August 23rd, 2007


Correctly Remembering The Corrector History!!!

President Bush has attempted to drape war policy in Iraq in the lessons of World War II-era Japan and Vietnam as part of a broader argument for continuing the military campaign despite fierce opposition at home and abroad.

But his remarks to a VFW convention in Kansas City, Mo., also has invited stinging criticism from historians and military analysts who said the analogies evidenced scant understanding of those conflicts' true lessons. What is more, the speech has opened a new vein of attack from Bush's political opponents, including the man he defeated in 2004, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) a Vietnam veteran who called the president's words "irresponsible" and "ignorant."

"This was history written by speechwriters without regard to history," said military analyst Anthony Cordesman. "And I think most military historians will find it painful ... because in basic historical terms the president misstated what happened in Vietnam."

[ cf Iraq and Vietnam, history in hands of speechwriters ]
Shocking!!! Just Shocking!!!!

Who can forget that when the Cheese Easting Surrender Monkey Kapitulationists Cut And Runner Appeasers abandoned Our Glorious War Time Ally, That Vietnam found itself alone and surrounded by Red China to the north that invaded, and the Soviet Hegomonist Puppet Toady Stooge of the Khmer Rouge in Kampuchea that was bent upon Global Domination and sought to Drive Vietnam back into the sea!!!!

Clearly we can not allow the Combined Forces of a Red China of Commie Pinko's in Bed with the Khmer Rouge to overrun Iraq and for them back into the Sea!!!! We must keep on fighting in Iraq even if we must have our Own Dunkirk to bring the French Forces whom we can evacuate home!!!

What THIS NATION NEEDS is Senator Blutarsky!!! A MAN who knows how to get on a Roll!!!

Kill Your Parent's Music, Part II....

You knew it was going to happen one of these days, in the dangerous world of Crazy CoWorkers....

In this nightmare case, the new mother who has just come back to work, is all excited about the happy bubbly music that the Disney Crew has for their Happy Bubbly Family Cartoon Movies - like Mullan....

While one of the older women, who's children are old enough to know that DISNEY is a Satanic Godless Corporation who sends out secret Subliminal God Hating America Bashing Propoganda in their Demonic Devil Worthipping Propoganda that is fobbed off as Happy Bubbly Family Cartoon Movies - like Mullan; play those movies over, and over, and over and over and over and over and over again, as a Part of the Overall Godless Demonic Nancy Pelosi Controlled Evil Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies of Despair Main Force Assault on our White Christian America with the sinister silly Kill Your Parents with this Purple Dinesaur Who's Name Can Not Be Mentioned or Grown Persons turn into Zombies, and would be hunted down, save that the evil liberals have excess governmental regulation of the Zombie Hunting Industry.....

Ah yes.... and now back to more traditional Kill Your Parent Music like trance, since it does not cause the sort of violence between the co-workers.....

Technology is Your Friend, and X Industries is Making America Safe For Technology!!!!

Are YOU doing your part to Privatize Zombie Hunting????

Why Does CNN/Money Hate Freedom?

I mean the opening is wierd enough:
We Americans pride ourselves on being a hard-working bunch, so here's a thought to spoil your Labor Day rest: By global standards, we're lazy. We've been getting lazier. And the days of the American dolce vita may be numbered.

The surprising report of our relative sloth arrives in new research from the UN's International Labor Organization, which looks at working hours around the world. When it comes to what we might call hard work, meaning the proportion of workers who put in more than 48 hours a week, America is near the bottom of the heap. About 18% of our employed people work that much.

[ cf Are Americans too lazy? ]
But the Real Money Shot is the sub heading half way through the article with the assertion:
Is America falling apart? Ask Ayn Rand

Go Team America!!!!

Ah yes, can there be any more doubt that NOW more than evere WE MUST privatize Zombie Hunting to keep america American!!!

Why Does TheAmerican Intelligence Community Hate Freedom?

WOW!!! In the Run Up to Ceasar Prateures, and the ProConsule UnderSatrap Of Baghdad's September Majik Moment Report, it appears that the God Hating America Bashers in the American Intelligence Community have come out as Devil Worshipping Satanists
Iraq's political leaders still can't govern effectively and the level of sectarian violence in the nation will remain high over the six to 12 months, according to a new report by U.S. intelligence agencies.

The addition of about 30,000 U.S. troops in recent months has had some success in curbing violence and there have been ``modest improvements in economic output,'' yet ``Iraq's sectarian groups remain un-reconciled,'' and al-Qaeda ``retains the ability to conduct high-profile attacks,'' according to a declassified version of the report issued today.

Moreover, the government will likely become more precarious, and, if U.S. forces -- as planned -- give up their lead combat role to serve primarily to support Iraqi forces, the ``security gains achieved thus far'' would erode, the report says.
The report represents the combined judgments of all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the intelligence organizations within each military service.

[ cf U.S. Intelligence Agencies Say Iraq's Leaders Failing (Update3) ]
And the rest of the report is as equally unamerican...

Not a Single Bullet Point about the Argument From Intelligent Design and how that gives special additional majik powers!!! Not even a comment about the clear and compelling need to Privatize Zombie Hunting....

Why Ever do those Guys HATE Freedom???

got Tet?

Hum... Crunchy,
The White House has been warned of a surprise attack in Iraq over the next few weeks comparable to the Tet offensive that threatened to overwhelm US forces in Vietnam, according to a joint intelligence report published today.

A US defence official, briefing journalists ahead of publication, said US forces are braced for "a mini-Tet", the 1968 Vietnamese attack that caught US forces off-guard.

He predicted the attack could be timed to maximise political pressure on President George Bush when the US commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, goes to Congress to provide an up-to-date assessment of progress in the country.

[ cf US fears audacious offensive in Iraq ]
Interesting, undt Stoopid....

What folks may have forgotten was the run up to Tet '68 was 1967, a year full of National Propoganda in America by Americans to Americans that there was clearly light at the end of the Tunnel and that there was no reason to worry about the force deployment in Vietnam.

An unpleasant reality check that would get really messy all over the place, including the first use of armoured Assault Gear, eg: the PT-76 'amphibious tank' used in the attack at Lang Vei just down the road from Khe Sanh .... But do we really expect that this could or would happen in Iraq????

I mean get realistic here boys and girls. We have not spent a year of utterly mind numbing national propoganda by americans for americans about how the Americans are bringing Light to the End of the Tunnel. That has so not happened since the brief effort to say that the Mission Accomplished Dance was the new Disco Dance Craze a few years ago. And that of course got stompped into the ground as the locals failed to accept that God had mandated our most glorious victory, and hence to oppose US was to Oppose God!!!!

On the other big side of all of this, it is SOOO not like the Iraqi Northern Ports are doing that whole Hai Phong Pholly, as they load up On Red Chinese Commie Gear, and the excess largess of the Soviet Hegomonist Reactionary Revisionist Weapon Systems!!! If anything, we have SOOO Effectively shut down ALL of the Ports in Northern Iraq, and not one Red Chinese Ship or Commie Ruskie Bastard has been able to get so much as a Sampan into Northern Iraq.

Thus Proving that Great Leader IS Great!!!!