September 27th, 2007


Why are some civilians more something than others???

Police and soldiers in Burma's main city have opened fire for a second day to disperse demonstrators. A Japanese journalist is among the victims of the violence in Rangoon. Earlier, security forces raided monasteries and took away scores of monks accused of leading the protests, which analysts say are the biggest challenge the military government has faced in decades. VOA's Luis Ramirez reports from our Southeast Asia bureau in Bangkok.
[ cf Violence Escalates in Burma as Monks, Others Continue Protests ]

Now try to make sure that when one constructs their argument against mindlessly shooting civilians, that one does it in a way that will not disgust the president as an attack on american troops....

Or would this be a better time for the new art of PowerPointPresentation such as Chicken, Chicken, ChickenCollapse )

More Ugly Quotes

In the rapture of his imagination, he has discovered a world of windmills, and his sorrows are, that there are no Quixotes to attack them.
-- Thomas Paine rebutting Edmund Burke
cited page 84 "Thomas Paines The Rights of Man" ( books that shook the world series )
Christopher Hitchens c. 2007 ( ISBN-13: 978-0-87113-955-9

We're spending over $600 Billion Dollars for ThatIraqiThingiePooh so that party apparachniki can run off and play Sancho Panza to the Most Holy Blessed Virgin Coulter, and friends....

Ah yes....

What if the so called conservatives had taken the time to know a bit about the actual american history.

Why Liberals Are Evil!!!

Can you imagine what sort of Sick Morally Perverted Persons care more about sick children, than being able to use that money to hire Mercs to shoot civilians.

I mean those Damn Liberals just do not have the Moral Drive to be the True Sancho Panzez to The Most Holy Blessed Virgin Coulter, and friends!!!

{ be honest kids, 'the most holy blessed virgin coulter, and friends' makes you feel all warm and cuddly safe in side, like an evil liberal saturday morning cartoon that was unwilling to teach you the MANLY ART of using drop weapons to plant evidence on dead bodies... }


Yes, boys and girls, as we sit here, the Evil Demonic Liberals want to take away Cash Money from out valiant fighting forces in the BlackWater Army!!!
The American security contractor Blackwater USA has been involved in a far higher rate of shootings while guarding American diplomats in Iraq than other security firms providing similar services to the State Department, according to Bush administration officials and industry officials.
[ cf Blackwater Tops Firms in Iraq in Shooting Rate ]
That's Right Boys And Girls!!!

Which do you want? Health Children Or DEAD ZOMBIES!!!!

It really IS that Simple!!!! Which Side Are YOU on???

And remember, what ever you do, do not make the President Disgusted at your Failure To Support Our BlackWater Army that is at this very moment keeping us safe from the welfare queens in the armed forces, and their leftist leaning liberal fellow travellors!!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR PART???

But What If Climate Change Were ACTUALLY IMPORTANT?

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Thursday told delegates to a global climate change conference that countries around the world must work together to combat climate change, much as they cooperate against terror and the spread of disease.
[ cf Nations must fight climate change like terrorism, Rice says ]
Hey, we get it.

yes, the Evil Klintonesta Dumped a Failed Economy, with Billions And Billions of Unemployed people, and the only way to solve that was to call on the BlackWater Army to kill civilians....

But, uh, what if Climate Change were an issue that needed to be addressed as more than an excuse for Tax Cuts???

The Canadianists Are Coming!!!!

Lock up your Liquor And Womyn, the Canadianists Are Coming!!!
The Government Accountability Office, the investigative branch of Congress, sent out investigators to test how easily they could slip across unguarded and unmonitored spots along the more than 8,000 kilometres of U-S-Canada border. They even tried to trigger responses from border patrol agents, who in one instance could not locate them.
[ cf Border no match for terrorists and dangerous materials: report ]

In related Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Canadianist Propoganda News
As the skirl from a lone piper playing Amazing Grace drifted across the silent tarmac, nearly 1,000 troops of Task Force Afghanistan saluted their fallen comrade Cpl. Nathan Hornburg just before dawn today as the 24-year-old mechanic from Alberta began his last trip home on board a Canadian Forces C-130 Hercules transport.

"As a reservist he could have stayed in Canada as a landscaper. Instead he chose to make a difference in this world," said Maj. Pierre Bergeron, before flag-draped coffin was carried to the aircraft by soldiers from the armoured crew member's reservist unit, the King's Own Calgary Regiment, and from the Edmonton-based Lord Strathcona's Horse.

[ cf Nearly 1,000 soldiers salute fallen Albertan ]

There you have it... Who would have expected that they were in Afghanistan!!!

Clearly those folks need to, uh, something, something, something...

And IF you didn't know, yes,
The U.S. Navy is to spend up to $600,000 on disguising a collection of L shaped buildings that look like a swastika from the air.
[ cf Swastika Shaped US Navy Barracks to be Remodelled ]
HOW did those Damn Canadianists do that???

Have you ever wondered why Canadianists are SOOOOOO VILE that they are building building like their national swastika symbol of Nationalist Socialism, since, as we all know, Canadianists are NOT american, and are Socialists, which is to say that they are National Socialists, since there is now no longer an international monolithic Godless Communist Conspiracy!!!

Where's The White Women??? Or are there Christianists Groups In Your Area?

Wednesday, Gov. Kathleen Blanco announced that Louisiana State Police officers will protect the families of the Jena 6 and investigate any threats they have received. A white supremacist Web site posted the names and addresses of the six black teens after last week's march, calling on followers to "let them know justice is coming."
[ cf Sharpton: Bail being posted for Mychal Bell ]
Now don't get me wrong here folks.

I support Full Auditions!!!

I am so in favor of knowing that the BlackWater Army will be able to hire from the best when it comes to protect ing american White Women from the Mud Races that are out there...

But, uh, hold it, remind me again why it is that Baba is so suprised, suprised, suprised, that them darkies is almost just like us White Folks....

Besides, The EVIL PERSECUTING LIBERALS !!! Well, they are Evil!!! And Liberal!!! AND SHOULD BE PERSECUTED, pay no never mind that the evil liberal media reports
"A lot of things happened between the noose hanging and the fight occurring, and we have arrived at the conclusion that the fight itself had no connection," he said.
Racial tension in the town increased after the noose incident. In November, someone burned the main academic building. The arson has not been solved, but many believe the incident is linked to racial tension.

[ cf U.S. attorney: Nooses, beating at Jena High not related ]
You SEE!!! YOU SEE!!!

They ARE THEM!!!!


Ask YOURSELF, Whom Would Jesus BOMB!!!!

And in a time of Transferring Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn...