September 10th, 2007


Ah yes, Smart Evil? Or Stoopid Evil???

I am massively amused that we start with Smart Evil vs Stupid Evil and then have to listen to tongodeon whine in The Petreus Report is neither Petreus' nor a Report. Discuss. and I just have to wonder why folks are not willing to admit that Dubya is the Neither/Nor.

Can any americans actually establish that Dubya has held any other agenda than to establish the first ever 8 year lame duck prezidency??? Clearly since there have been no actual agenda, and no actual goals, there is no real reason to write up reports indicating that we are no closer to having an agenda or goals than we were the day before!!! Since all that is needed is to be able to pull out the 'war rhetoric' when ever it is the useful expression!!! Hence rallying folks to the IraqVietnamIran Global Struggle against WhateverOnWhomever, as a core part of protecting americans from Gay HomoZeXuals.

Please, if you can really show that there has ever been a fully falsiable assertion that the president could be indicted as having uttered, asserted, or held to actually hold, THEN one can thing about asserting that the Dubya engaged inactions that would be contradictory or affirming of those golas or agenda. Until then, we are merely dealing with the Master Of Image Making wearing his CodPiece to show his throbbing and tumultuous tubor of Truth that brings all Glorious Greatness to making America American Again!!!!

So perchance first things first.

Otherwise folks actually shoot themselves in the foot, since my defense of the President's Holy Crusade Against Iranian Flying Saucers ranks right next to the Privatizing of Zombie Hunting as actual goals that the President is clearly advocating and supporting, once you deconstruct the coded messages that the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets, with their Defeatist Appeaser Cut and Runner, Stab the Troops in the back have been hiding from the american people because the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets are all God Hating America Bashers!!!

Are YOU doing Your Part to Make America American???

Well today's amusement is the annual angst about mandating that the language in america is 'english' - because of course, the anglofiles are never listened to out here in the land of brightly painted savages, since the natives really wish that english were what they was speaking rather than american.

On the first happy page we have Constitutional Topic: Official Language" which of course starts with the reality check that an official language is not in the Constitution, nor have many of the dogma beliefs ever gone beyond the usual urban legend wankage. It is a fun read, and assuming that you have already done your homework on the FM 3-24 and are really ready to do your part in the most holiest of holy crusades, never mind what the evil Klintonesta have been doing for the last 25 years.... The sure, go for it.

You can also try for the area expertise with National Language or sail into the sneak peak freaks of English Only Why Heck.... you might even be able to get to the happier place where one can see that only by having an English Only, as an actually American Only, since we really do not trust those Soft On Zombie Brits and their BritWannaBeToryStayBehindForces that are all engaged in their own efforts to undermine our white christian america!!!

Which will of course lead one to the OBVIOUS Clear and Compelling Conclusion that we need this as a part of the whole Privatization Of Zombie Hunting, since if we allowed the government to continue it's process of providing bi-lingual support to help children of ferrign devil nationals learn how to do american in america, we would, also have to go after the whole HORROR of mandating that White Christian Americans learn some God Hating America Bashing Ferrign Devil Language, like French, or Latin, as one more part of the whole Failed Liberal Agenda of imposing Ferrign DevilIsms on White Christian Americans!!!

Are YOU doing your part?

Got Bud?

But House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) criticized Pelosi for remarks about Petraeus.

"In recent days, as the success of our troops in Iraq has become more apparent to members on both sides of the aisle, some congressional Democrats have resorted to a desperate strategy - when you don't like the message, attack the messenger," he said.

"Defaming and impugning the integrity of a commanding, four-star general as he returns from the front lines of war is reprehensible, and Democratic leaders should put a stop to it at once," said Boehner. "These comments do a disservice to the tens of thousands of American military families whose loved ones are under his command and serve no constructive purpose whatsoever in moving our troops closer to victory in Iraq."

He noted that Petraeus' testimony is a "defining moment for this Congress, and every member has an obligation to listen to General Petraeus with an open mind."

[ cf Pelosi Criticizes Plan to Leave Forces in Iraq ]

Wo where is this great majikal document that all folks are learning that now more than ever the new WhateverOnWhomever has more ThatThing than ever before???

And now that the new religious awakening has come to accept that the Copyright 2007, University Of Chicago publication of FM 3-24, basically has SHOT CORE HOLES in the asses of the F101stKB ( fighting 101st Key Boardists) who were all the religious dancers for the great bigger army now and ever more, because folks like John Kerry Voted against allowing Star Wars To Win In Iraq.... are we really suppose to be believing any of this happy hope about what the new commander in Iraq may actually be saying on his own???

Or are we suppose to majikally never notice that the wake up call on Counter Insurgency Warfare, and the whole marvellous wonderland of low intensity warfare theory, is now the newist hotest and coolist thing since we first started turning back those Iranian Flying Saucers on 09/11/2001, when GreatLeader personally wrote the software, that he personally hand delivered, into that Iranian Mother Ship, so that when he personally lead the All American Flying Saucers of the All American Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp!!!

What? you think I am not being supportive of something??? And I am not being as emotionally distraught with the fact that Nancy Pelosi Noticed what most of the folks have been watching for the last few years - namely that the pro-war crowd has no more agenda than that they need to get american troops killed, maimed, and wounded, so that as the ProWar Crowd they can all feel patriotic about flag waving.

Please, if you ProWar Folks HAVE an actual aggenda, please feel clear to differenciate yourself from the rest of the mere political hacks who need to have "more at war than ever before" so that you can mandate the need for more tax cuts....

Otherwise, this being the 40th Anniversary of the Summer Of Love, maybe learning NOT TO BOGART THAT JOINT, and learning that one should always pass to the right might help... Remember, it is never too late to learn actual traditional family values.

Update: what if tongodeon was not lying in his posting The Petreus Report is neither Petreus' nor a Report. Discuss. should americans be required to support all of the white house's infomercials in all of their manifestations???

So, uh, do we really want to live in a world where we do not want to allow critiques of great leader's new sock puppet??? should sock puppets be allowed as a part of the play pretend of Congressional Kabuki Theatre?

Or IS that the central problem here - the president is that fearful that he will get caught out in public IF anyone were asked to testify under oath before congress, and to put that report in paper where it can be critically examined??? Hold it, we understand that this president believes that all matters are 'executive privileges', and so of course no one should ever be required to testify under oath!!! Even the President's Most Favorite Sock Puppet.

Got That Religious Feeling???

How can anyone doubt the clear Ontological Proof Of The Existence Of Divine Comedy:
The microphone mess began when Petraeus leaned forward to open his testimony. His lips moved but his words were lost. An exasperated Skelton asked repeatedly for it to be fixed and then ordered a five-minute recess to rectify it.
[ cf Noisy protesters greet Petraeus ]
What IS God Trying To Tell Americans?

Could it be that there is No Divine Right To Sock Puppets?

What IF the president were to do something presidential and try for falsifiable assertions that he was willing to actually sign and document....

Ah yes, the Power of the Divine Comedy.

Why We MUST bomb Canada To Keep America American!!!

Are YOU shocked !!! Shocked I tell you to read
DNA tests have reportedly matched blood found in the boot of a car hired by the family of Madeleine McCann to the missing four-year-old.
[ cf Blood in car matches Maddie's: report ]
Isn't that just the sort of behavior that we have all come to expect from UnAmericanTypes who travel abroad to strange and bizarre lands, like Portugal, to engage in god only knows what sort of Demonic Satanic Cult Rituals of Blood Sacrifice because they, like so many of the sort of Liberals who do not support the Divine Right Of Sock Puppets, are just not capable of understanding the Moral Superiority that comes from True Belief In The True Faith!!!!

OR do YOU support the excess governmental regulation of Zombie Hunting???

As some form of Soft On Zombies!!! God Hating America Basher!!!

Got The New Terrorist Intelligence Leak Crisis On???

Hey boys and girls, what are we going to do with
The government’s ability to eavesdrop on potential terrorists helped the United States obtain information that led to the arrests last week of three Islamic militants accused of planning bomb attacks in Germany, the nation’s top spy official said today. This surveillance ability was temporarily restricted earlier this year by a special court, and then restored by Congress last month.
“Because we could understand it, we could help our partners through a long process of monitoring and observation, realizing that the perpetrators had actually obtained explosive liquids, hydrogen peroxide, which they would condense, or try to condense to an explosive,” Mr. McConnell said.

Mr. McConnell’s disclosure to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee was the first public confirmation that the American authorities cooperated closely with the German authorities, sharing intercepts of e-mail messages and telephone calls between Germany and both Pakistan and Turkey, which tipped off the German authorities to the plot last fall.

His remarks also represent part of intensifying effort by Bush administration officials to make permanent a law that is scheduled to expire in about five months. Without the law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Mr. McConnell said the nation would lose “50 percent of our ability to track, understand and know about these terrorists, what they’re doing to train, what they’re doing to recruit and what they’re doing to try to get into this country.”

[ cf Eavesdropping Said to Help Break Up German Plot (emphasis mine) ]
WOW, because we have law, we have improved performance??? that folks may or may not be a real threat based upon whether or not they can actually do any of the technical stuff....

And should we allow these Hyper Super Duper Extra Special Secret Stuff to be leaked to the press so openly, by allowing these people to talk to congress...

Or is that making other points too painfully obvious, like the tragic mythology of the NeoConClownCarCrew selectively deciding which is and which is not a leak of the Hyper Super Duper Extra Special Secret Stuff...

Of is that sort of partisan politics, well, gosh, an annoying reality that we will be putting up with right along with the reality check that until we can resolve both the environmental problems, such as excess human populations on unsustainable grounds, who are being ravaged by religious wingNuts, we have no basic game plan in place to address the underlying core strategic problems that are DRIVING GLOBAL TERRORISM!!!!

Hey kids, what if 'greed' WAS NOT GOOD!!! and perchance advocating that Idea Globaly has merely increased the number of Pirates, Rober Barons, and the like, who have a cash incentive to get more cash, by any means required, up to and including the use of Terrorism!!!

What if wrapping the Pirates and Robber Barons in Religious Clothing doesn't change the core parradigm problem here...

Where are The Pro-War In The GOP???

I just got another whine from the GOP about how the evil liberals are evil and liberals and how radical extremist groups are taking over the democratic party, Antiwar Groups Use New Clout to Influence Democrats on Iraq. Yeah, that is SO NEAT!!! Citing the NYT as the, well, gosh, what is that now? The New Voice of the True Conservativism????

Ah yes.... now let us assume that the marginally literate in the GOP were to think beyond the pablum that they got from their GauLeiter, would they be able to read FM 3-24 on their OWN???? or are they all still waiting on it to become the next made for TV Movie.... which of course explains why there is this harsh emotional problem with sorting out IF they want to listen to the US Military that they so love to Faun Over, but of course, are all defeatists when not conforming to Party Dogma.....

So where are the True Pro-War folks in the GOP??? or morer accurately why are they STILL HIDING OUT and dodging that old call to the colours to be the troops we need to go on winning the what ever it is that these Pro-War Types keep wanting to be more Pro-War Than Ever Before....

Come On Kids... Where are ALL the True War Heroes who do not want to wind up like Tom DeLay having missed his generations chance to be the greatest war heroes ever, because the government was giving all of the good jobs to the Minorities ( read darkies, jews, roman catholics, farm boys, and homosexuals ) - unlike now where we keep running thos fun filled notices about how many non-american are gaining American Citizenship in the American Legions!!! because, well, gosh, the ProWar Heroes are all hiding at home TERRORFIED by their Emotional Reactions to 300, and their deep seated FEAR that maybe Barbarella made them all GAY!!!

Bush/Cheney 2008

Or are you on the side of Excessive Governmental Regulation of Zombie Hunting because you are just one more RINO who is stabbing our Troops in the Back by not supporting the President, and all of his sock puppets, to support the Troops, and the Tax Cuts!!!!

why does ronebofh Hate Freedom!!!

Yes, boys and Girls, anyone like ronebofh who would so unpatriotically post notices about the known AntiAmericanGodHatingEvilDoer, like David Halberstam The NOTED God Hating America Basher, who wrote not only The Best And The Brightest (1972) his account of HOW America got bogged down in IraqVietnamIran, because Americans Put A Papist in the White House, as a part of the God Hating America Bashing By Ferrign Devil Puppet Toadies of the International Papist Kliquery, whom, as we all know have ALWAYS been in League with the
BolshivikiZionistBankingKonspirakiiUndtKosherDelhiMitBookSellerAnd(breath again)

Well now This Radical Left Wing Extremist, in league with satan has come out with The History Boys in which he once again FAILS to understand the True Nature of the divine will, which GOD has blessed us with, and that ONLY by the Power, and the Glory of the Ontological Proof Of Divine Comedy, can americans hope to find liberation form IraqVietnamIran which Evil Liberals like Halberstam have saddled us all with because they are soft on Demonic Beast Creatures who have come out of the Burning Sulphorous Pits of Cleveland, because Liberals Support Excess Government Regulation of Zombie Hunting!!!!

Not that I want To BASH on folks that some times even well meaning folks slip into the DARK HORROR OF LIBERALISM and fail to understand the true Truthierneff!!!

But we really do have to wonder. Is ronebofh openly ADVOCATING Excessive Governmental Regulation of Zombie Hunting as his means of Failing to Support Preator Preatus!!! And the Most Glorious of all Senator Palpatine!!!!

Speaking About Jumping The Shark Here....

Ok, so today is not September 15th, when of course Praetor Petraeus will be delivering his report to congress. So if Jumping the Gun on condemning the information before it has been heard, then what in god's name are we suppose to do with say
General David Petraeus, the top US commander in Iraq, strengthened President George W Bush's hand by arguing that the surge of US soldiers in Iraq has worked and troop levels could be substantially reduced within a year.

Petraeus' intention to pull 30,000 US soldiers out of Iraq by July allows Bush to tell war-weary Americans that there is a plan for a partial withdrawal instead of bowing to his Democratic opponents and accepting deadlines.
The limited progress, coupled with a withdrawal plan, will likely buy Bush more time to stabilise Iraq - the cornerstone of his legacy as he nears the end of his eight years in office.
Petraeus warned Congress that any 'premature' withdrawals of US soldiers would be 'devastating' and undermine the achievements during the last several months.

[ cf ANALYSIS: Iraq general's report could be boost to Bush ]

We can offically draw down forces when there is NO Chance that the current regime will be held responsible for any of the actions so far...

Ah yes,
Petraeus and Crocker confronted some of the previous, more negative reports about the progress in Iraq. Petraeus said Iraqi forces were increasingly providing for the country's security and cited dramatic progress in Anbar province, where local Sunni leaders have allied with US forces in combatting al-Qaeda.
[ (op cit) ]
I hope he didn't get any of that all over himself.

Since Gosh, being able to say that Our Sunni's are willing to kick the ass out of Shi'ites, is progress.... Especially when we appropriately designate the Shi'ites as, well Al-Qaeda, because, as we all remember it was the Sunni Taliban in Afghanistan that gave Al-Qaeda a Home, and the war between Iran and Afghanistan, that most folks do not talk about, was Islamist Extremist Sunni v. Islamist Extremist Shi'ites in a Grudge Match In The Chained Cage Of Holy Doctrine....

So should we take seriously any of this pre-game show, or should we wait for the really big stuff, when we have the Full On Grudge Match In The Chained Iron Cold Death Grill Of Holy Struggle Against The GOD HATING America Bashing Liberals against Praetor Petraeus in the Tag Team, No Holds Bar! Anything Goes Match Of Marvelous, What EVER....

Or can we just switch to the half time show and watch the new britany Spears of the NeoCon movement shake her bootie for more ProWarGuys who are willing to do their Major Military Bestist as F101stKB rather than take the risk of following their Surging Urges Into Action...

But do YOU love Praetor Petreus???

Truman had inherited General Douglas MacArthur, "an untouchable," in Dwight Eisenhower's shrewd estimate, a man who was by then as much myth and legend as he was flesh and blood. The mastermind of America's victory in the Pacific, MacArthur was unquestionably talented, but also vainglorious, highly political, and partisan. Truman had twice invited him to come home from Japan, where, as Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers, he was supervising the reconstruction, to meet with him and address a joint session of Congress. Twice MacArthur turned him down, although a presidential invitation is really an order. MacArthur was saving his homecoming, it was clear, for a more dramatic moment, one that might just have been connected to a presidential run. He not only looked down on Truman personally, he never really accepted the primacy of the president in the constitutional hierarchy. For a president trying to govern during an extremely difficult moment in international politics, it was a monstrous political equation.
[ cf The History Boys (emphasis NEEDED) ]

We have a War President, and a WarCzar, and now we have Praetor Petreus.....

In this holy trilogy, which should we love more than a mere president, the head of a mere human Federal Republic.....

Or would that be an immodest question to ask in these most modest of times...