September 17th, 2007


Tell Me It ISN'T So!!!

The Iraqi government said it would suspend the license of Blackwater, probably the most famous among the armies of private security contractors working inside Iraq, after an incident in central Baghdad in which government officials allege eight civilians were killed. The incident looks certain to rekindle the controversy of the wide role given to the contractors in the Iraq war, with critics saying that they operate outside the sorts of legal oversight and codes of conduct that restrict the behavior of soldiers in war zones.
[ cf Iraqi government may ban Blackwater security group ]
Say WHAT????


I mean what is so hard to understand about that????

I mean do we WANT to go through more years of Failed Liberal Agenda Mongering by Defeatists Like jim kerry, whom we all know VOTED AGAINST the Star Trek Defense Initiative, and has Forced Our Valiant Fighting Forces to Ride into Combat on TaunTauns, rather than in swift boats and the war canoes which would have given them superiority over the Ports In Northern Iraq!!!

Now MORE than ever, we must back the President to Back the Privatization of Zombie Hunting!!! Or the Godless Atheistical America Bashers will be Demonic and Evil, and Mandate their Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Only Initiative!!!!

Last Weekend, On "As The Ayn Randians Turn", we learned...

That the Invasion of Iran^Hq was about the Oil. And now
The former Fed chief may think Hillary Clinton is "very smart" and that President Bush went to war for oil, as he told CBS News' 60 Minutes last night, but he's not any more thrilled with the Democratic Party than the Republicans, he told the Wall Street Journal.

The Goldwater-loving libertarian had nice things to say about the centrist Clinton administration's fiscal politices, but said "the next administration may have the Clinton administration name but the Democratic party ... has moved ... very significantly in the wrong direction," referring to the Democratic party's populist bent, particularly its skepticis

[ cf Greenspan Backtracks On Iraq War Oil Claim
The Skinny: Former Fed Chief Now Says Oil Wasn't The Reason For U.S. Invasion.
Hey kids, which reality is your Reality Tuner tracking...

So if you supported Victory, you are now Successful!!!!

Otherwise, you are still in League with the Zombies...

It is also possible that Greenspan is Not French...

What Will Stop The Satanists???

I mean sometimes folks REALLY should not be flaunting their bedfellows in public like this
The strange case of Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig is about to take another interesting turn. Craig is getting support today from what many might consider to be an unlikely ally the American Civil Liberties Union.

Craig was arrested in a men's restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport in June and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct last month.

"We believe the sting operation used to apprehend Mr. Craig was unconstitutional. The statute the government is relying upon makes it a crime to use certain offensive words," said Anthony Romero, the executive director of the ACLU.

[ cf ACLU Backs Sen. Larry Craig ]
That's Not Right....

I mean, your type just are too disgusting for words!!!! Take that Stuff back into the Closet where it belongs!!!!

All TRUE americans are so past that whole failed liberal constitutional stuff, especially now that we have the Holy Trilogy of War President, War Czar and Praetor Petreaus!!!!!

Radical Extremists Kapitulationist Appears As Judicial Activists

A US federal court Monday ordered the Chiquita banana company to pay 25 million dollars in fines for paying millions of dollars in protection money to Colombian paramilitary groups between 1997 and 2004.
Chiquita pleaded guilty to paying 1.7 million dollars to one of Colombia's most notorious paramilitary groups, the United Self-Defense Committees of Colombia, which the United States calls a terrorist group.
On Monday prosectors called the company's actions, which it has said were taken in the face of extortion, "morally repugnant."

"Chiquita was funding the bullets which killed innocent Colombians," said prosector Jonathan Malis.

The company still faces a civil lawsuit brought in July by families of those killed by the paramilitaries.

[ cf Chiquita fined 25 million dollars for payment to paramilitaries ]

Supporting the Free Market In Privatizing Zombie Hunting is now Criminal according to the Radical Left Wing God Hating America Bashers!!!

Now more than EVER americans MUST support the Presidents new Successful Victory Process, as a part of Privatizing Zombie Hunting...


Last Friday the God Hating America Bashers were all whining about how the shift from victory to success seemed to be as if it were some sort of change in the core overall goal set.

Well on Sunday I was walking through Border's BookStore, and I was so pleased that all of those whiney sniveelling weasle wording about IraqVietnamIran were no longer up front on the hot must have books that most clearly need to be read, since of course now we are So Victoriously Successful, that no one need worry at all about ThatIraqiThingiePooh because the Success Of Victory in IraqVietnamIran is all Over Now!!!

Why Does Maine Hate Freedom...

Hey Kids, Kommunist Puppet Toady Of International Zionist Bolshiviki Banking Konspirakii om Allen noted:
Iraq is the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time. American forces are now caught in the middle of a bloody religious civil war that has been brewing in one form or another for 1,300 years.
A majority of Americans long ago concluded this war was a mistake from the start. It has incited new enemies, its goals cannot be achieved militarily and it is time to end it.

They are desperate for new leadership that won't just keep rearranging the deck chairs but will grab the wheel and steer us clear of the disaster lying ahead on the current course.

[ cf Time to pull troops out is now ]
Which would be just more of the same old same old, were it not for the scary bits that togodeon noted the Dark Evil of
Since the start of the Iraq war, tens of thousands of heavily-armed military contractors have been roaming the country -- without any law, or any court to control them. That may be about to change, Brookings Institution Senior Fellow P.W. Singer notes in a Defense Tech exclusive. Five words, slipped into a Pentagon budget bill, could make all the difference. With them, "contractors 'get out of jail free' cards may have been torn to shreds," he writes. They're now subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the same set of laws that governs soldiers.
[ cf US military code will apply to contractors - and embed journos? ]
which is interesting, that we finally got around to addressing this issue, how many years into winning, and the even more unpleasant problem, that we are facing the dual legal problem.

What if the iraqi's get serious about wanting to take the Blackwater Army to Court? Wouldn't that mean that the Iraqi's were just as willing to take any other faction of the US Military Complex to court, in Iraqi Courts....

Or hasn't the Iraqi Government been informed that under american law the american contractors, such as the Blackwater Army, is under UCMJ law, hence they are protected from persecution by ferrign devils.

OR is the really comical part here that with the loss of a license to practice their art and craft in Iraq, the return of the Blackwater Army IS the troop reduction that we have all been waiting for... So Suck It Up Welfare Queens that you were not on the high paying contract.... Next time folks will understand that if they want to go to war, they will need to have solid Union Card Contracts with respectable contracting firms, and not some welfare state hand outs.....

Or when the president was talking about a down sizing of forces, he already knew that he was going to be pulling out the Blackwater Army ahead of their being arrested and thrown into prison....