their types!!!

WHY does American Spectator Hate Freedom and those of us who defend it.

During the October 4 edition of MSNBC's Countdown, host Keith Olbermann named American Spectator founder and editor-in-chief R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. the "runner-up" in his "Worst Person in the World" segment for, as Media Matters for America documented, asserting that Rush Limbaugh "already apologized" for his September 26 "phony soldiers" comments "in the event that he offended anyone." As Media Matters noted, while Limbaugh apologized "to all of the members of the United States military, both in uniform and out, active duty and retired, for Media Matters for America," he has not apologized for characterizing service members who advocate U.S. withdrawal from Iraq as "phony soldiers."
[ cf Olbermann named American Spectator's Tyrrell "Worst Person" runner-up for saying Limbaugh apologized ]
What is it with these Phoney Civilians and their Hatred of America???

I mean, why don't they go where they will feel safer, and not have to live in the land of the free???

Clearly since R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr, et al, still hate those of us who protect america, maybe it is time for them to find their happy place, where being a Phoney Civilian is the most important thing, EVER!!!

Who Are The True Phoney Civilians???

The Blackwater guard who drunkenly shot a bodyguard for Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdul Mehdi in December 2006 was back working for a Department of Defense contractor by February, CNN reported this morning.

And in a letter House oversight committee Chair Henry Waxman (D-CA) sent to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today, he asks why. He suggests that the reason it was so easy for the guard, Andrew J. Moonen, to get back to work, was because the State Department didn't inform the Defense Department about what the ex-Blackwater employee did to get initially expelled from Iraq. Moonen returned to Kuwait in February, CNN reported, working for Defense Department contractor Combat Support Associates (CSA).

During this week's Congressional hearing on Blackwater, a State official refused to tell Waxman anything about the incident -- including whether State had helped Moonen flee Iraq after the shooting.

"It is hard to reconcile this development with the State Department’s claim that 'We are scrupulous in terms of oversight and scrutiny not only of Blackwater but all of our contractors,'" Waxman writes.

[ cf Drunken Blackwater Shooter Went Quickly Back to Work ]

Shot our allies in a druken shooting festival?

And Still Got The Gig???

Oh boy, come on you 4-F ProWarWheenies, wag that manly male member of your, and how gosh you wanted to be able to kill Sand Niggah's and RagHeads, but the government was giving all of the good billets to the minorities....

Clearly your commitment to your rhetorical posturing was just not, well, Phoney Civilian Enough...

Which Phoney Civilians are Not wearing Flag Pin???

Hey kids, remember
Your flag decal won't get you into heaven any more...
[ cf John Prine's Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore ]
From the last time around that the Phoney Civilians were having problems remember if they got VA beni's for their service with the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Corp.

Well it seems that Comrade Party Leader Ron Paul has decided to align himself with the God Hating America Bashers
Ron Paul has now become the first Republican Presidential candidate to say that Barack Obama shouldn't be condemned for saying that he won't wear an American flag pin because so doing is inferior to "true patriotism":
[ cf Ron Paul Says Obama Shouldn't Be Condemned Over Flag-Pin Flap ]

I mean that is clearly such an obvious stab in the Back Of The Phoney Civilians!!!

How Unamerican!!!

Speaking Of Truthiness

When the president asserts
He said, "The techniques that we use have been fully disclosed to appropriate members of the United States Congress."
"It appears that under Attorney General Gonzales, they reversed themselves and reinstated a secret regime by, in essence, reinterpreting the law in secret," said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont.

[ cf Bush: 'This government does not torture' ]
Does he mean the Congress of The United States Of America, on Planet Earth, in this time continuum???

Or is the president actually refering to the Super Secret Extra Special United States Congress that is not contaminated with any of the Phoney Civilians who are Not THE TRUE Civilians of the True Patriotic American Party Of Patriotic Americans!!!!!

I mean the truthineff of the assertion is still mostly truthier even if we have to adjust it to deal with the delta's injected by "Those Darn Phoney Civilians".

Those Darn Phoney Civilians Gone Wild....

Does it surprise anyone that the Evil Demonic Evil Liberals are all opposed to the president's veto of health care for children, since that $30 Billion could be used to hire more Mercs to play as both war heroes in the so called war zones overseas, but also back here, protecting america from the growing threat of Zombies!!!

Besides, think about it, children who are the sort of persons who would be covered by the medical health insurance are not old enough to need to bribe government officials to get draft deferments, nor are they the sort of children who's Trust Funds will be able to reposition govenment policies on why their Trust Funds are more important!!!

As such, we can logically conclude that all of these so called 'children' are in point of fact merely Phoney Civilians, and not the True Civilians who need the sort of governmental largess that comes from being able to bribe the rights sort of people so that one is protected from the Marauding Hordes of both Zombies and Zombie Hunters!!!

Clearly we have to do something about stopping these Darn Phoney Civilians who are so clearly destroying our white Christian America because they want to be held as if they were real born persons!!!

Those Overseas Phoney Civilians...

The sons and daughters of late Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet asked to be freed from prison on Friday after spending a night behind bars accused of siphoning off public funds for their own use.

Judicial sources told Reuters a judge had agreed to their request but that the final decision would lie with Chile's Court of Appeal, which could rule as early as Saturday.

Meanwhile, Pinochet's 84-year-old widow Lucia Hiriart remained in hospital under preventative custody. She was one of 22 people arrested on Thursday as part of the embezzlement investigation.

"Her blood pressure is stabilizing," said Ivan Moreira, a right-wing member of the Chilean Congress and a close friend of the Pinochet family who visited her on Friday morning.

"She is going through a difficult time of great anguish," he told reporters.

[ cf Free us from jail, Pinochet sons and daughters say ]
Ok, so the Black Robed Judicial Tyrants ended the legal cover for Generalissimo Pinochet!!! We accept that, but does it pull the cover on his family TOO???

Shouldn't families be able to feel safe that they are exempted from being held legally liable for any of their actions while their Generalissimo Family Members are leading their nations in a holy crusade against the evil doing evil doers who are not like we are!!!!

Clearly just because the Evil Liberals are Persecuting one member of the family doesn't mean that they should be allowed to persecute them all.... Don't People Remember what it was Like, back in those Days, back when there were Zombies Everywhere, and the Iranian Flying Saucers, and the Space Monsters, And Godzilla....

I think more americans can appreciate this problem now, especially as they start worrying that those Damn Liberals will demand a new set of Nuremburg Trials, and that they will not exempt the families of the Great War Lords and the Great Over Lords, and The Glorious Ones, and the whole list of notables....

Which Phoney Civilians WILL the Phoney Civilians Protect More?

U.S. military reports from the scene of a shooting incident in Baghdad involving security contractor Blackwater indicates its guards opened fire without provocation and used excessive force, The Washington Post reported on Friday.
Citing a senior U.S. military official, the Post said the military reports appear to corroborate the Iraqi government's contention that Blackwater was at fault.

"It was obviously excessive. It was obviously wrong," a U.S. military official speaking on condition of anonymity told the newspaper.

"The civilians that were fired upon, they didn't have any weapons to fire back at them. And none of the IP (Iraqi police) or any of the local security forces fired back at them," the official was quoted as saying.

[ cf Blackwater faulted by U.S. military: report ]
One wants to just say,
Bring It On!!!
to all of the great war heroes hiding behind Rush, and Hanoi Annie Coulter, and the rest of the ProWarCrowd, who have been spending the last seven years play acting like they gave a Rats Screw one way or the other.

Please oh Great War Heroes sort it out, which of these are the folks we are suppose to be protecting? The Contractors who are just there to kill, or....

Or are we suppose to believe the Pro-War Crowd because of their Majik Knowledge, just like we are suppose to believe them on Torture, because they have Power Point Presentations that keep on saying Chicken, Chicken, Chicken all the way down.

What if Americans had to live the courage of their convictions????

But alas, as we keep learning, the Phoney Civilians will be so easy to identify, since the folks who were the first in the door to be the New State Security Apparatus will have no emotional qualms about turning in anyone they can to be tortured, cause, welll, that person might have had an actionable piecee of intelligence, and gosh, it would be better to torture them and maybe learn something than to merely let them get randomly gunned down by the cowboys in the rest of the state security apparatus....

So who knows.... maybe some day the pro-war crowd will get their chance to live our their dreams, or fantasies, or nightmares.

But preferrably in some other country.