May 15th, 2007


Not Ready To Make Nice....

ah yes, I just love the wiki, and the reality boinging that come with it. On the one hand I want to write about the emotions that are STILL going on inside of me, and how I personally am not ready to Make Nice and how the fruitBats in NeoConLand have helped focus that discussion for me.

The other evening 'catwoman' brought over the DVD on Shut Up and Sing the Dixie Chicks movie, and today google gave up this cute bit: Laura_ingraham who wrote a book called "shutup and sing" about how all of those evil liberals are evil and liberal, and ERS!!!

Ah yes, Dear Laura, the one who can not recall exactly how she wants to Cut her "biblical literalism" - especially at the cutting edge of that problem, where women should be silent in the church, and that there should be no separation between church and state.

Where things went MASSIVELY WRONG was that 'catwoman' brought along The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus which, amongst the slightly SCARY MIND MELTING DARK HORRORS is a presentation of Yoko Ono doing her Black Bag Performance Art - where she crawls into a Black Bag and rolls around in it on stange....

The DANGER ZONE PSYCHO CLASH occurred when madmerle distilled my rant about the total chaos amongst the NeoCons by asserting that they were doing their Yoko Black Bag Moment - YIKES!!!

So yeah - it would be less painful were it not such an unpleasantly accurate image. Where are the TK's with their Constantly Patriotic "Boot Up Their Ass" reality space, while we are recalling the same troops, so that TK can help americans be more Patriotically Corrector Than Thou????

Where are all of those "kick their ass and take their Gas" wankers from the Pro-War World???

Where are all of this generations "soon to be the next Tom 'tax cuts in time of war' DeLay" or the "soon to be the next Karl 'unindigted co-conspirator number 3' Rove", and the rest of the True Patriots of The Vietnam Era come to perch patriotically in the current WhateverOnWhomever....

Here we are four years on since the Mission Accomplished Disco Duck Dance, and the NeoConClownCarCrew is still not willing to go for hard numbers. Four years ago I was asking them, 'what will it take? three thousand dead American GI's? 30,000 Dead? What?' and they all looked at me as if I was beaming in from planet Zorkon!!!! Didn't I just see the President's Disco Duck Dance about Mission Accomplished....

Well I am STILL not ready to Make Nice.

Are the NeoConClownCarCrew???

For the rest of you who may have missed the last decade, check out the Dickie Chic's DVD! It is an interesting case study in our america, where folks forget that the reasons we have our constitution IS to protect americans FROM americans!!! Especially the sort of americans who believe that the freedom of speach is not for use in public....

For those of you who want to look at the on going dialog about what americans can do to americans in the name of Americanism, Check out the DVD!!! It is a most painful and enjoyable flow through the life of the Dixie Chicks as they grow up from being just a cute Blue Grass Trilogy of Pickers, to women who have to go beyond the limitations of merely being cute, and country, and into a world where they have to do what their talents take them to do. That we have the TK's and their whole "boot up their ass" mentality, and a marketting machine that supports such trash, well, "ain't that america..."

As a Safety Precaution, do NOT watch it with anything that is related to the sixties - and ESPECIALLLY not with Yoko Ono in it...

Think of the Children...

Contact Music??? Wow...

Some days the Post Surreal is, well, More Surreal than ever before
News has fired Ret. Maj. Gen. John Batiste as a consultant after he appeared in an ad criticizing President Bush's handling of the Iraq war. Batiste, who commanded the First Infantry Division in Iraq in 2004 and 2005, retired from the Army in November 2005 and has since rebutted claims by the president that his policy is based on recommendations from his commanders in the field. However, his participation in a television ad financed by in which he states, "Mr. President, you have placed our nation in peril," was cited by the network as a violation of CBS News standards. Linda Mason, head of standards and special projects for CBS News, told the CBS blog Public Eye: "By putting himself front and center in an anti-Bush ad, the viewer might have the feeling everything he says is anti-Bush. And that doesn't seem like an analytical approach to the issues we want to discuss." The network's action seemed to take even some conservatives by surprise. The conservative news site NewsMax pointed out that CBS hired Batiste after the general had already stated that he had resigned from the Army in order to protest against the president's conduct of the war in Iraq.
[ citing GENERAL ROUTED BY CBS (emphasis mine) ]

They say that like it is a bad thing...

And they are keeping their NeoConClowns on Contract for their objectivity??? Or What??

One of my friends sent me the following email
It took CBS two weeks to fire Don Imus for calling a college women's basketball team "nappy headed hos," but it only took them two days to fire respected retired Major General John Batiste for speaking out against the president on the war.

Batiste, a Republican, commanded troops in Iraq in 2004 and 2005. He left the Army so that he could speak out against the president's reckless policy in Iraq, and CBS hired him as a part-time consultant to comment about it.1 Last week, he appeared in a TV ad speaking out against the president on Iraq. Just two days later, CBS fired him.2
CBS says they fired Major General Batiste because he engaged in advocacy—but they're holding him to a different standard than their other consultants.

For example, former White House communications director Nicolle Wallace is a consultant to CBS and consistently uses her position to push White House talking points.3 It was even reported that she was advising the McCain campaign, yet CBS did nothing when she appeared as a consultant on their network to promote his candidacy.4

Plus, the Brookings Institution's Michael O'Hanlon also appeared on CBS as a consultant while advocating in favor of President Bush's escalation plan.5

CBS is sending a message that you can't be a consultant to their network if you're critical of President Bush and the Iraq war. That's political censorship and CBS needs to hear groundswell of outrage from concerned viewers right away.
If you are interested, there is a One Click Protest Sign Up or you can visit MoveOn.Org Political Action Site and decide if your commitment to
Supporting The Troops! To Protect The Troops!
extends to getting involved ESPECIALLY when the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets become the Pawns of the Radical Left Wing Extremist Environmentalists In The White House!!!

Minor Nit here folks, but, uh, when was the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets not the lap dog lacky of the TreeHuggerInChief???

More Brutal Repression O Our White Christian America By Evil Liberal Extremists....

As we all know the Radical Left Wing removed Jerry Fallwell, with what can only be called evil demonic voodoo zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair doing Bong Hitz 4 Jesus, but have you been following
CRM spokesperson claims closing the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ and the Center for Christian Statesmanship is not tied to founder D. James Kennedy's ill health

When the slate of conservative dream-teamers joined some 1,300 attendees at this year's Reclaiming America for Christ conference in early March, few in the crowd could have predicted that within two months the gathering's high-powered sponsoring organization would shut its doors. In late April, that's exactly what D. James Kennedy's Coral Ridge Ministries did when they announced they were closing the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ.

[ cf Coral Ridge Ministries shuts down two projects aimed at influencing the political process ( h/t to s9 ) ]

Abandoning the restoration of america to the Theocracy that it was suppose to have always been....

OH MY GOD!!!!!


Can there be any doubt that the Brutal Repression by The Radical Left Wing God Hating America Bashing TreeHuggerInChief has been put into full motion as their ongoing Vindictive Savagry as these Environmental Extremists in the White House seek to destroy our white christian america...

If the EVIL WHITE HOUSE PURGE of the Coral Ridge Ministries continues, can anyone be safe???

Lordie We Just Gotta Gets Us Some More Rich Folks....

I was originally wondering what was God's Divine Plan when i found
ON APRIL 2, this newspaper reported that the Los Angeles Police Department had asked Philip Morris USA for a $50,000 donation to help fund its investigation into counterfeit cigarettes. That makes a lot of sense: If TV cop shows have commercials, why shouldn't real police work have corporate sponsors too (you know, aside from the obvious reasons of favoritism, bias and perverse incentives)?

For that matter, what's wrong with wealthy families in La Cañada Flintridge, San Marino and other communities holding constant fundraisers to pay for the unfunded needs of their local public schools — drama societies and marching bands and that sort of thing? Or with parents having to go out and purchase body armor on their own so that their sons are protected in Iraq? What's so odd about the crown jewel of the University of California graduate system, Boalt Hall Law School, having to move toward "privatization" so that it can raise more money and better compete with its private counterparts in an era when state funding has dried up?

What's so wrong, in other words, with hollowing out the public sector and replacing it with a pay-as-you-go society? It is the natural endpoint, after all, of the privatization craze, of the gospel of tax cuts and of the smaller-government-is-better-government mentality that has been on the ascendancy in the U.S. for nearly 25 years.

The New York Times recently offered a particularly striking example: Apparently there are about a dozen jails throughout California that offer pay-to-stay "upgrades." Inmates (or "clients," as they're known) who pay an extra $75 to $127 a day get a cell with a regular door, located at some distance from violent offenders, as well as the right, in some cases, to bring in an iPod, a cellphone or a laptop. The rich no longer need patronize the same jails as the rest of us. It makes you wonder whether Paris Hilton's unexpected jail time is a sentence or a scouting mission for new hotel expansion opportunities.

[ cf Give bigger government a chance
(emphasis mine, and yes READ the whole article )]
Oh Me, Oh My!!!!

How emotionally traumatizing. How Shocking How, well, Paris Hilton:
Paris Hilton is "emotionally distraught and traumatized" over her 45-day jail sentence and isn't capable of testifying in a civil lawsuit against her, the socialite-reality TV star's psychiatrist said.
Graff filed a $10 million lawsuit against Hilton in 2005, claiming the reality TV star spread "vicious lies" about her. Hilton has denied that she was behind a report alleging Graff once tried to grab a necklace worth $4 million from her throat.

[ cf Paris Hilton `distraught' over jail time ]
Oh Me!!! Oh My!!! Those Vicious Lies....

Why what could be more Important in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the Unborn than that we get to have more reality TV shows as a part of the ongoing process of, now how exactly are we suppose to know which are the Reality Reality TV Shows, and which are the Imitation Reality Shows....

Why My GOD!!! and to think that the Evil Liberals are Persecuting Paris Hilton on the Day that Jesus Took Back Jerry Fallwell - who back in the sixties opposed Preachers getting involved in politics - how EVER can those evil liberals be so cruel....

Besides IF it is a Scouting Mission that Paris Hilton is on, then Gosh, the President should give her a really big medal for her Brilliant Military CarRear.... Why that would show that the President supports the True War Heroes of the Most Heroic of All Heroic Thingies, EVER!!!

We Got War Lord...

Wow!!!! now a War president gets the first war lord... I really do not like down grading the military to the same level as say the "drug czar" and the "czar of the war on literacy", so please, when you she the phrase "war Czar^H^H^H^H LORD" remember that you have always read that as "war LORD!" the way that Jesus would.
President Bush has chosen Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute, the Pentagon's director of operations, to oversee the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan as a "war czar" after a long search for new leadership, administration officials said Tuesday.
In the newly created position, Lute would serve as an assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser, and would also maintain his military status and rank as a three-star general, according to a Pentagon official.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because Bush had not yet made an announcement.

Creation of the new job comes as the administration tries to use a combat troop buildup in Iraq to bring a degree of calm so political reconciliation can take hold.

The White House has sought a war coordinator to eliminate conflicts among the Pentagon, the State Department and other agencies — and to speak for the president at times.

[ cf Bush chooses 'war czar' (emphasis mine) ]
Oh, really???

But will the New War Lord be able to bring about that political eliminate conflicts among the Pentagon, the State Department and other agencies or will he have to start bombing the Unbelievers, and that in the Name of the President, or at least as one Channelling The President, with the Holy New Age Crystall Meth, uh, Method of Meaning....

Ah yes, when the phrase
What a long strange trip it has been!
we will no longer view it as merely a limited expression denoting the old Greatful Dead, but the New and Improved Most Gooviest WOW of NOW!!!

So let us all Chant the National Chant
Win WOW NOW!!!
Win WOW NOW!!!
Win WOW NOW!!!
Since unless we can Win The WhateverOnWhomever NOW!!! this time around, we will have to deal with more real and imaginary enemies as they begin to expand their TheyNeff and ThemNeff that is not a Part of US!!!!
Win WOW NOW!!!
Win WOW NOW!!!
Win WOW NOW!!!
Say it with me Bretheran
Win WOW NOW!!!
Win WOW NOW!!!
Win WOW NOW!!!
Or the Terrorists WIN!!!

All Hail the New War Lord, For he brings the new Now WOW!!!

like totally dude...

Keeping America, American!!!!!

I am SOOOO Glad that the God Fearing All American Patriotic Types are not letting the Vicious And Brutal Radical Left Wing Extremist Persecution of Our White Christian Americans Get Them Down
A grateful nation thanks you for your efforts to take this country back from the Godless Jews, Mormons, Hindus, Catholics, atheists, etc. I hope you continue to work hard to bring about the kind of government that isn't afraid to subjugate the wicked, the idolatrous, and the unchurched in the name of the Lord. Certainly, your recent essay in World Net Daily gets us a little closer to that great day of judgement. I salute you for that.

I am a little worried, however, that you didn't make a stronger argument in favor of a religious test being applied to those seeking office or employment by the government. While the letter from John Jay to Jedidiah Morse you cite makes a compelling case for requiring government officials to be Christian, I don't think it carries quite as much weight as Article VI, Section III of the Constitution which states in part: "...but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States."
Surely, Pinckney's corpse's ass kicking will convince such great American thinkers as John Derbyshire, Mark Steyn, and John Hindenraker, to rally for the cause. They love to see others fight and die for their principles, especially if it appears to be a very manly kind of fight with lots of chest hair, muscles, and sweat. We need them. That's why you have to kick Pinkney's corpse's bony ass.

[ cf Christian Reconstructionism with a Kung Fu Grip
( if you do not read the article GOD will Punish The Kitty!!! ) ]
God but I love the Patriotic Mixture of Kung Fu, and a Boot Up Their Ass, as the Corner Stones of a Modern Christian Reconstructionism!!!!

That will scare the Jesus out of those Evil Liberals.

Holy Ontological Proof Of GOD!!!

by way of vspope as a commenter in ronebofh we are blessed with this Pure Proof of the Existence of the One True And Only....
WBC will Preach at Jerry Falwell's Funeral!!

WBC will preach at the memorial service of the corpulent false prophet Jerry Falwell, who spent his entire life prophesying lies and false doctrines like "God loves everyone".

There is little doubt that Falwell split Hell wide open the instant he died. The evidence is compelling, overwhelming, and irrefragable. To wit:

1. Falwell was a true Calvinistic Baptist when he was a young preacher in Springfield, Missouri, and sold his soul to Free-Willism (Arminianism) for lucre.

2. Falwell bitterly and viciously attacked WBC because of WBC's faithful Bible preaching -- thereby committing the unpardonable sin -- otherwise known as the sin against the Holy Ghost.

3. Falwell warmly praised Christ-rejecting Jews, pedophile-condoning Catholics, money-grubbing compromisers, practicing fags like Mel White, and backsliders like Billy Graham and Robert Schuler, etc. All for lucre -- making him guilty of their sins.

[ cf Fred Phelps' God Hates America Web Site ]
so it appears that Fred Phelps will be picketting Jerry Fallwell, because, well, gosh, news flash, Jerry Fallwell was a God Hating America Basher in league with the Radical Left Wing Extremists....

So yes, boys and Girls, it is SOOO time to Bong Canada until the Canadians Repent...

Anything Less and the Space Aliens do that thing they do....

But is this the Actual Report???

Ok, am I getting a tad jadded maybe?
The seven American soldiers involved in a deadly weekend ambush south of Baghdad were from the 10th Mountain Division, based in upstate New York, military officials announced today, as thousands of troops continued an intensive search for three of the soldiers, who disappeared and are presumed to have been kidnapped by Sunni Arab insurgents.
[ cf Military Gives Details of Iraq Ambush of 7 G.I.s ]
The New Saving Private Jessica???

A clear and Compelling Heroic Pat Tillman Follow On???

Will we ever know? Do Americans Even Care To Know??? Is it even relevant any more if the DOD is more or less truthier about which is their what???

In light of the decision to limit access to the Web by military personnel - is this to protect the troops from the morally corrupting influence of the Net?

Or to prevent any new variations on the Jack Ass Folly of posting those somewhat unpleasant photo images as the Surge Surges, and in the New Morality, where there is no longer any need to worry about 'law and order' - as the troops are briefed that the DOJ has melted down, and will no longer be a problem with regards to legal prosecution...

Or should we keep it all on the up and up optomistic side of the story, something like as how this time the new And Improved Surge is the Most Surgiest Surge EVER!!! and that there can be no doubts about the glorious and most heroic struggle against the Glorious, which ever of what...

Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz Beeve, maybe this time they will actually find the super secret hidden WMD's, or Iranian Flying Saucers, of the Majikal Exit Out of the Marshlands, as the glories of restoring the wetlands in Iraq becomes, well more wetter and wetter than EVER!!!!

just so long as we do not create an unpleasant emotional issues for the Pro-War folks back home. How many ever of them may still be there, the ones who still truly believe that the President really did find the WMD's, or the Iranian Flyings Saucers or which is the real reason that we have been restoring the wetlands of Iraq with American GI's Blood...

Ah yes. Once upon a time the american armed forces were the armed forces of America, for americans, by americans, and all that jazz... Can we still believe that with a Straight Face???

Your Post Surrealism of The Day.... (MSNBC)

Ahhh, great moments in real-time cable news. MSNBC cites White House praise of Falwell. Only it's from, well-known anti-Bush White House spoof site. D'oh ...
[ citing TPM }

Go Team America!!!

Nothing Says Dubya's Love like his spoof cite...

The scary thought is, and americans need to be able to differenciate the two for which reason? is the one any less truthier than the other???

Right Idea, Wrong Word....

one of my drug addled Evil Liberal friends proposed Georgism as the world for the Day.

He is merely WRONG.

We should be looking as LVT as the word of the day.....

Granted, i think that we all should be wondering a bit about how the Tax System should be reconfigured to deal with the economic realities of the Post-WhichEverErrorThisOneIs, so that all will be able to follow the One True And Only Holy Doctrine, as has always been clear and compelling, and self evidently truthier as the Argument From Intelligent Design Dictates.