September 24th, 2007



It is also called "dragon war" - but really should have been the korean translation of Homer Simpson doing his whole "DOH! war?".

What can I say, my whole marketting understanding of this film was the marquee poster at a small strip mall cinema with maybe four screens. I should have read that handwriting that it had only one theatre in the bigger 16 screen cinema.... but I was optomistic, I have been to fun films that were not getting a lot of support from the mainstream media that have turned out to be MUST SEE!!!

This was not that film.

Basically it lacked any plot develoment, or character development, and one has to say, the english language actors did the best they could with the wood they were given to play with. What truly scared me was that sickening sickly sweet sense that this was fundamenatlly a "Mighty Morphine Power Ranger" Rip off - in that there were all of these really great "bad guy army" instances that seemed to have been shot in the DMZ of Korea, to save on costs... Fortunately, while the sense that one really wanted to see the english language actors pull something out, anything, and morph into something, like a plot or characters, or something. It is possible that the folks who were doing the editing of this film forgot about that sequence and left it somewhere? Maybe up on the DMZ, or maybe it is the super secret stuff that we really want the North Koreans To Return....

If you are not up on the basic back story of how Korean Celestial Dragons come into existence, well, this is the film that you soooooo HAVE to SEE!!! since basically that is all one gets in this flick! And then, do your patriotic duty and correctly update Imugi so that the reference there will comply with Wiki Standards.

What I must give the film is that it DID have the best Asian Dragon CGI that has come down the pike!!! Which for me was bascially why I wanted to deal with the filk. For me, the differences between eastern and western dragons is critical at both the simple cultural paradigm layer, as well as professionally!!! Since if this whole modern cultural warfare paradigm gives it up, well, I may just have to return to the Traditional Family Values gig of DOING the old Dragon Slaying Job, ( cf The Lair Of The White Worm )

Eastern Promises ( film review )

The really important question to ask about Eastern Promises is will this really be the new God Father Franchise? Or will it have to be reclarified to make sure that it will stay consistent with current american foreign policy positions on who has the Correct Implementation of The True Manifestation of Chicago Style Gangsterism, as the inevitable follow on to the One True And ONLY implementation of the Marxists-Leninist_<YourDoctinairePuppyDogHere>.

Since as we all recall from tracking Komsomol in the seventies, before the revisionist ideological deviationalists had embarked upon the deviant imperialists Trotskyite Revisionist Adventurism in Afghanistn, "if the party falls, all will suffer under Chicago Style Gangsterism!" ( which should not be confused with Chicago (band) that was big on brass, but in the horn section, and not in the tommy gun section... )

Ok. Maybe if one arrived with a bit of the background history in one's bag, the film looks a whole lot different than if one showed up, and, knew nothing about Russian History beyond one's religious commitment to Russian Borscht being better than any other Borscht...

But then again, is it a plot spoiler to remind folks that more than Once the KGB ran the 'section chief' on the legal manifest of russians in country, as 'the chauffeur'. Probably news to many, but the tradition is there as well.... Amongst the dark uglies is this core problem of how DO we in the west want to deal with the issues of other countries, where they have the usual 'traditional values' of "emmigrate or die" - for any number of reasons.

Personally I think that there is a good basis for doing a Franchise Here.

Who knows, it may help americans work out what they want to believe about 'traditional family values' - not to mention the usual problems of how to deal with 'trust issues'.

Bottom line - this is a film that one should see in the Cinema, with friends, and a support network. It is painfully violtent, and is intentionally doing it to move the plot and story along. This is not a pretty boy film, even if my lady friend put the happy faced spin on it, "but you get to see ViggoMortensen rolling around in the buff..."

March Of The Headline Comedies...

For all its high-profile failings and its reputation for "cowboy" aggression, the secretive security company Blackwater USA has never failed at its primary mission in Iraq: Protecting State Department diplomats.

Not one diplomat has died while being guarded by employees of the politically connected company based in the swamplands of northeastern North Carolina. Experts say that success—combined with the murky legal world in which Blackwater operates and its strong ties to Republicans—has allowed the company to operate with impunity.

[ cf 'Cowboy' aggression works for Blackwater ]
Where to begin with this joke festival.

What murky legal world? The CPA indemnified them IN the primary law!!!! And it was not until 2007 that there was even an allegation that they should be bound to the UCMJ... So what legal murkyNeff are folks wondering about??? American commitment to keeping them out of the International War Crimes Tribunal means that they can go on killing, maiming, and wounding civilians as long as they want!!!!

And gosh, isn't that the real issue here!!! Why without the Blackwater Army, gosh, who would be able to do that old LBJ game of taking the Coon Skins to the outhouse walls...

The really scary thought is what happens when the ProWar Camp decides to follow their rhetorical posturing about their LoveFest with Praetor Petreaus, and starts to accept that a counter insurgency may not have room for "cowboys" who are not Team Players playing for the Team....

Oh dear me... what if the core problem here is that Nasty Personal Self Interest Problem.... If peace were to break out in Iraq, then gosh the Blackwater Army would have to work out where their next meal ticket was....

Hum... So ARE the Blackwater Army, and friends, on the same team as the US Military????

Or is asking that question also threatening the manhood of the ProWar Happy Kampfrs....

Liberman And The Radical Right Wing....

As leading campus free speech and first amendment scholar Robert O'Neil rightly notes: "If you suppress a viewpoint by disallowing or barring a controversial speaker, you make the speaker a martyr."

While all eyes are on Manhattan, precious few are watching what's happening in Washington. On Thursday, Senators Jon Kyl and Joseph Lieberman filed an amendment to the 2008 Defense Authorization Bill that would make it official U.S. policy to "combat, contain and roll back" Iran and its surrogates in Iraq. Section 5 calls for the United States to formally designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization. If passed, this amendment would open the door even wider for military action against Iran.

[ cf Ahmadinejad: Why The Right Is Wrong ]
Ok, help me out here....

We need this additional talking point added to the 2008 Defense Authorization Bill to articulate that we have always been at war with EastAsia???




Is this mike still on???

Those Frivilous Lawsuits...

an you all know, God is indemnified, in insurance at least, for any such acts as may occur...Well, now we are so on for the Big Parade:
State Senator Ernie Chambers is suing God. He says it to prove a point about frivolous lawsuits.

Chambers says senators periodically have offered bills prohibiting the filing of certain types of suits. He says his main objection is the constitution requires that the doors to the courthouse be open to all. Chambers said, "Thus anybody can file a lawsuit against anybody - even God."
The lawsuit accuses God "of making and continuing to make terroristic threats of grave harm to innumerable persons, including constituents of Plaintiff who Plaintiff has the duty to represent."

[ cf Senator sues God?!?!?!?! ]


What if there was a in Pakistan....

Would american radical leftwing extremists in the State Department, who are aiding and abetting international WhateverOnWhomever be so whiney:
The American Embassy here expressed serious concerns today over the arrest and detention by the Pakistani government of more than three dozen opposition politicians who had planned to stage protest rallies against the re-election of the president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf.

“The reports of arrests of the leadership of several major Pakistani political parties are extremely disturbing and confusing for the friends of Pakistan,” the embassy said in a statement released to the news media. “We wish to express our serious concern about these developments. These detainees should be released as soon as possible.”

[ cf U.S. Criticizes Arrests in Pakistan ]
No, seriously....

Why is anyone in the US Government opposing the WhateverOnWhomever in Pakistan!!! I know that Pakistan is no Iraq, but shouldn't we be supporting the rights of a military dictatorship to suppress those who oppose the divine rule of Great Leader????

I mean isn't that what our troops are fighting for??? the blind loyalty of a citizenry who will cower at the call of the Great Leader to what ever is making the Great Leader Great!!!

Speaking Of NYT's Unamericanism....

Yet even after he made it out of Castor, his ties to these backwoods remained strong. The congregation at New Friendship Baptist Church celebrated his last promotion with a parade. At his sons’ baptism, he told fellow worshipers that he hoped to instill in his children the values he had wrested from hardship.

Less than 24 hours later Major Cockerham was behind bars, accused of orchestrating the largest single bribery scheme against the military since the start of the Iraq war. According to the authorities, the 41-year-old officer, with his wife and a sister, used an elaborate network of offshore bank accounts and safe deposit boxes to hide nearly $10 million in bribes from companies seeking military contracts.

The accusations against Major Cockerham are tied to a crisis of corruption inside the behemoth bureaucracy that sustains America’s troops. Pentagon officials are investigating some $6 billion in military contracts, most covering supplies as varied as bottled water, tents and latrines for troops in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.
But when tens of thousands of soldiers began pouring through Kuwait, Mr. Young said in an interview, his agency was forced to entrust nearly $4 billion over the next four years to what he described as a B team of civilians and military officers with limited contracting experience. It was a setting flush with money, he said, but lacking the safeguards to prevent contracting officials from taking it.

Pages of the affidavits in United States District Court in San Antonio involving Major Cockerham read like scenes from a spy novel. They allege that unidentified businesspeople carried hundreds of thousands of dollars in shopping bags, delivering the money to Mrs. Cockerham as she played courier in the Middle East with her three small children, while her husband kept coded records of a mounting fortune.

[ cf Graft in Military Contracts Spread From Base (emphasis mine) ]

JUST SHOCKING that the NYT would be covering the corruption of American Troops...

Well at least it is not like we can blame the best and the brightest any more...

Should we note that this is rooted in San Antonio... or would that be merely piling on here???

Why are the ProWarTypes needing to attack americans?

The pro-war fascists of Gathering of Eagles found a father of a fallen Marine to beat up along the route: Carlos Arredondo, who marches in anti-war demonstrations pulling a flag-draped coffin adorned with a picture of his son. Here's one account:
[ cf "He needed a rescue" ]
a h/t to the mojowire.

Ok boys and girls, please, remind me again, why exactly these great warHeroes are great.....

But no, it really does not at all surprise me that the FruitBats in the ProWarCrowd are having problems with their guilt issues about having hidden all of these years behind HanoiAnnie Coulter's Moisten'd Bint....

When they could be out there slaughtering non-americans for any reason they could come up with....

But then again, it must make such Great War Heroes feel more patriotic to beat up on Father's of Fallen Marines, than, well gosh, to be overseas trying to figure out how to make the counter insurgency actually work.... and not merely a cash cow for the BlackWater Army and the rest of the folks who view the process as merely more grounds for graft and corruption....

Or is that really the core problem with the WingNuts???