August 24th, 2007


More Reasons To Bomb Canada, the Sun Java Symbolism....

Sun Microsystems Inc. (SUNW) said Thursday it plans to change its Nasdaq stock ticker symbol to "JAVA" from "SUNW."

The change will go into effect Aug. 27, the Santa Clara, Calif., computer server and software developer said.

"The Java brand and technology have evolved to be among the most pervasive on the internet, yielding extraordinary awareness for Sun and opportunity for the community that leverages it," said Sun Micro Chief Executive Jonathan Schwartz in a statement.

[ cf Sun Microsystems To Change Stock Ticker Symbol To JAVA ]
OH GOD!!!!




Any Question on why we MUST privatize Zombie Hunting.

Why Does Gruppen Fuehrer Warner Hate Freedom???

If media coverage on Iraq over the last few days suggested a possible momentum shift toward President Bush's position, that shift came to a grinding halt yesterday. As the Financial Times reports, GOP Sen. John Warner, "the most influential Republican senator on military affairs, on Thursday called on...Bush to bring some troops home from Iraq by Christmas to send a 'sharp and clear message' to the Iraqi government." The Washington Post notes "Democratic and Republican leadership aides said...that Warner's new stance," coupled with a new intelligence assessment on Iraq out yesterday, "may have stalled any political momentum Bush seemed to have been building in recent days." And the AP, in a widely distributed story, calls "Warner's new position" a "sharp challenge to a wartime president that will undoubtedly color the upcoming Iraq debate on Capitol Hill."
[ cf Warner Urges Iraq Troop Drawdown ]
What an Obvious Stabbing Our Troops In the back with the same old failed leftist Liberal Dogma of "home by christmas" that is the clear and compelling sign that the iraqi's are planning their Own Winter Offensive in an effort to drive a wedge through the Anglo-American Front and take away Antwerp From Belgium!!!!

But our troops will Win TOTAL VICTORY!!!!

Just as soon as the Evil Liberals learn that we MUST Privatize Zombie Hunting so as to make america safe from the Growing Global Zombie Threat!!!!!

And Defeatist Appeaser Cut And Runner Kapitulationsist like Senator Warner should be ashamed of their Stab In The Back Approach to losing Iraq to the Iraqi!!!!

But What Would The Vietnamese Know????

President Bush's speech comparing the U.S. commitment to Iraq to America's historic withdrawal from the Vietnam war has, of course, special resonance here in Vietnam.
Indeed, while Bush referred to the suffering of "boat people" and those who had to endure harsh "re-education," he did not cite the number that the Vietnamese will never forget. By 1973, when the U.S. withdrew its troops under the Paris Peace Accords that divided the country into communist north and capitalist south, a stunning 3 million Vietnamese — soldiers and civilians on both sides — had died (as did 58,000 American soldiers died as well). Vietnam's communist government responded to the Bush speech with a pointed statement that made no mention of Iraq: "Regarding the U.S. war in Vietnam, we all know we conducted a war to protect our nation."

[ cf Iraq and Vietnam: The View from Hanoi ]
See, Even HANOI supports the President's fears of Barbarella.

Clearly americans must go on supporting the Mining of the Northern Iraqi Ports until they finally are willing to come to the Peace Table in Paris willing to accept a Fully Free And Independent Iraq no longer controlled by Dangerous Radical Left Wing Environmental Extremists!!!

Besides we have killed no where near the number of Vietnamese in Iraq that would really help justify the current governmental over regulation of the Zombie Hunting Industry....

Can there be any doubt that we MUST privatize Zombie Hunting so that Iraq will some day be able to look forward to their own days of being their own country free from the threat of the Northern Iraqi, Red China, and the Cambodians invading and taking away their freedom!!!

Market Issues, What Market Issues?

Well the whiners are out in force. The Entry starts:
I've been warning for years now that the U.S. economy is on the verge of a major recession, and that the longer we continue without seeing a correction, the worse it will be. I've been saying this since about the time it became clear that our recovery from the recession caused by the 2001 stock market correction [and the malaise experienced in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks] would be led by an inflation of housing asset prices and a continuation of the egregiously irresponsible "twin" deficits, i.e. the U.S. government budget deficit and the U.S. trade deficit. This, it seemed to me, was the inevitable outcome of American imperial overreach in its so-called Global War On Terror long after the end of the Cold War.
[ cf s9: Economic Doom ]
and it of course cites economists who have graphs and numbers and stuff. But not one reference to the Argument From Intelligent Design.

Ok, I do have to give them props for the closing line
It's often said: When you owe the bank ten thousand dollars and you can't pay, it's a big problem for you; when you owe the bank ten million dollars and you can't pay, it's a big problem for the bank.

Alas, when you owe the bank ten trillion dollars and you can't pay, it's a big problem for everybody.

( op cit )
As that almost starts to approximate the real issues.

We as americans have Nuclear Weapons, because Jesus Loves Us.

Hence if we have to pre-emptively retaliate nuclearly against enemies of the state, well Jesus would understand and would forgive all involved, since it would be like saving Vietnam by staying rather than running away as Richard Nixon Did. And if there is anything americans have been learning the last few years it is that staying the course is more important than actually having a course....

The tragedy will be watching americans have to work out what comes next in the post Imperial Phase.

So yes, it has been with some fun that I have been advocating the privatization of Zombie Hunting, so as to offer americans their thin veneer of merely 'business as usual' - but what is really going to happen in america when they wake up and can no longer afford to be making the pays offs that have kept the cutlture of payola the working solution. What will really happen when folks no longer want to take the risk of being the illegal immigrants in America.... When the Americans can no longer afford the sort of life built on illegal immigrants?

Will we really be able to make those bigger bucks from Zombie Hunting???

Or worse yet, what happens if folks overseas are no longer willing to take federation credits???

How White Christian America IS White Christian America?

“I don’t know how to monitor this, and that’s why I have great concern,” Ms. Sobel said. “Accountability is real important when you’re dealing with taxpayers’ money.”

Allan Tuffs, the rabbi at Temple Beth El in Hollywood, said he, too, was worried about the school and what it could lead to. “Jews have thrived in America as in no other nation,” Rabbi Tuffs said, “in large measure due to this concept of separation of church and state.”

He added, “Once a Jewish school like Ben Gamla is established, you know that fundamentalist Christian groups throughout America will be lining up to replicate this model according to their religious tradition.”

[ cf Hebrew Charter School Spurs Dispute in Florida ]
Speaking of Stalking Horses...

I mean what next? Will they start persecuting Christians because the Mormons want their own school system to be about Mormonism, and not about our white christian america....

I mean, is this why we must keep staying the course in Iraq, so that the Vietnamese will be allowed to maintain their non-christian traditions while living in America!!!!