August 15th, 2007


Troop Surge is the Surgiest EVER!!!!

There are reports that the next round of reports will be new reports about the post-surge Surgiests that will be the most post Surge Surgiest Reports after a Surge since the last set of post-surge Surgiest Surge Reports Reported!!!

Why yes, now more than ever we are more winning against Iran than EVER!!!!

Why Does Hate Freedom????

As I've said before, the Bush administration and the Pentagon have put more effort into spinning our Iraq escapade than they've spent on winning it. In the past week or so, we've seen a classic example of how the spin cycle works.

If you've been following at home, you know two of the administration's major pro-war propaganda points: A) newly appointed U.S. commander in Iraq David Petraeus is the second coming of Lawrence of Arabia and B) the Iranians are causing most of our problems in Iraq by supplying weapons to Shiite insurgency groups. The credibility of both of these assertions began eroding over time, and then. . .

[ cf The Latest Spin Cycle ]

Shouldn't They Hire REAL War Heroes, like Karl Rove, rather than former american military personnel, who do not accept that the argument from intelligent design leads to the Divinity of Dubya, and hence that all must accept him as their personal lord and savior....

As we race towards the Most Holiest Of Holy Days in the Most Holiest Of Holy Wars to ever have been holy and warry, americans must look back and remember that had it not been for our Most Glorious And Victorious Great War President, who not only wrote the super secret special computer virus code that he personally injected into the Mother Ship of the Iranian Flying Saucer Battle Fleet, but that our Most Holiest of Holy Flying Warrior War Presidents did take the Great And Glorious Flying Battle Sword and Personally SLAY the Evil Iranian Flying Saucer Fleet that has made america safe from the Threats of Iranian Flying Saucers, EVERYWHERE!!!!

That is what is wrong with the sort of Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Runner Stab Our Troops In The Back DEFEATISTS, such as the Anti-Americans at who are at this very minute sewing their DEMONIC Gay Marriage Only Radical Left Wing Extremism!!!

Clearlly ALL Americans must unite against such DEFEATISTS and Rally to the Holy Cross of the Greatest War President EVER! Who has the very Zel Miller Laser Death Ray Eyes that makes him just SOOO Cute, and capable of destroying fields of Alien Space Ships with a single glare!!!!

Co-Workers say the darnest things.... (NetWinkies)

So I started todays'
Brief Moments In Psychotic Episodes
off with a piece of our Glorious Cultural Heritage:
In the words of Rocky Horror Picture Show
Say Hello To The Future!
Hello Future!
How's the Wife And Kids???
and they all looked at me strangely.

Ah yes, Strangely, as they used a USB fob to pass data from a desktop of type A to a desktop of type B - which, unlike in the old failed days of Sneaker Net was not about floppy disks.... and so was SOOO MUCH MORE Futuristic!!!

Inidiana Has It's Own Personal Worm Hole...

From every indication from sparse news reports and word of mouth, it began as a verbal insult, maybe to Gray’s dead mother, maybe to King’s heterosexuality, maybe to nothing at all.

The ‘why’ will probably never be fully known to us. Whatever the details, Hall said the wrong thing. And sparked in Gray and King what the official Initial Hearing report termed a “sudden heat.”

A “sudden heat” which would last throughout the next 24 hours.
As they all proceeded to wrap Hall’s body in blue tarpaulin and hide it in Garrett Gray’s garage, where it was found after James Hodge, perhaps realizing that turning stooge was his only way to avoid being listed as an assistant, reported the crime and the suspects to the police, who turned themselves in.All in all, the “sudden heat” lasted just under ten days.Shorty Hall’s body was discovered on April 22, 2007, six days shy of his birthday.
Garrett Gray’s father is the Deputy Coroner of Crothersville. He has not made a statement about how he managed to miss the bloodstains all over his house in the ten days leading up to his son’s arrest.
During the ten-day lapse between the murder and the discovery of the body, the three suspects had plenty of time to come up with their only defense against their blatant and shocking brutality.

Their defense?

Hall was gay.

Nevermind that on the streets of Crothersville, where I went tonight, everyone understands that Hall wasn’t gay, a statement echoed by his family. The defendants’ motivation for beating a man to death for hours and hours, then driving him out into a pasture and beathing him some more, is “gay panic”. He came on to them, so they killed him.

[ cf Perhaps I could describe what I’m feeling right now as “sudden heat.” ]
Seems Reasonable Enough...

I mean, you woundn't want to oblige scared people to NOT KILL PEOPLE who might not be actually gay, simply because, well SOMEONE HAS TO GET KILLED!!!!

I mean that would mean giving special rights and priviledges to people who might or might not be HetroEnough to be, well, really worth protecting....

Besides, a Crime Of Passion can be over in an instant, except in Indiana, where they have their own worm hole, and it helps cope with the variations and fluxuations that occur with time dialation events, which are so clearly caused by persons who might be, or might have known of, or once have been near someone who might have heard of or known of a Pirate Canadian Zombie....

It can happen like that you know....

Headline Comedy Space...

Wow, and they opted for that headline?
The Bush administration's move to blacklist Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps as a "terrorist" organization is a new salvo in a broader effort to choke off funding to Iranian elements accused of developing nuclear weapons and fomenting violence in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

At the same time, it is intended to send a message to countries doing business in Iran that the United States is serious about isolating Tehran and is willing to slap sanctions on companies that continue to trade with Iran even if the United Nations is not, according to U.S. officials.

[ cf US Chokes Funds to Iranian Terror Groups ]

We are going to stop funding iranian terrorist groups???

and make them bring their own weapons to the war stuff????


Hey, how can we up the scale on being more at war with Iran than ever before, since we are already at being more at war with Iran than ever Before!!!!