April 27th, 2007


More Reasons To Vote Bush/Cheney in 2008

yes, boys and girls, the PLAGUE is upon us, and only Jack Chick's Tiki can help prepare you for why you MUST vote for Dubya in 2008, or the Demonic Demonism will Destroy America NOW!!!!

Speaking of which, is this a good time to talk about the divinity of Dubya, and have you accepted him as your personal lord and savior, or are you still Stabbing The Troops In The Back Because YOU HATE GOD and Blame America for all of your Evil Ways?

What If Dubya Is Not Divine????

Oh My GOD!!! IF people stopped believing in the divinity of Dubya, how would they be able to have any moral code of ethics????

Tell Me the Demonic Liberal Media Of Satanism is lying about
President George W. Bush adopted a more conciliatory tone toward Congress on Friday, saying he was confident that he and the lawmakers could find "a way forward" on the Iraq war financing bill.

While vowing again to veto any bill that includes a troop-withdrawal timetable - and use his veto repeatedly, if necessary - Bush said, "I think we can come to our senses and make sure that we get the money to the troops in a timely fashion."

Bush spoke to reporters at Camp David, Maryland, where he was entertaining the visiting Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan. He conferred with Abe on several issues, including Iraq, North Korea and world trade. The two leaders met in the kind of informal, personal setting that Bush prefers and that he considers important to promoting understanding between nations.
"I'm sorry it's come to this," Bush said. "But nevertheless, it is what it is, and it'll be vetoed, and my veto will be sustained." He went on to say, "I invite the leaders of the House and Senate, both parties, to come down, you know, soon after my veto, so we can discuss a way forward."

[ cf Bush softens tone toward Congress on Iraq financing bill ]

When we talk about 'getting the money to the troops' does that meant the American Military? Or all of the gaggle of corporate sponsors for ThatIraqiThingiePooh, and their No-Bid Bed Fellows???

And Gosh, why wasn't the president concerned about this when the run up to the 2006 congressional games meant letting the actual budget slide, and slide, and slide.... so that the game of emergency funding was a part of the fast track to politicising the need to restore the Iraqi Wetlands, bathed in the blood of repentants and true believers....

Gosh, if the president actually 'negotiates' with congress, then doesn't that mean that he has repudiated his divine status that the Argument From Intelligent Design Demands????

And that would mean that the Mandate of Heaven has moved On Down The Line....

How evere will americans survive knowing that even the President was not willing to be the Great Decider, and that once there is the moral relativism that allows dissent against a mere mortal, oh my GOD, would that mean retreating back from
You are either With US, or Against US
to the dark days before the Sure Certainty that came from Basking In The Glow of the Divinity of Dubya after accepting him as one's Personal Lord And Savior, means that there is no sure and certain way forward.....

And without Divine Law, we are left with the mere laws of mortal man, and Naked Constitutional Law at that!!!!!

Why that is more of the same old Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianism!!!!!

But NOW being Advocated by the Evil Radical Shrill Hysterical Angry Radical Extremists Himself - The Tree Hugger In Chief.... OH MY GOD!!!!

Cats and Dogs Living Togethere....

{ ok, but the real question is whether this will actually KILL OFF the Divine Dubya Meme... Or is it just too robust for mere Mortal Weapons.... }

Which Failure Of Generalship....

Ah yes, I really do feel sorry for a President who has been obliged to think about having a War Lord take over the process of working and playing well with his DOD, State Department, Intelligence Community, and any other interested parties....

And yet is upset because congress has engaged in fiscal responsiblity as the president has appeared to have merely abandoned the troops in Iraq to their own devices, and tragically, to no end, for no purpose, and all of this simply because it is too hard to work on what can be done to come up with a reason and/or a Plan.

oh yes, in case you were not following along:
Lieutenant Colonel Paul Yingling said US generals had failed to prepare their troops properly and had misled Congress about the resources needed for the war.

Writing in the Armed Forces Journal, he said the US had repeated the mistakes of Vietnam and so faced defeat in Iraq.

Such criticism from a serving officer is rare, analysts say, although several retired generals have spoken out.

Lt Col Yingling's remarks come a day after the top US commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, described the situation in Iraq as "exceedingly complex and very tough".

[ cf US officer condemns Iraq strategy ]
Honest, I feel sorry for the Pro-War Crowd.

The president did the End Zone Dance, and they all thought it was sooo cool...

And still they have been unable to live up to the marketting. Even worse they are having increasing problems trying to keep their 70% of Americans who were once convinced that we had found the WMDs....

Ah yes, what if the problems of modern warfare ARE a bit more complex than a twitch video game on a game console...


What is that legal specification for the Abandonment of One's Troops In The Face Of The Enemy....

No WONDER the president has additional angst on his head, especially since some folks have considered it a Nuremburg Offense to engage in Aggressive Wars....

Hum... What if the Argument From Intelligent Design was not as Intelligent as Designed???

Should Americans Read The Armed Forces Journal....

Especially if say the nation were in a time of Restoring The Wetlands in other nations???

And what would americans have done with say
We put an Army on the battlefield that I had been a part of for 37 years. It doesn't have any doctrine, nor was it educated and trained, to deal with an insurgency. ... After the Vietnam War, we purged ourselves of everything that had to do with irregular warfare or insurgency, because it had to do with how we lost that war. In hindsight, that was a bad decision. ... We have responsibility."

— Gen. Jack Keene, former Army vice chief of staff

[ cf New rules for new enemies ]
that was written by By Lt. Col. John A. Nagl And Lt. Col. Paul L. Yingling back in October of 2006.

Hum... What if americans had thought More about the very issues raised in that article, which, let us be blunt, is really not at all new in the wonderland of folks who have been studying "Counter Insurgency Warfare" for the last 40 years - and had been a central part of the critique of the pending fiasco's of Afghanistan and then Iraq as the nation got into their Saddle Shoes, Pleated Skirts, Angora Sweaters and started all the Rah-Rah the boys are going to go and win one for the Gipper....

Should americans be obliged to know something about 'that military stuff' - and that as a part of the process of resolving IF we are still well within the economic reality of the Old School Tie Republicanism of
"Not a Nickle More For Defense Than Is Needed"
because as actual republicans there IS an actual notion of fiscal responsibility that is central to the process.

Al Qaeda Attack Stopped In Austin Texas....

Three Cheers For The Directorate Of State Security!!!
An explosive device "which could have caused substantial harm" was found Wednesday in the parking lot of an Austin, Texas, women's clinic where abortions are performed, authorities said.

"It was configured in such a way as to cause serious bodily injury or death," Austin Police Assistant Chief David Carter told reporters Thursday.

An employee reported the suspicious device at the Austin Women's Health Center, and Austin police responded at about 2:15 p.m. The employee also notified the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, as per clinic protocol, police said.

[ cf Bomb found at women's clinic ]
Thank GOD we stopped them In Iraq, to keep them from coming to America...

And today we have our Al Qaeda Player
A 27-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a makeshift bomb that was found outside a clinic where abortions are performed, authorities said Friday.

Paul Ross Evans has been charged with use of weapons of mass destruction, manufacture of explosive material and violating freedom of access to clinic entrances, according to a statement issued by the Austin Police Department.

Authorities were not saying how they identified him, said police spokeswoman Laura Albrecht. He is in federal custody.

[ cf Arrest Made in Bomb at Texas Clinic ]
Gosh, now that is astounding....

Funny, he does not look like the typical Cho Type Arabic Armed Extremists Striking Out Against the Evils of the Decadent Bourgiese Sentimentality of the Modern SeXular Humanists...