September 20th, 2007


Is the President A Defeatist Cut and Runner...

Breaking his self-imposed vow of silence, President Bush is wading deeper into the campaign to succeed him, declaring that he is a "strong asset" to Republican hopefuls and castigating Democrats who failed to denounce a ad that mocked General David Petraeus.
[ cf Bush Wades Into Campaign To Succeed Him ]

You mean the president is going to run away and leave the troops abandoned in Iraq????

What happened to his commitment to himself and the troops.

You know, support the president to support the BlackWater Troops....

now that is funny...

I mean, hey kids we have reached parity with the Canadian Dollars, AND the Saudi Arabians did not follow the Fed's Discount Move.... and the president is trying to sell that his effort to veto a bill that would provide health care to children is all about stopping those Evil Democrats from playing politics, because what we really need to do is take what ever efforts we can to bail out the UnRegulated Banking Industries which would be at risk for having made bad business practices....

Boy, Not since HanoiAnnie Coulter was making jokes about Killing Americans, have we heard this level of comedy about the comedic moments of Life....

So yeah, we soooo have got to stop, because they do not respect the BlackWater Army!!! The most expensiver private army that money can buy...

Liberal Media Persecutes War President!!!

President Bush on Thursday refused to criticize a U.S. security company in Iraq accused in a shooting that left 11 civilians dead, saying investigators need to determine if the guards violated rules governing their operations.
"Our objective is to protect innocent life. And we've got a lot of brave souls in the theater working hard to protect innocent life."

[ cf Bush sidesteps criticizing Iraq shooting ]
Oh Yeah!!!!

Don't they understand that if they are DEAD, they were Zombies!!!!

But don't they understand that we have to support the Free Market....

Liberals Should Pull Back Their Gay Attack Journalists

I was Just SHOCKED by
n the New York Times advertisement, MoveOn proposed the anything-but-radical notion that a failure of frankness on the general's part would be a betrayal of the troops and the country. That's hardly an unreasonable suggestion, coming as it does at a critical stage in the occupation when young men and women from the United States are dying at a rate of one every ten hours and when $200 billion is removed from the federal treasury each day to maintain what is so obviously a failed mission.

But the president was upset, and he showed it. Tossed a typical soft-ball question at a presidential press conference Thursday morning, Bush responded by saying, "I thought that the ad was disgusting. I felt like the ad was an attack, not only on General Petraeus, but on the U.S. military. And I was disappointed that not more leaders in the Democrat Party spoke out strongly against that kind of ad. That leads me to come to this conclusion: that most Democrats are afraid of irritating a left-wing group like -- are more afraid of irritating them than they are of irritating the United States military. That was a sorry deal. And it's one thing to attack me. It's another thing to attack somebody like General Petraeus."

Bush's obviously prepared statement was a clumsy attempt to attack Democratic presidential candidates and congressional leaders. But it created an opening for an unprecedented back-and-forth between the most powerful man in the world and his most aggressive critics. It was hardly necessary on the day when Senate Republicans were engineering a symbolic 72-25 vote rebuking the MoveOn ad that referred to Petraeus as "Betray Us." Had Bush simply offered the standard "I'm not going to get into these political fights" line, or even a pithier "I think the Senate will have something appropriate to say about that," he would have mastered the moment.

[ cf Bush Loses It With MoveOn (emphais mine)) ]

And it was not that long ago that they Gay HomoZexual Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets put their Evil Gay HomoZexual Gannon/Whomever to throw softball questions at the president!!!

And those Gay HomoZexuals should stop picking on the president...

Don't Americans Understand that we ARE IN a MOST HOLY of all crusades to protect our White Christian America from the brutal onslaughts of Gay HomoZexuals!!!

Anything Less and the Liberals will stop the tax cuts we need to WIN and privatize zombie hunting!!!!

speaking of dissing the troops...

God Man, did you notice they are allowing the Head of Iran INTO AMERICA!!!!

Talk about stabbing our troops in the back...

Like We are SOOOOO At War With Iran for what they did to america on 09/11!!! can you believe that those left wing environmental extremists like the TreeHuggerInChief is allowing this brutal stab the troops in the back.

on a happier note, one of my non-white friends is a bit concerned that if they elect Romney, that the non-white folks will be the first to be ground down... I mean, how impolite. But at least he was polite enough to know his station when we had lunch at dish-dash, since it is my WhiteMan's Burden to take care of my darkie friends.

and yes, that does include the Wogs and the rest of the SandNiggahs!!!

I mean, we are More at war than ever before to keep white christian america white and christian and america!!!