September 13th, 2007


Bomb Canada, The Vermont Horror Story!!!!

Oh MY GOD!!!!! The Communist Rat Bastard Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Canadianist Radical Judicial Activists Engaged In Extremist Environmental Terrorism by Legislating From The Bench:
U.S. District Court Judge William Sessions delivered a stunning blow to auto manufacturing companies Wednesday, establishing the right of states to set their own standards for how much greenhouse gas emissions cars could produce — and pushing Vermont again to the forefront in a national fight over who regulates such pollutants.

Sessions ruled in favor of the state and its allies on nearly every point in his more than 240-page decision in a case that pitted car makers and dealers against Vermont regulators and environmentalists.

Even as they were celebrating, however, the defendants said they would be surprised if the matter — either through the Vermont case or one of two other similar cases in other states — did not eventually wind up before the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court

[ cf 'Green' car decision puts Vt. in spotlight ]


The virtual mandate of Gay Only Marriages By The Canadianist WannaBes!!!

Can there be any doubt that we MUST win against The Zombies In IraqVietnamIran, or the Canadianists will destroy our American Way of LIFE!!! Only by bombing Canada, as well as an agressive program of tax cuts, and the Privatization of Zombie Hunting, can we make America American AGAIN!!!

Are YOU doing your part to Privatize Zombie Hunting? Or are you in league with Satan?

You SEE There are Success Stories Coming out of IRAQ!

Today, with violence down in Ramadi and the surrounding Anbar province west of Baghdad, MacFarland's tactics have led to one of Iraq's rare success stories. Al-Qaeda's presence has diminished as Iraqis have begun to reclaim their neighborhoods. And Army officials are examining how MacFarland's approach might help the military make progress in other parts of the violence-racked country.
"There are big changes coming," Mains says. "It's not like we turned into a debating party. … It's just the way we try to draw in other people to get the other viewpoint." The military's new counterinsurgency manual makes clear that firepower is only part of the equation.

[ cf An Army colonel's gamble pays off in Iraq ( Emphasis Added to help the Irony Sink In, or Leach Out )
Ok, so there was
The leader of a group of local Sunni tribes cooperating with American and Iraqi forces in fighting extremist Sunni militants in Anbar Province was killed by a bomb today, Iraqi police officials said, in a blow to an effort President Bush has held up as a model of progress.
[ cf Bomb Kills Sunni Sheik Working With U.S. in Iraq ]

When the shill fo the 2007 FM 3-24, ( now available in trade paper from the University of Chicago Press, and we all hope will be the next great made for TV Movie ), says that this book is on the bed side table of the President, the Veep, the SecDef and 23 of the 25 Senators on the Armed Services Commitee - wouldn't it have been gooder if they could have said that someone had read it to the Prez and helped him with the really big words, like 'learn' and 'adapt' so that he could wrap his head around "adapt and learn"....

Rather than using it as one more religious talisman, for the Holy Trinity of War President, War Czar, and Praetor Petreaus!!!

How DO they say that in American....

Hum.... I wonder if americans have an expression for a person who becomes the puppet toady of the occupation forces..... Hum... I wonder IF americans would still consider such a person a 'citizen' who should be protected under american law, even IF it were America that was being occupied by Ferrign Devils.

What IS Wrong With the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets And The False Image Of Iranian Flying Things!

Oh sure, just what we have come to expect of the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets:
A fatal attack launched two days ago against the sprawling headquarters base of the American military in Iraq was carried out with a 240 mm rocket - a type of weapon provided to Shiite extremists by Iran, a U.S. general said Thursday.
[ cf Bergner: Rocket Associated With Iran ]
As If...

I mean, why can't they admit it was an iranian flying saucer, bent upon the destruction of our white Christian america with it's God Hating America Bashing Gay Marriage ONLY envrionmental extremist Judicial Activism!!!

Besides, anyone who does a quick google will learn that the 240mm Rocket is the pet fave of the North Koreans, and do folks really want to think that the Axis Of Evil is getting tgheir 240mm Rockets (M-1985) from North Korea???? HUM???? Not at all likely!!!!

Thus clearly it must be an Iranian Flying Saucer, as a part of the ongoing IraqVietnamIran War!!! Which we will only win by liberating China before it falls to Communism!!!

Get Your Game ON!!!!

Yes, I so love things like:
harpe is on record blaming the 9/11 attacks not on Al Qaeda but on “Judeo-Masonry.” He believes that “the current and historical mortal enemy of Christian civilization is Judeo-Masonry.”
[ cf Navy Commander Disciplined, But Extremist Activities Continue ]
Ah Yes, make me feel safer, knowing that
Yesterday I received an email from Col. Steven Boylan, the Public Affairs Officer for Gen. David Petraeus, highlighting some disagreements with my Saturday post titled "General Petraeus's PR Blitzkrieg." His full email is below the fold, and for the most part it's a straightforward defense of the way Petraeus has handled briefings with the press and analysts.
since it is so nice to know that the Good Praetor has such a caring and concerned staffer staying on top of the current political problems in america.... Especially givin the Majik Moment
"I asked him if he was planning to run in 2008 and he said, 'No, that would be too soon'," Mr Khadim, who now lives in London, said.

General Petraeus has a reputation in the US Army for being a man of great ambition. If he succeeds in reversing America's apparent failure in Iraq, he would be a natural candidate for the White House in the presidential election in 2012

[ cf TPM: President? ]
Ah Yes, it is such a safer place to be MORE AMERICAN than ever before.

And folks, try to understand that the Head of North Korea is not Kim Il Jong, but his dead father, so having our own Theocracy Here In America headed by our own Holy Trinity is not going to be that gavely complictated were Praetor Petreaus to take over the position of President For Life, since the WarPresident would still be the One True And Only WarPresident that we have ever Needed!!!!

So embrace the Horror!!! And Be Happy!!!!

This is america, it is not like this were some sicko third world freak show....

( a yes, or friends over at The MojoWire have been working so hard to be all that they can be in tomorrow's Theocracy Today!!!!! )

But the Trains Will Run On Time, and everyone will have soap.

I am still trying to understand why s9 is so underPositive about The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012 since, well, it will protect americans, and it will make them more Safer!!! Especially as they embrace an America For Americanism that is the Most American America EVER!!!

Besides Praetor Petreus is Our Kinda Guy!!!! He is so much, well, More Manly Male American Man, than any of the snarky unamerican types who hate god and, well, are unamerican.

Besides the version of the document at Carlisle Barrack is from the winter of 1992-1993, and that as we all know, was a long, long, long time ago, and in an america before everyone knew that the dark evils of pre-911 evil liberalism, was, well, evil and unamerican, and that we just need to be more American these days, so that we can, well, stop the evil of the evil doers, who are all soft on exceessive governmental regulation of Zombie Hunting, because they Hate Jesus, and do not support Tax Cuts, the most important thing in a time of war!!!


What if understanding CounterInsurgency Warfare were critical to understanding who the Insurgents were??? And who the Liberators were.... Since of course, we wouldn't want to be backing the Bad People, now would we?

Soon To Be The Post Surge Surge

Yes kids, any day now, we will be in the Post Surge Surge as we Surge Forward to the Post!!!!

Why there is even a chance that the president will admit that there will be a new number associated with the numerology of winning IraqVietnamIran!!! And that this number will also be Numerical is the HOT BUZZ!!!

Why yes, any day now, we will have the hot new number!!! And it will be an Exciting Number! And it will be Numerical!!!! And it will be the Winning Number for IraqVietnamIran!!! Unlike the defeatist kapitulationist appeaser cut and runners who do not want to be winning numbers of IraqVietnamIran....

Are YOU being numerical and numbering!!! Or are you the satanic spawn of those who want to excessively regulate Zombie Hunting???

The Unified Theory of the Surge

According to CNN, a bomb blast has killed at least two people in the Iraqi Parliament. This building is located in the Green Zone.

I hope Bush, McCain, and the other members of the Coalition of the Sane have the decency to wait until the bodies cool a few hours before they claim that this proves that the surge is 'working.' This might even challenge the Unified Theory of The Surge, which states that no matter what happens, any and every event proves that the surge is working.

If terrorists attack, it's because the surge has frustrated them. If terrorists don't attack, it's because the surge has stymied them. Heckuva theory.

[ cf The Unified Theory of the Surge ]

Now granted, Mike The Mad Biologist posted that back in april of 2007, but can there be any doubt that this is the most modern, neh, most Post-Modern, analysis of why the Information Free Approach to always solving the solvable is the solution that solves the situation most situationally!!!

Clearly as more folks understand that there is Science behind the unified Surge Theory, then they will understand that this is a part of the New Science that is Scientific and uses numbers numerically!!! So that there can be graphical graphs, such as the graphing, that was graphical, that also proves that the Unifired Surged Theory is not just a Theory but a means for making graphs ( cf The Statistics of the Surge ) all of which should make more folks understand that Science Is Cool! And Graphical! And Numeric!!!

Thank GOD we live in such a modern society with our Most Modern of Societies Holy Trilogy that brings us the True Revelations of The True Science, that is True, and Science, and has numbers!!!

Dead GI's just more of the same old small price....

And Gosh, discount to you, wholesale at that, eh???
Okay, if this isn't portrayed as a major gaffe, with wall-to-wall condemnations from the pundits, it'll be stunning. (Editor's note: That was meant to be bitterly ironic.)
[ cf GOP Leader Boehner: If We Defeat Al Qaeda, "We" Will Have Paid "A Small Price" In Iraq ]
Thank GOD Boehner is on our side....

I'd hate to think what he would be like if he didn't like the military and the veteran's community....


I wonder how many morer small prices we will keep on paying, so that we can keep on playing, rather than trying to solve the core problems.

Circular Is So Round...

Yesterday, in Washington, Petraeus took a stab at an explanation. And in Baghdad, the Los Angeles Times reports, so did the U.S. military command, known as Multinational Forces Iraq, to combat the accusation that it's cooking the books to exaggerate the success of the surge. However, it's not exactly clear what that methodology tells us:
Stung by accusations that Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, the commander of U.S. troops in Iraq, had presented selective statistics during his testimony before Congress, the military released a statement here outlining its definition of sectarian violence: bombings, killings or other attacks committed by an ethnic group or religious sect against another, for purely sectarian purposes.
That seems a little circular.
[ cf TPM must read Sept 13 ]
But Circular is So Round!!!

And Round things rotate! And Rotation is Revolutionary, so of Course the Surge Is Surgtastical!!! Because it is Round, Rotating and Revolutionary!!!

Ah yes, the progress of it all....

The Protect America Act Opens Time Portals

McConnell, the director of national intelligence, proudly claimed a victory for the new Protect America Act -- the broad new surveillance law McConnell helped push through Congress last month that revised the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. McConnell claimed that three German terrorism suspects arrested last week for plotting to blow up nightclubs frequented by U.S. military personnel had come to the attention of German authorities thanks to U.S. intercepts made possible by the new law.

Only one problem: it had been widely reported that the suspects had been under surveillance for months. The Protect America Act wasn't even a month old at the time of their arrest. Almost immediately, intelligence officials queried by Newsweek's Mike Isikoff and Mark Hosenball backtracked on McConnell's dubious statement.

[ cf McConnell Retracts Dubious FISA Claim ]
OF course the fine folks are keeping super secret that the new Protect America Act opens Time Portals that allow time lines to be timely and linear!

Becasuse if they told people that we were using Time Portals to Fight the Beast Creatures From The Burning Sulphourous Pits of Cleveland, then the Terrorists Would KNOW!!!

I mean, what is with the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets who are not willing to expect the Most of the New Sciences that have come into existence with the Arrival of the True Trinity of WarPresident, WarCzar and Praetor Petreus!!!!! Don't they like Timely Time Lines that are linear and timely!!!! And better than the PreCogs, go to the root of the problem and prevent Peroxide Blondes from Bombing Boobies!!!

Besides without our New Sciences, things would NOT be as Scientific!!!!