August 31st, 2007


Why DOES Dubya Hate Freedom???

I am shocked!!!!!! Shocked to hear that anyone could so clearly come out against the Global Divine Mandate to Privatize Zombie Hunting, than
The yen was little changed versus the dollar after President George W. Bush pledged to help subprime borrowers while rejecting a bailout for ``speculators.''

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said the central bank will ``act as needed'' to limit damage to consumer spending and the economy that may arise from a deepening housing recession.

``The market got all excited that Bush will save the world, but the reality is that there are a lot of problems in housing he's not prepared to solve at the moment,'' said Camilla Sutton, co-head of currency strategy at Scotia Capital Inc. in Toronto. ``It's a difficult day. People are hesitant to enter a new trade.''

[ cf Yen Little Changed Versus the Dollar After Bush Rejects Bailout ]
Holy Stab The Fighting 101st Keyboardist In The Back!!!!!

I mean, what sort of madness is this????

Clearly if Jesus ever gave a call to bomb canada, then it is this!!!

More Why WE MUST Privatize Zombie Hunting NOW!!!

for those keeping track, both Senator Craig, who will be resigning, and Seantor Warner, who has became a pawn of Satan, viciously and brutally advancing the defeatist capitulationist Appeaser Cut and Runner Dogma, will be stepping down from their GOP Posts - and hopefully will be able to get into the Grudge Match Battle Royal with britany spears over who is really the Anti-Christ.

Which will most likely make TV worth Watching.....

But it will leave the Senate EXPOSED to the Crushing Repression of Hitlary and her rad femmi surf nazi's and their environmental extremist dogma...

Can there be any doubt that unless we can pass through congress the Privatization of Zombie Hunting all of the innocent white christian american babies will be left at risk to the growing threat of the devil worshiping Liberals!!!!


Think of all of the innocent babies!!!!

Get Over It Dude, they are Faux News...

There was a time when noticing the spectacular lack of realism, was interesting, but now. Now it really is like picking on the Mentally Retarded Child to point out that any of the Tards On Fox News had a Brain Fart Moment. I mean get reasonable here folks - the Hsu crisis is the apparent best that can be done in the middle of a sea of mind boggling stoopids!!!

But if you are slow on things to do this labor day weekend, please, catch the giggler Fox's Hannity asserted the Paws "only make $49,000 a year" - since it so helps explain why the news outlets were trying so hard to tie the Paws Family into the Hsu Crisis - since, clearly, With Hitlary's Rad Femi Surf Nazi Control over the white house since 1992, there was like no way, that any one of the federal oversight types could ever have found this guy Hsu - I mean, if there had been a chance to get a Republican Government with a Republican President and a Republican Congress, and a Republican Administration, who could find any Republican Courts, then GOSH there might have been a chance in the last 25 years to have STOPPED this Hsu Guy....

But that's not really the story now is it, the real story is that Numbers are Numerological, and that is like Astrology, which is Like Devil Worshipping Satanism and why Those Evil Doers like Hitlary and her rad feemi surf nazi's have been trying to persecute our white christian america because of their Blood Pack with the Devil!

Yeah, that's the reasons the facts are sooo totally irrelevant. It's because Hitlary OPPOSES privatizing Zombie Hunting so as to help the welfare queens....

Who is on Who's Side Again???

Wow, I gotta agree with the folks, what if americans wanted to be constructively engaged in a process of self government and needed to be a part of the loop about what might be a 'war like related activities programme'?
It'll be interesting to see if this gets any attention.

Right now pro and anti-war forces are battling over the new nonpartisan Government Accountability Office report that leaked yesterday which says that the Iraqi government is falling short of virtually all the benchmarks that have been set for it. Because this new GAO report will be an effective weapon to use against the positive assessment that General Petraeus is likely to deliver next month to Congress, the pro-war forces are eager to discredit it.

[ cf State Department Disagrees With Michael O'Hanlon, White House, Pentagon About GAO Iraq Report ]
But the Money Shot is in
The draft has circulated within the State and Defense departments for comment before its publication.

Although the State Department proposed some changes, it did not dispute the basic conclusions, said an administration official involved in Iraq policy. The Pentagon, however, "made some factual corrections" and "offered some suggestions on a few of the actual grades," Morrell said.

[ op cit ]

Or were we suppose to be posting this under, why does the State Department Hate Freedom???

Ah yes... The tragedy of our times - so many americans who have come to expect that it really is all about folly, but that it really is not like it is personally problematic to any of them... Or at least not yet....