July 10th, 2007



Prospective soldiers are voting with their feet. For the second consecutive month, the Army has missed its active-duty recruiting goal, even with its lower standards for new recruits. As long as the war in Iraq continues, the Army will have trouble meeting its current recruiting goals. Once the war is over, however, the crisis will dissipate.
Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that the Congressional Research Service has revised its figures for the cost of the Iraq war: We are now spending $10 billion a month in Iraq. Overall, the Iraq war has cost the United States some $450 billion. Buried in the list of Defense Department personnel needs for the coming years? The Pentagon will hire 6,841 contracting specialists to help dole out all that money.

[ cf Is a Bigger Army a Better Army? ]
One might argue that since this is merely some blog at the WaPo we can avoid the cited WaPo Red Propoganda:
The U.S. Army fell short of its active-duty recruiting goal for June by about 15 percent, defense officials said yesterday. It is the second consecutive month the service's enlistment effort has faltered amid the American public's growing discontent over the war in Iraq.

Army officials confirmed yesterday that the service missed its June target -- the first time its recruiters have missed their monthly mark twice in a row since they were hit hard in 2005 -- but declined to discuss specific numbers before a scheduled release today. Three defense officials said the Army fell short by about 1,400 soldiers, well shy of its goal of 8,400 for June.

[ cf Army's Recruiting Goal Lags For Second Month in a Row ]

Horror!!!!! Horror!!!

The WaPo Hates Freedom and is spreading Defeatist Propoganda of the Red Communist Hordes!!!

More Why Does WaPo Hate Jesus?

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales received reports detailing legal or procedural violations by FBI agents in the months before he told senators that no such abuses had occurred, The Washington post reported Tuesday.

In April 2005, while seeking renewal of the broad powers granted law enforcement under the USA Patriot Act, Gonzales said, "There has not been one verified case of civil liberties abuse" from the law enacted after the 9/11 terror attacks.

According to the Post, Gonzales had received a least half a dozen reports describing such violations in the three months before he made that statement. The newspaper obtained the internal FBI documents under the Freedom of Information Act.

[ cf Report: Gonzales Knew of FBI Violations ]

Is it really the Attorney General's Job to be truthful with anyone? Let alone deal with all of that Legal Stuff, like as if it were the Law???

I mean where do these Defeatist Appeaser Cut And Runners get off spreading these Pro-Terrorism Propoganda by Disgruntled former employees, who clearly Hate God And Bash America simply because they are not willing to Support the President To Support the Troops in a time of transferring the torturing of enemies of the state, and anyone else that can be swept in under the carpet of PostLawAmerica.....

I mean where is the Patriotism of Radical Left Wing Extremists Like WaPo who should be reporting on why there are such Unamericans as want to hamstring the Holy Crusade by mandating that it be obliged to the Mere Laws Of Mortal Man when the CLEAR AND COMPELLING ARGUMENT FROM INTELLIGENT DESIGN has already dictated the divinity of the Only Commander In Chief that this nation will ever need...

Those Vampire Lesbian WereWolfPacks Are Loose Again...

Ok, so substitute in his Roger Corman Presents: PINK GUNS! entry doesn't actually assert that the Iranian Flying Saucers are Parking Vast Herdes of Vampire Lesbian WereWolfPacks all over the Country in clearly AnthroCon insertion groups pretending to be merely FURRIES, rather than Space Alien Detention Facility Rejects....

But a wink is as good as a NeoConEchoChambering....

( yes, for the slow readers, it appears that BaBa O'Reilly And Friends, over at Faux News, are upset that when attacked, lesbians are defending themselves, and therefore that is the more equivolent of being actual real live manifestation of Vampire Lesbian WereWolfPacks bent upon the destruction of their white christian america. )

What doe they call it in your country?

Hum... When HanoiAnnie Coulter was calling for the assination of a seated american president, while said CIC, had the authorization to do what ever with Iraq, this was considered what level of civil discourse????

It is so funny watching the Despite past discussion on his show, Hannity claimed he had "never heard" Coulter call for Clinton assassination since, gosh, that would mean that there were some sort of time continuity between the time before 911 and the new and improved new world order....

What makes the giggling more funny of course is that there are those Stab Our Troops In The Back types, with their whole Defeatist Appeaser Cut And RunnerIsms, who are advocating that a public election should allow folks to vote for anyone other than the Great Decider? I mean what is with the idea that american can actually stab the troops in the back by not supporting the President??? I mean, do they really think that the 22nd Ammendment would be operable in a Post-911 world???

Ah yes... the majik of it all...

What will happen if americans accidentally fail to re-elect the president??? will the HanoiAnnie Coulter Fan Club do what has to be done???? or will they keep on hiding behind her moistened bint???? hoping that they will be totally protected from what they have said and done???

Well who knows, the elections may actually take place....

It could happen you know, jesus may not end the world by then....