June 20th, 2007


Oh The Vindictive Horror Of It All!!!!!

Once again the Evil Liberal Media is in Full Tilt Persecution of the FreeeMarketeers!!!!
When South Carolina's treasurer, Thomas Ravenel, endorsed former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani for president in April, he heaped praise on Giuliani for reducing crime, saying that "the mayor rescued New York City from the cesspool that it was."

So Giuliani must have grimaced yesterday when a grand jury in South Carolina indicted Ravenel on charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

[ cf One Giuliani Backer Is a Bust ]
Where IS the Love????

Where is the understanding about the Entrepreneurial Arts!!!!

What has become of the Dark and Evil Americans.

The somewhat money shot is that there is this photographic image next to the article about Edward's doing the stump at the
Take Back America
kabal and kaffee klatchen.... I mean, dear me... What ever will americans do???

{ for the slow learners, this is tagged with the 'war' since, well gosh, isn't all of this just more of the same old WhatEverOnWhomEver that we have come to expect from the Defeatist Kapitulationist Cut And Runner Appeasers who are not willing to back the president to support the troops!!! }

That Immigrant Crisis In America....

Yeah!!! Bring It!!!!
Her husband volunteered to defend this country, and he has been missing in the deserts of Iraq for more than a month. Now the US government is trying to kick her out of the country.

Army specialist Alex Jimenez married Yaderlin Hiraldo in 2004. Hiraldo entered the US illegally from the Dominican Republic in 2001, and when Jimenez petitioned for her green card while he was stationed in Iraq it alerted the government to her presence, according to a report on Boston television station WBZ.

[ cf DHS trying to deport missing soldier's wife ]
Maybe s9 was correct.

Maybe they will start moving faster on making sure that actual real prior military service is no longer a relevancy in america, since we of course have the Fighting 101st Keyboardist Keeping America, American!!!