May 17th, 2007


Brutal Persecution Of White Christian America By Black Robed Judicial Activist Terrorist Thugs

Which should clarify why the following is BAD
The California Supreme Court cleared the way for the state's stem cell research agency to distribute billions of dollars in grants when it turned back a last-ditch legal challenge Wednesday.

The state's high court declined to review a lower court ruling that upheld the constitutionality of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. The litigation had prevented the agency from doling out $3 billion in research grants.

"Today's action by the California Supreme Court is a victory for our state because potentially life-saving science can continue without a shadow of legal doubt," said Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Dana Cody, an attorney for the anti-abortion group Life Legal Foundation, another plaintiff, said she was not surprised by the ruling.

"I'm really sad that California taxpayers are going to be funding experimental research when there's been great strides made in adult stem cell research," she said.

[ cf Court Clears Way for Stem Cell Grants ]
Can there be any doubt that the Evil Kennedy ToyBoy will be pleased with this Grave Satanic Assault On All True Believers by raising up the Mere Science Of Man above the One True And Only Faith Based Science that owes no allegiance to mere Demonic Evil Doers and Their Evil Doing Evil Doers!!!!

What MORE Proof do americans need that we Must Bomb California Back Into Patriotic God FearingNeff....

Why Drug Abuse Is Bad....

Some Concepts are, well, just clear and compelling proof that people should not do Bad Drugs:
"The fight over legalization, or ‘amnesty,’ is all but over,” exults the Manhattan Institute’s Tamar Jacoby, and the “yahoos” who oppose it have been routed. She is right about who has won, at least as far as the Senate is concerned. The Bush-Kennedy immigration “reform,” which is now expected to win broad bipartisan support in that chamber, provides legal status for an estimated 12 million illegal aliens. In exchange for the massive, unpopular amnesty, Senator Kennedy is willing to engage in a little “border dressing” that purports to beef up enforcement of current laws barring illegal entry and the employment of illegal workers. As in the past, supporters of border and workplace enforcement will get the rhetoric, illegal aliens the prize, and taxpayers the huge tab.
[ cf No to Bush-Kennedy ]

The idea of Bush In Bed With Kennedy on anything, is, well, Just WRONG.

Clearly what we need to do is Liberate Canada to keep those Illegal Canadianists from destroying our american way of life....

Yeah, that's the ticket here... No More Peter Jennings!!!!! No More William Shatners.... Keep America American!!!!

More Bad Thoughts Thought Badly...

Never Write Bad Things
Comey's tale of his late-night hospital-room showdown with White House aides (see yesterday's column, High Drama -- and High Crimes?) ended with Bush agreeing to make unspecified changes to the program that Comey and his colleagues felt made it legal.

So what was the program like before that -- when it was illegal even in the opinion of Bush's own Justice Department? What was the government doing for two and a half years -- starting soon after September 11, 2001, through the spring of 2004?

That is -- or at least should be -- the question of the day in Washington.

[ cf Triangulating on the Truth (emphasis mine) ]

The Devil Worshippers are doubting the Divinity of Dubya by suggesting that if the President's Own Department of Justice, headed by Ashcroft at the time, was not willing to sign off on the illegal actions... that uh, this would suggest that the illegal actions were not lawful!!!!

And that as we all know can not be!!!! Since, as we all know, if the President Does IT! It can not be illegal!!!!

And as we all know only the God Hating America Bashers Openly Offered Aid And Comfort To The Enemy In A Time of War by doubting that Clinton's Blow Job was anything But the clear and COMPELLING Divine Manifestation Of Divinity!!!

oh dear... maybe some folks did not understand back in the clinton era, that if the president does it, it can not be illegal... and gosh, maybe they didn't remember that the 2nd Attack On The World Trade Center would come, well, after the First Attack On The World Trade Center, and that Gosh, they really should have been supporting the president to support the troops, or the Iranian Flying Saucers would return, as they did on 09/11/2001, the day that changed everything, so that it was as it had always been, more of the Same, but The MOST More of the Same than EVER BEFORE!!!!

Oh dear... Oh Me, Oh My!!! Since the current round of growth is based on investigating why the DOJ was being used to try to support electing more NeoCons.... could it be, gosh, golly, that on top of the other bad things that were going on with Card, Gonzalas, Rove, et al, that the illegal wiretaping was just more of the same old dirty tricks games, and had nothing to do with anything about National Security - since, well gosh, there were perfectly good systems for doing that which had been in place and worked prior to 09/11/2001 - and did not need any special sauce or majik pixie dust like the Patriot Act to make them viable....

Oh Heavens!!! Oh ME!!! Oh MY!!!!

What ever will we do if the Evil Liberals take away the Majik Pixie Dust and leave us totally defenseless before the onslaught of Imaginary Weapons in the hands of Imaginary Enemies...

Find The New Czar, The Next Hot Video Reality Show/Game

Yes Kids, it is SOOOO that time again:
Speculation is mounting as to who the Bush administration will nominate to succeed Paul Wolfowitz as president of the World Bank, even as pressure builds for the US give up its traditional right to select one of its own citizens as bank chief.

This week 165 of the world’s leading international development experts and representatives of non-governmental organisations said the bank crisis demonstrated the need for fundamental reform of the selection process.

“Paul Wolfowitz’s problems at the World Bank stem in part from a widespread perception that he disproportionately represents US interests rather than objectives that command a global consensus,” they wrote in a public letter.

[ cf Eyes turn to finding Wolfowitz successor ]
Let the Gaming Begin....

Hey, why not offer the Gig to Gonzales!!!!

He understands the importance of Waterboarding For Jesus!!!

Bad Drugs Do Bad Things....

Like This:
Finally, the main grade of U.S. crude, West Texas Intermediate, is trading below most other grades of oil worldwide, meaning U.S. refiners are effectively paying more on average for crude oil.
[ cf Why gasoline prices are rising while oil isn't ]
ok, IF we take the kvetch there, that these 'other classes' of Oil are making up more of the american market - than our old fashion stand by the West Texas Intermediate....

But upon the first run though, it really did sound like the reason we are paying more for gas is that the cost of using American Oil is down.....

Either way, the main thrust of the article is that the problem is that Gas Prices are no longer really tied to Oil Prices, because of the gamesmanship being played at the refineries to drive down the supply, so that the price goes up....

Hum... what if we were to work on solving that part of the process as well....

Why DOES the Wall Street Journal Hate Jesus???

Oh My GOD!!!! What Sort of Radical Left Wing Extremist God Hating America Bashing Red Propoganda is the Evil Shyrill Hysterical Angry Radical Extremists at the Wall Street Journal putting out?
Two military officers have been relieved of their commands after an investigation into the June deaths of three soldiers concluded that they weren't properly protected during a mission south of Baghdad that wasn't well planned or executed.

A report on the investigation said the platoon leader and company commander, whose names were not released, failed to provide proper supervision to the unit or enforce military standards. Neither faced criminal charges, a military official familiar with the investigation said Wednesday.
"This was an event caused by numerous acts of complacency, and a lack of standards at the platoon level," said the investigating officer, Lt. Col. Timothy Daugherty, in the summary. The report hasn't been officially released yet.

[ cf Report Faults Two Military Officers In Deaths of Three Soldiers in Iraq ]
Oh Me!!! Oh My!!!

Why doesn't the Wall Street Journal WAIT until after they are a Rupert Murdoch Faux News Facility to start their mainstream stab in the Back....

Seriously Not Ready To Make Nice....

Lawyers for Vice President Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and two other Bush administration officials belittled Valerie Plame's lawsuit Thursday over the disclosure of her CIA identity.

At a nearly-three-hour court hearing, Cheney's lawyer said Plame was making "fanciful claims" in what amounted to "a fishing expedition."

Plame says her constitutional rights were violated by Cheney and his now-convicted former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, as well as White House political adviser Rove and former State Department official Richard Armitage.

Her suit is "principally based on a desire for publicity and book deals," said Michael Waldman, who represents Armitage.

The case is "about egregious conduct by defendants that ruined a woman's career," countered Plame's lawyer, Erwin Chemerinsky.

[ cf Lawyer: 'Fanciful Claims' in Plame Suit ]

How do I know when NeoConClownCarCrew are Lying, when their lips are flapping about their concern for anyone in the Intelligence Community...

Ah yes... once upon a time the NeoConClownCarCrew was all up in arms about the need to protect national security.... and then they got their time at bat and fumbled the ball the whole length of the swimming pool, he said trying to drown all of the Mixed MetaPhours that have been put forward in this on going open cesspool of Maniacs in Power Gone Mad!!!

Oh well, at least it was not like they were into Corruption or Anything, you know, like those other people...