August 17th, 2007


UnHoly Radical Left Wing Extremist Gun Grabbing Market Over Regulators, Flying Rodent Person!!!

The United States is considering putting Eritrea on its list of state sponsors of terrorism, which would impose some sanctions, for allowing arms to flow into Somalia, a senior U.S. official said on Friday.
Eritrea is the archrival of Ethiopia, and diplomats say the two have been waging a proxy war in Somalia since last year when Asmara backed a hard-line Islamist movement against the country's fragile government.

Ethiopia sent in troops to support the government and dislodge the Islamists from Mogadishu.

[ cf U.S. considers putting Eritrea on terrorism list ]

What happened to thos Halcyon Days when everyone understood that the Imaginary Invisible Foote of the Market would decide - because only unfettered - hence unPoked By the Benankianists Excess Regulators brutally slaughtering 50 bips off the fed overnight rate - markets were the only way that true value could be resolved!!!

And now those Evil EcoTerrorists of the TreeHuggerInChief want to impose exceess market constraints on the Merchants of Death who are merely trying to make a Free Market Living unfettered by no bid contracts!!!

Oh The Humanity of it all....

If they start regulating the merchants of death can there be any doubt that they are already perseecuting our White Christian America with their Godless Heathenisms!!!!

Now MORE THAN EVER we just have to stop those Radical Extremists in League with the TreeHuggerInChief!!!

Why DOEs WaPo HATE FREEDOM???? ( so Much!!! )

The conclusion of Jose Padilla's criminal trial in a federal court yesterday shows that waging the "war on terror" does not require giving up our constitutional values or substituting military rule for the rule of law. The jury's guilty verdict should be appealed, but the verdict on the Constitution is in: We should keep it.
[ cf The Real Verdict on Jose Padilla ]

How more obvious can one be about Stabbing The President In The Back to Stab The TROOPS in the Back!!! Rather than supporting that the President has a Super Special Right, as a WarPresident, with or without his WarCzar to do what ever is required to do when facing persons who may well deploy weapon systems from The Journal of Irreproducable Results!!!!!

In Fact it is one of the many innumerable rights reserved to the WarPresident, and his faithful side kick, the WarCzar, in the super Secret Super Powers codical to the Bill of Rights, as would have been more fully written by the founding fathers if only they had known about all of the scary threats of Iranian Flying Saucers, and the brutal onslaught against our White Christian America by Gay HomoZexual Zombie Pirate Canadianists!!!

Why Does the Pajamas Media Hate Freedom???

I see a lot of catcalling going on regarding Karl Rove’s inability to forge a permanent Republican majority, and I notice that a number of people are crediting Rove with tactical mastery and strategic inadequacy. Maybe, but in my opinion, the real problem is Rove and company’s complete reliance on gutter politics.
There are a lot of things that can be said about Michelle Malkin, and I have said many of them, but loyal Bush opposition is not one of them.
because on those issues she did differ with this administration, her record of support didn’t matter- she got the full on smearing that anyone who opposes Bush and Rove inevitably recieve.

[ cf Why Rove Failed ]

Don't these folks know that by stabbing the president in the back, they are stabbing the troops in the back, and are openly siding not only with Terrorist!!!! But with the Gay HomoZexual Pirate Zombie Canadiansist Mainforce Assault on our White Christian America!!!