August 8th, 2007


Why DOES Jared Diamond Hate Freedom????

I am about half way through his book on Collapse HAS NOT ONCE mentioned the argument from Intelligent Design, or the Dictates of The Divine Will of Dubya!!!!

I mean what sort of Psuedo Science does not recognize the Patriotically Corrector Than Thou Doctrine of the Argument From Intelligent Design, and that it Dictates the Divinity of Dubya???

At which point I have become gravely concerned that Jared Diamond has failed to address the core reasons that the societies that he has studied so far have failed, namely, a COMPLETE FAILURE to accept Dubya as their personal lord and savior. Hence that the clear and compelling word to our Modern Era is not all of this shilly shally about environmental damage, deforestation, and man made assaults that make their planet uninhabitable to their species - tied in with the failure of humans to be able to randomly mutate, effectively, into the sorts of species that can survive in the sort of Cosmic Cesspool that they have turned their habitate into!!!!! NOOOOO !!!!!!

The Clearly and Compelling Evidence is that Societies Collapse because they Fail to Accept the Clear and Compelling EVIDENCE that they must accept Dubya as their Personal Lord And Savior or the whole of civilization will collapse into a firey pit of Cleveland and the Dark Minnions and Underlings of the Gay HomoZexual Pirate Canadianists Zombies will impose their Gay Marriage Only Agenda and destroy our white Christian America.

Ok, he does have half a book to go, and he may yet recant of his God Hating America Bashing, and all of the evils of his failed Psuedo Science that is clearly only the Failed Liberalism that does not accept that the whole world changed on 09/11/2001 when the clear and compelling costs of the Demonic Unbelievers who fail to accept the Argument From Intelligent Design which all accept is the True Cause of the Attack By Iranian Flying Saucers....

The Weekly Standard, A Charged Partisan????

How can Anyone say that???

I mean, doesn't the Weekly Standard still stand by it's commitment that it must have been Iranian Flying Saucers that Attacked America, which is why only those with Prior Anti-Flying Saucer Experience need be on active military duty these days, since, well, gosh, we wouldn't want to interrupt the quiet lives of True War Heroes of the Fighting 101st Keyboardists to well, go work with the sort of low lifes who are writing bad things about the military conduct of american military operation like event sequences in Iraq, based upon actually being in Iraq.
An Army investigation has found no truth in a soldier's claims of inhumane conduct by US troops on the battlefield, which were published in The New Republic earlier this year. But the magazine is standing by its story, and debate over Scott Thomas Beauchamp's honesty continues to rage in the blogosphere.
The case and its aftermath is not sitting well with some liberal bloggers, who question how effectively the Army can investigate allegations that -- if true -- would be extremely damaging from a public perception and morale standpoint.

"[I]t's hard not to have some suspicion that the Army ... has provided itself a full exoneration through an investigation, the details of which it will not divulge," writes Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo, "and it has chosen to use as its exclusive conduit for disseminating information about the case, The Weekly Standard, a publication which can at best be described as a charged partisan in the public controversy about the case."

[ cf Army says soldier's claims untrue, magazine defends story ]

I mean you don't find the typical weekly standard reader doubting that Tillman Died Heroically And Ever Gloriously Victoriously Single Handedly Defeating Iranian Flying Saucers In Afghanistsan, merely because some whining Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Runners in the armed forces, up to the rank of 3 Star Generals, assert that the data is UnderFactual and not as Truthier As Perviously Reported in the Weekly Standard!!!!

Besides, who can doubt that the Smoking Gun that was clearly found in Iraq was a Mushroom Cloud from an Iranian Flying Saucer, hence proving that NOW MORERE THAN EVERERE We are more winning ever gloriously the whateverOnWhomever as the Most Heroic of Holy Crusades Against Iranian Flying Saucers, EVER!!!

Clearly the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets are All trying to impose their Gay Marriage ONLY agenda!!!!

Ah yes, what ever did happen to 'honor and military' being used effectivelly in the same sentance - or worse yet, when it was considered a stylistic error to be so repetatively redundant in repitiously repeating things that were facets of themselves....

Ah yes, back before the Whole World Changed with the Great Awakening....