May 19th, 2007


More Brutal Repression Of Our White Christian America By Evil Liberal Extremists....

Why can't the evil liberal media meat puppet just be honest about being in league with satan:
There is growing demand for the next president of the World Bank to be chosen on professional merit and not out of deference to the U.S. president.

The resignation of Paul D. Wolfowitz as World Bank president is prompting aid groups and former bank officials to call for an end to the traditional right of the United States to select the bank`s leader, the Washington Post reported Saturday.

Wolfowitz`s problems at the bank came in part from a widespread perception that he disproportionately represented American interests rather than 'objectives that command a global consensus,' said a letter signed this week by more than 200 people, including heads of aid groups.

[ cf Push on to pick World Bank leader on merit ]

I mean who but a God Hating Unamerican would advocate putting a competent person into the World Bank based soley upon their merits of their Position, rather than the Divine Intervention By God's Chosen Greatest Leader Of All World Banking Czars, EVER!!!!!!

HELLO YOU GOD HATERS!!!! When will you learn to accept that Jesus Gave Us Nukes because he Loves US and hates all of the Evil doing Evil Doers, who are Evil, And Doing, and ERS!!!

More Brutal Repression Of Our White Christian America By Evil Liberal Extremists, like Freedom....

OH MY GOD!!!! can there be any clearer connection between the Horrorrs of the Evil Liberal Bush-Kennedy Axis of Evil, and it's Persecution of our White Christian America:
Bernard Kouchner, the leftwing humanitarian crusader, was appointed France's foreign minister yesterday as Nicolas Sarkozy prepared a more pro-US and pro-Israeli approach to diplomacy.

For the first time France has a gender-balanced team of eight men to seven women. The justice minister, Rachida Dati, a loyal Sarkozy adviser and former magistrate, is also the first politician of north African descent to hold a top government post. Christine Lagarde, a corporate lawyer and former synchronised swimming champion, once listed as one of the world's most powerful women by Forbes magazine, becomes the first female agriculture minister.

[ cf Leftwing human rights champion joins Sarkozy's cabinet (emphasis mine) ]
Maybe Liberals are tolerable over there in God Hating America Bashing Freedom Land!!!!

But here In God's America we are so over the Dark Horror of the Dark Evil of the Bush-Kennedy Axis of Evil especially when the EVIL Freedom landers want to embace these Demonic Beast Creatures from the burning sulphorous pits...

Why everyone knows that the Anti-Christ is going to rise up from Baghdad, it is all spelled out there in the Left Behind Series where we are told all about the Horrors of the Bush-Kennedy Axis of Evil and how they are going to destory everything everywhere!!!