August 20th, 2007


Speaking of the Evil Liberal Revolving Door Of Justice....

It will be so interesting to see what, if anything, the warBloggers, and other members of the fighting 101st Keyboardists do with this snipppet of NIGHTMARE HORROR:
The judge in the case, Col. Stephen Henley, threw out charges dealing with whether Jordan lied to a superior officer. He still faces four other charges.
The charges against Jordan were tossed when it was learned Jordan was not read his rights before an interview with Maj. Gen. George Fay, his superior officer.

[ cf 2 charges dropped against Abu Ghraib officer (emphasis mine) ]

WOW, now we have to have a reading of the rights before any communications between brother officers????

Ah yes, for those Halcyon Days, back when it was a 'citizens military' and was only sent abroad to engage in the armed conflicts required in the defense of the Citizen's Republic....

But I guess now that we are in the Post Surrealist Phase of the Holy Crusade Against Zombies, and Proto-Zombies with the All Volunteer Welfare Statist Zombie Hunters, that we should not really be holding the current Zombie Hunters, and Anti-IranianFlyingSaucersIsts, to the same old school tie standards....

Must Be Economic Progress

Hey kids, anyone look at what happened to the treasury bills??? The short term bills are really hammered down!

Could this be the start of the economic recovery? Gosh, as Economic Realism takes precedence over the Ideological Pedantic Wankage of the Now Fading Fast NeoCons and their Economics of Nuclear Merchantilism starts waking up to the reality that merely invading countries is no longer the sort of fashionable means to create the fiscal liebensrum that it use to be back in those Halcyon Days when the Gnosticism of the True Believers was totally free standing from the reality that actual americans lived.

Oh well. I guess this STILL is a part of what makes a clear and compelling distinctions between Republicans, and those folks who were not aware that HanoiAnnie Coulter WAS have a blonde hair moment, over, and over, and over again, and was not really a gooder basis for an ideological deviationalism free standing from factualism...

Gosh, if we get a chance to get back to economic realism, will that mean that we are on the road to recovery?