August 10th, 2007


Speaking of the Liquidity Trap....

Now remind me again how the new Bush Era Nuclear Backed Merchantilism with it's pre-emptive strategy of preventing anyone from marketting BTU's in NON-AMERICAN-DOLLAR denominated contracts is going to continue to protect us????

Fun Film Combo's

Last night we did a pair of new to my collection films: Which I found to be a lovely companion piece to the FUN of the 'objective reality' discussion that keeps cropping up.

It was a charming evening, since we had dinner at dishdash, and then down to my favorite book store, before home and the fun of my new DVD's....

madmerle has been waiting till I saw it to use the phrase
You gonna FREAK OUT, or eat orange?
and for those for whom this Koan will be a Spoiler, my complements to your perception.

I must confess that this was a film that I would not have found as fun a few years back, but that is also the fun of all journies, eh no???? Mixing it with Dark Star, and the venerable line
And then I said, "LET THERE BE LIGHT!!"
should help most folks get their Angst ON!!!

The other film combo was which gave us a chance to compare and contrast Matt Daemon's Maternal Instincts as "Mother" over and against Col. Laribee's instantiation of the American Cultural Attache in London...

My dear friend madmerle did a revie of the former in movie reviews and was concerned that this was not the sort of film I should see by myself. I was pleased that in my personal case, we watched it in the privacy of my digs, since I fear I would have ruined that film for folks at the cinema, as I would have laughed at the inappropriate moment, because there are things that are funny in a 'family' kind of way.

The sort of Dark Comedy that comes with gigglers like watching "the hunt for red oktober" in the middle of the ASW community's all source showing up to the premier on Wikkiki.... which is on par with the sort of Rocky HorrorIzation that occurs when watching Tom Cruise in Top Gun on board an american aircraft carrier that is haze grey and under way.... Some things should remain inside the family, since, they may not seem as funny to others... Rinse Lather Repeat across the spectrum of Red Kommunist Hollywood's efforts to be patriotically corrector Enough...

Would this be a bad time to wonder about why it is that Behind Enemy Lines: Axis Of Evil went straight to video on on October 17, 2006???? Could it be that the God Hating America Bashers had decided to no longer support the Ever Growing, Ever Victorious, Ever Patriotically Corrector Than Thou Patriotism???

Ah yes.... What do americans really believe when they are trying to remember which side their Red Hollywood is on????

Speaking Of Executive Priviledges....

AT&T's “content monitor” hit the mute button during part of Pearl Jam’s “Blue Room” Live Lollapalooza Webcast sponsored by the telecom, depriving viewers of some anti-George Bush lyrics—and handing live ammunition to “net neutrality” proponents in the form of an almost perfect example of what they predict will happen if a few companies are allowed to control the broadband pipeline.
[ cf AT&T Silences Pearl Jam; Gives 'Net Neutrality' Proponents Ammunition ]
Oh WOW DUDE.....

But doesn't a War President, as a part of the Majikal Super Secret Extra Special Double Secret Hyper Powers, for a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn, have the Divine Right, to out source the Protection Of All True Americans from the sort of EVIL that comes by not believing in the Divinity, and special powers, of the Dubya, as dictated by the Argument From Intelligent Design!!!!

Clearly AT&T should be PROUD that they support the Super Duper Extra Special Powers that are in the Super Duper Extra Special Codical - hugs and kisses.

Winning Against The Evil Doing Evil Doers....

Canada fired a warning shot in a new Cold War over the vast resources of the far North by announcing last night that it will build two new military bases in the Arctic wilderness.

A week after Russia laid claim to the North Pole in what is rapidly becoming a global scramble for the region’s vast oil and gas reserves, Stephen Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister, said that Canada would open a new army training centre for cold-weather fighting at Resolute Bay, and a deep-water port at Nanisivik, on the northern tip of Baffin Island. The country is also beefing up its military presence in the far North with 900 Rangers.

[ cf Arctic military bases signal new Cold War ]

Clearly this Vicious And Brutal Assault is but a PRELIMINARY STEP on the part of the Whole Gay HomoZeXual Pro-Al Quaeda Cyborg Iranian Flying Saucer Piloting Pirate Canadian Zombies in their On GOING effort to impose their Gay Marriage Only agenda on our White Christian America!!!!

Now MORE than ever we MUST Bong Canada to keep america american!!!

Think of the children!!! Think Of The INNOCENT CHILDREN!!!