June 15th, 2007


Why do the christianist zionists hate america?

One of my friends found another oen of those fun filled site (here) where they are so open about hating americans and wanting to murder them for no more reason than that they politically, and/or culturally, do not like them, and therefore feel it is cool to kill americans.

Ah yes. The same folks who have spent how long trying to explain that we should not persecute those who betrayed the "do not blow CIA assets" law.... ah yes, the fine folks who like murdering americans and hate american law....

They make that sound like a bad thing...

The scandal of slave workers in China is spreading. According to official reports Chinese police have freed more than four hundred people, including children, who had been kidnapped and put to forced factory labour.

It started at a bus stop. Or at a railway station. They promised the earth, and the victims, mostly the dispossessed and children, some just eight years old, believed them. They were dragged off by the hundreds to work as slaves in brickworks.

According to reports from China , they had to work for more than ten hours a day and were often beaten. The children were forced to go hungry and to work for no pay. They were flogged if they fell ill or were too weak to carry the bricks. Some had to work for up to twenty hours a day, living on bread and water.

[ cf Chinese police free more than 400 factory slaves ]

Don't those ChiCommRatBastards understand the majikal marvels of the Imaginary Foote of the Market Place?

I Mean, no wonder they are such Godless Atheists who do not believe in the Biblical Right to OWN SLAVES!!!!! Slaves who would otherwise be out there wandering around on the streets annoying people!!!

I mean, don't these ChiCommRatBastards understand that we are in the Most Holiest Of Holy Wars, EVER!!! And that we are in it to win against the Atheists who do not believe in the Divine Vision of the Imaginary Foote of the Market Place?