July 13th, 2007


Why Do Christianists Hate America???

Three people were arrested Thursday after staging a noisy protest as a Hindu chaplain read the opening prayer at the US Senate, branding his appearance an "abomination."

US Capitol Police said the protestors, apparently Christian religious activists, were ejected from the chamber and charged with an unlawful disruption of Congress.

As Hindu chaplain Rajan Zed started to recite his prayer, one protestor was heard chanting "Lord Jesus, forgive us father for allowing a prayer which is an abomination in your sight.

"You are the one, true living God."

[ cf Religious protests disrupt US Senate's Hindu prayer ]
SHOCKING!!!! Just Shocking!!!

Do these people not understand that we are in the Most Holiest Of Holy Wars Against All WHO OPPOSE THE DIVINE WILL as has been revealed in the argument from intelligent design that Dictates The Divinity Of Dubya, and anything Less and the Terrorists WIN!!!!

Where is their Patriotism??? Where is their willingness to support the President to Support The Troops???

And most of all, why DO they hate America???

More Post Surrealism In Modern Americanism...

Following a recent study suggesting the Apple iPod could adversely affect the performance of pacemakers, a new report in the New England Journal of Medicine has warned that portable digital music players can be extremely dangerous if carried in a storm.

"Most people hit by lightning get away with minor burns," outlined the report’s lead author, Dr. Eric J. Heffernan of Vancouver General Hospital, before explaining that human skin is highly resistant and prevents electricity from entering the body. "It’s called the flashover effect," he added in a Xinhua article, "although it can stop your heart and kill you."

The report, which looks at instances of individuals struck by lightning while using electronic devices, suggests that a digital music player, mobile phone, or another piece of portable electronic equipment can drastically alter the physical effects of a flashover.

[ cf Digital music players unsafe in storms ] Zounds!!! Egads!!! GadZooks!!!!

Clearly we must have Large Labels Indicating:
In Case Of Electrical Storms This Device will not protect you from Lightening Strikes!!!! Even IF you are holding up, or standing under, other forms of Lightening Rods that will also help direct the Strike Towards You!!!
Note: nature Abhors a vacuum, this may be a clue you should wake up to.
This Device WILL NOT protect you from Actual Real Imaginary Attacks By Iranian Flying Saucers!!!
This Device will not protect you from having anal probes inserted by space aliens!!!!
This Device will not keeep the mind control rays away, since, clearly you do not have enough of a mind to control because you tend to ask the gods to take you out of the gene pool by means of Thor's Bolts, so like SOOOO Get Over Yourself
As this should help americans focus on the critical needs of the day, and to help fight against the they, them, those types.

Are YOU doing Your Part???

Thots on HitchHiker's Guide.

First off, I think that it is EXCEPTIONALLY IMMORAL to allow anyone under the age of 50 to read any of the HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy, as they simply are not old enough, and have not yet acquired enough of the requisite life experiences that will be needed to fully understand the crucial componentry, namely
Don't Panic!
Know Where You Towel Is!!!
Mostly Harmless.
So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish.
as these are nowhere's as simple a set of the Four Noble Truths as Innocent children might be misdirected to not fully appreciate.

So the singularly MOST important thing in understanding the Fullness of the Most Holy Of All Texts, Ever, the five novels, and one story, Young Zaphod Plays It Safe, not to mention the obligatory inclusion as an Over Arching Clarification, which is the Salmon of Doubt, is to understand that it is not merly one story, but the most holiest of all Holy Crusades to understand why it is that there was a Potted Petunia asserting, "oh no, not again." Such Deeply Significant Holy Tomes should not be left lying around for mere children, who create a fetish of the first one, without actually going into the full on rigors of actually Understanding The Truthier Truthineff of the Whole of the Texts!!! As a unifying Field Theory, with no anchovies.

Which is in a way, a part of a response to The Generation Gap (Aimed at Drieux, but not exclusively) since another facet in the process here is actually understanding the shifting role in the nature of "sciFi" as a literary Genre, and it's place in the ZeitGeist - a point well worth investigating on it's own, ESPECIALLY with the current Rise of so call Post-CyberPunk, which my daughter, and some of my co-workers, are aware of, and well, Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz, yes, there is fun to be found in Tank GIrl and the movie thereof not to mention the Ironic Irony of Spider Jerusalem as the Graphic Novel Manifestation of the Post-Noir Transmetropolitan even if that is from the Devil Worshipping DC the Puppet Toadies of the Ideological Revisionist Repressors of the Totally Groovey...

So yes, there is a great dialog that needs to be had about what DOOO we want in the way of Science, and/or Fiction, as a way of doing the very public thot experiments about what is worth doing in the world.

Ah yes, working on which is the question to which clearly 42 is the answer?

Or are we in it merely for the Fame, Glory, and the money....

Why DOES the president Hate America???

Clearly if the president Believed In, and Loved America, then he would not say that we can 'still win in iraq', but would be more truthier with the americans by actually declaring
We Are Still More Winningist In Iraq Than EVER Before!!! And We Will Go On Being More WinningIst In Iraq Long after the defeatest cut and runner appeasers who are in League with Satan have been risen from the Dead and Forced Into the Burning Sulphours Pits of Cleveland at the Final Day Of Judgement when their Appostasy and Disbelief in the Divinity of Dubya, as dictated by the Argument From Intelligent Design Demanded, as their first tier effort to stab our valiant fighting forces in the back, because as Evil Doing Evil Doers they are alligned with the God Hating America Bashers who only want death and destruction because they are the puppet toadies of the Demonic Nancy Pelosi Driven Evil VooDoo Zombie Dust Bunnies of Despair Spewing Bong Hitz 4 Jesus by what of the Sinister Silly Liberal Media Meat Puppets who never report on all of the wonderful news that comes out of Iraq about how now more than ever we are Still More Winningist In Iraq Than EVER Before!!!
If you know what I mean.
he could say in his winningist way, knowing that all truly loved him, as is the only option in these most Glorious And Heroic of All times of transferring the tax liability unto the Unborn, for Lo, that is the Most Important Thing in a Time Of War, as was foretold by Tom "No Retreat, No Surrender" DeLay, who is every day, in some new Way, the Most Winningist Of Glorious House Majority Leadership, even if the Devil Worshipping God Hating America Bashers believe the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppet Propoganda of Defeatism that there is some other leadership in the House, simply because there were false notions about who actually won what!!! And that in a Most Glorious of Still More Winningist In Iraq Than EVER Before!!!

Yeah, that's the Patriotic Ticket...

History Is Terrorism!!!

A federal judge has ruled that President Clinton cannot use the power of his office to block prosecutors from questioning his senior aides, rejecting Clinton's assertion of executive privilege in the Monica S. Lewinsky investigation, lawyers familiar with the decision said yesterday.

In a ruling issued under court seal Monday, Chief U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson concluded that independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's need to collect evidence in his obstruction of justice probe outweighs Clinton's interest in preserving the confidentiality of White House discussions, the lawyers said.

[ cf President Is Denied Executive Privilege ]
Like Duh.

Remember that was when the executive branch was a part of the executive branch, in the dark times before 9/11 when the whole world changed and the executive branch is now not the executive branch and can not be held legally liable as if it were the executive branch...

Don't folks understand we are in a Time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities Onto the Unborn as Jesus has called this nation to the New Theocracy freed from the dark perils of when the executive branch was still a part of the Government and not merely the clear and compelling ontological proof based upon the argument from design!!!

Don't People Understand the WHOLE WORLD HAS CHANGED!!!