May 9th, 2007


In case we were not clear....

Jack Ass is NOT the New Sun Tzu.

This may help americans work on which of their positions they really want to put forward now that there appears to be a growing defeatist appeaser cut and runner mentality amongst those who no longer accept that the argument from Intelligent Design Dictates the Divinity Of Dubya....

I mean, what is it with americans, one day they are all in on the New Cult Of Personality, and the next thing you learn, it was all one more Rock Hudson & Doris Day Platonic Dating Arrrangement...

Pope Opens Holy War With America????

Oh ME!!! Oh MY!!!! What ever will we do???
ope Benedict XVI says he supports the excommunication of politicians who legalize abortion.

He spoke to reporters aboard his plane Wednesday on his way to Brazil for his first South American visit.

The pope was discussing a recent vote by lawmakers to legalize abortion in Mexico City. Pope Benedict said the local Catholic leaders' response, that lawmakers who approved the measure should be excommunicated, is supported by church doctrine.

[ cf Pope Supports Excommunication for Lawmakers Who Legalize Abortion ]
Oh DEAR ME!!!!

What if the Pope were to excumunicate any american who did not support the Pope's position that accidentally invading other countries was a Double-Plus-UnGood Moment??? Can we really take the risk of the Papists Stabbing our Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back by Undermining our White Christian American Way of Life???

Clearly now that the Papists have Breached the Peace of Westphalia we have no other choice but Total Victory over Iran or else the Evil Demonic Thingie Poohs will come back...

Anything Less and the Space Aliens will not be taking Tom Cruise Back Home....

why do NeoCon's HATE american military personel???

h/t to the mojoFreaks, but I really do have to worry about Dick Morris' take on the FauxNewsGame
One of the things, though, that I think the antiwar crowd has not considered is that, if we’re putting the Americans right within their arms’ reach, they don’t have to come to Wall Street to kill Americans. They don’t have to knock down the trade center. They can do it around the corner, and convenience is a big factor when you’re a terrorist.
[ cf s9: Stoopidest Thngz Evar Sed, Part 0x7FFFF! (emphasis mine)]
Now do not get me wrong.

I can understand that it is SOOOO hard for FauxNews to stay on message about how the Great Wonders of ThatIraqiThingiePooh is preventing the Massive Need for the Massive Internal State Security Apparatus that we need to protect us from the terrorists who are every where around us....

But be reasonable here kiddies... why is it that FauxNews has to go with the need to make it more convenient to kill american military personnel....

Could it be that Finally FauxNews is having it's own little religious experience, a sort of revelation about where it has really always stood on this issue...

Why Does Romney Hate The True Jesus....

Hey Kids, would this be a bad time to talk about True Christianity, especially in a time of transferring tax liability unto the Unborn
'Overwhelmingly, the people I talk to believe that we elect a person to lead the nation not based on what church they go to, but based on their values and their vision,' said Romney. 'I receive very little comment of the nature coming from Reverend Sharpton.'

The issue of Romney's religion is often compared to the scrutiny given to former President John Kennedy, whose Catholic faith was an issue in the 1960 campaign. Kennedy dealt with the matter by giving a high-profile speech in which he said his religion would not shape his policy choices.

[ cf Romney rejects 'bigoted' comment from Sharpton (emphasis mine) ]

Gosh, these are such fun times....

Suddenly, and majikally, we are suppose to Dump all of the True Christianist Dogma of the last seven plus years, for reasons not stated, to adopt some Radical Left Wing Extremists Liberal Agenda that Americans are no longer concerned about True Religion, and merely want Left Wing Radical Extremists Dogeral rather than Divine Dogma!!!!

I can understand why a memeber of a Dangerous Cult would appeal to the Papists, who are at this very moment stabbing our Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back with their Cut And Runner Kapitulationist Appeaser Dogeral of Supporting the Papist Opposition To the Totally Glorious and Totally Victorious Victories of the Holy Crusaders against all Monsters!!!!

Clearly ALL TRUE Americans must decide whether they Support The Troops or those who are so clearly at war with our White Christian America...

Can Americans SLEEP safely knowing full well that the GOP has become populated with such Shyrill Hysterical Angry Radical Extremists who are NOT willing to Openly Embrace The One True And Only American Christian America that God Demands!!!

Why Do The Liberals Hate America???

Ok, help me out here....
According to the centre, Esfandiari travelled to Tehran in late December to visit her mother. On the way to the airport for a flight back on December 30, her taxi was stopped and she was robbed by three knife-wielding men who took everything including her passport.

Four days later at Iran's passport office, she was 'invited' for an interview with Iran's Ministry of Intelligence, leading to 'a series of interrogations' over six weeks, sometimes four days a week and up to eight hours a day, the Wilson Centre said.

She was repeatedly asked about her activities with the think tank and 'pressured to make a false confession or to falsely implicate the Wilson Centre in activities in which it had no part,' the statement said.

The harassment apparently stopped in mid-February, though her passport was not returned. The centre's president, Lee Hamilton, appealed a few days later directly to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to intervene, saying the mission of the Wilson Centre was to promote dialogue and not to get involved in internal politics.

Last week she was contacted and again asked to make 'false statements,' which she refused to do, the centre said. She was summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence again on Monday and taken to prison when she arrived for her appointment Tuesday morning.

'This needless harassment and unwarranted action has placed great strain on Dr Esfandiari's family,' the centre's statement said.

[ cf US calls on Iran to release detained US citizens (Roundup) ]
Ok, so what really is the problem here....

I thought everyone understood that in a time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto the Unborn the divine right of the state to detain anyone for any reasons to run down possible rumours about their involvement with anti-state agitators was considered a Gooder Thing, hence why all true Americans support the Divine Rights of the President, any President, but especially any president with Zel Miller Laser Death Ray Eyes, to be able to do this!!!!

I mean, wouldn't you want to know if the Evil Wilson Center was a true beliver and truly engaged in engaging in the true Truths!!! Wouldn't you feel safer knowing that Only True Beleivers Were Truly Believing There????

Clearly if the Wilson Institute is merely engaging in Dialog, then isn't that a Confession that they are Satanic Devil Worshippers STABBING OUR VALIANT FIGHTING FORCES IN THE BACK simply because they are all soft on the Gay Marriage Initiatives!!!!

I mean, would you want merely Dialogers going into Iran to Win Against the Evil Enemies???

More Why Does Romney Hate Jesus....

ok, help us out here Romney,
GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Wednesday reports that his wife donated $150 to Planned Parenthood in 1994 aren't surprising given his position on abortion at the time.

"I was effectively pro-choice at that time," said Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, during a campaign stop in Iowa.

Romney insists that while he took a pro-choice stand until a couple of years ago, he has always personally opposed abortion. He added that his wife's donations say little about his positions on the matter.
"Her contributions are for her and not for me," Romney said before a campaign appearance in Iowa. "Her positions are not terrible relevant to my campaign." Romney volunteered that wife, Ann, is now one of the heads of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, a leading anti-abortion group.

[ cf Romney: Wife Donated to Pro-Choice Group (emphasis mine)]

Talk about Defeatist Kapitulationist Cut And Runner who was for it until he was Against It!!!!

This is what happens when folks ABANDON THE WILL OF GOD and decide that they OPPOSE the Argument from Intelligent Design and the Dictates of the Divinity Of Dubya....

So let us also take into account here this whole Radical Red Lesbian Feminist Terrorism that some how the Head of the Household should not be held accountable for what his female is doing!!!! I mean what IS she doing out of the House and engaged in Terrorist Activities like supporting Shyrill Hysterical Angry Radical Extremist Groups like Planned Parenthood, when she should be home Filling The Quiver with Children Ready To Rush off to war to stop the Forces Of Darkness!!!

Clearly it is time For Romney to get back to his Bible and DEAL with the Full Biblical Literalism that Women MUST be Silent in the Church!!! And thus, if there is to be no Separation Between Church And State, then how EVER has he been so Godless as to allow her to speak out at all!!!!

Doesn't he understand that we Are MORER in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the Unborn than Ever Before....

Do americans want one more Radical Left Wing Extremist who can not keep Order in his own house to be allowed to even try to be the Great Manifestation Of God's True OneNeff In All Things????

Wolfie Wonks The WingDing Even While At DOD....

Oh SHOCK!!! SHOCK!!! How ever will we survive this
Paul Wolfowitz's tenure as president of the World Bank faces a further test after the emergence of a classified Pentagon report pointing to a fresh conflict of interest apparently involving his girlfriend, Shaha Riza.

The report said Mr Wolfowitz told Pentagon investigators he enlisted the help of a World Bank employee with whom he had a "close personal relationship" in "activity supporting the war" in Iraq when he was deputy secretary of defence.

This is likely to be viewed as a violation of bank rules by the World Bank's board, according to bank officials.
Bank officials said the board was also assessing possible conflicts of interest in 2003 when Ms Riza entered into a contract with a company that provides logistics, intelligence and advice to the Pentagon.

E-mails show the company entered into the contract at the direction of Mr Wolfowitz and following a recommendation by state department officials, including Elizabeth Cheney, daughter of Dick Cheney, US vice-president. The Pentagon investigation was carried out in 2005 as Mr Wolfowitz was leaving the defence department to join the bank.

Beatrice Edwards, of the government accountability project, a non-governmental organisation, said that based on Mr Wolfowtiz's account, Ms Riza's work in Iraq "constitutes a violation of World Bank rules".

[ cf Wolfowitz's tenure faces fresh test ]
My, What a Throbbing And Tumultous Commitment To The Liberation You Have In Your Pocket?

Or are you just Pleased to see me....

is it just me, or is there just something too funny about the complete failure of Liberalism and this fiasco of how Nepotism is no longer what it use to be....

I mean, gosh kids, what is the point of being ever so Pro-War While Not actually being A Boot In The Sands if it's not about getting a little Booty Call, and racking up the Bucks on the Backs of the DEAD, MAIMED AND WOUNDED GI's....

At least Cannibals have the curtesy of surving their Fresh Kill with a garnish and a side dish....