April 23rd, 2007


And We Are Protecting Iraq, Uh, Why????

Should the GOP Side of the process be required to explain why americans are spending the Tax Payer's Dollars to restore the Wetlands of Iraq as a simplified pass through to their favorite Corporates that Desperately Need to Have Welfare Largess, and No One Came Up With A More Direct Way to transfer tax payer dollars to desperate american corporations?

Or would that be asking too Much of the GOP?

why not faith based funding????

I mean we are in the process of faith based diplomacy out of the Department Of War, so why not fund these diplomatic initiatives and nation building projects in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria and the rest based upon the faith based principles that have been the bed rock of all of the other faith based initiatives...

Why Gosh Kiddies, we could get the 700 Club to lead the way, and show even more about how they would be far better running the military medical system, AND the veteran's medical system....

Those Damn Liberals.... (That Lawyer Thing)

Shock, Shock, Shock...
World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, under investigation by the bank's board of directors, hired Robert Bennett, an attorney who represented former President Bill Clinton against sexual harassment claims.

Wolfowitz retained Bennett, a partner at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, a day after the board on April 20 set up a group to probe the World Bank chief's decision to give his companion a pay increase.

[ cf Wolfowitz Hires Ex-Clinton Lawyer as Board Mulls Fate (Update2) ]
But More Importantly, will we get to get all of the salacious details that go with a Democratic Blow Job....

Or are we going to get Colour Commentary From Allen Greenspan on this one?

Why We Must END The Separation Of Church And State!!!!

The Supreme Court on Monday denied an appeal by Lynette Petruska, the first woman chaplain at Gannon.

Petruska claimed in her lawsuit that she was demoted in 2002 and forced to resign because of her gender, and because she helped expose accusations of a cover-up involving a priest who took a leave of absence after an alleged affair with a woman.

In September, a three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia ruled that the "ministerial exception" barred it from considering her claims. Under the exception, courts avoid deciding legal disputes between religious institutions and clergy to protect the rights of denominations to govern their affairs according to their beliefs.

[ cf Supreme Court refuses to hear former nun appeal ( Emphasis Mine )
Ah Yes, The "Ministerial Exception"!!!!

But once the Nation is fully managed By The One True And Only Divine Will....

Well All will be Ministerial Exception!!!

And we will no longer be at risk from the Tyranny of the Black Robed Judicial Activists.

Just Say Maybe To GhettoIzation...

WOW Dude, like total progress Dude....
U.S. officials signaled Monday that they might reconsider putting a three-mile concrete barrier around a Sunni Arab neighborhood in Baghdad after Iraq's struggling prime minister came under pressure from Sunnis and ordered the project halted.

With the latest snag in U.S.-Iraqi security cooperation, insurgents delivered a fresh example of the style of attacks that the military said the wall was designed to deter — seven bombings that killed at least 48 people across Iraq.

Plans for the separation barrier to protect the Azamiyah neighborhood were in doubt after Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki criticized the idea of creating "gated communities" to separate Baghdad's sectarian neighborhoods.
Azamiyah's Sunni residents have been the target of frequent mortar attacks by Shiite militants, but hundreds of people in the district took to the streets to protest against the wall that they said would make their neighborhood "a big prison."

The new American ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, defended the barrier plan Monday, saying it was an effort to protect the Sunni community from surrounding Shiite areas, not to segregate it.

Holding his first news conference since taking his post, Crocker said security measures were implemented in coordination with the Iraqi government. "Obviously, we will respect the wishes of the government and the prime minister," he said, although he did not say construction would halt.

[ cf U.S. rethinks walling off Sunni district ( Emphasis Mine ) ]

Like, uh, hold it. You Mean mere Iraqi Civilians can stop the Glorious and Victorious Military Work of Our Valiant Fighting Forces, thus stabbing them in the back like mere Rambo Types????

I mean, do we REALLY want Iraq to fall into the hands of Iraqi CIVILIANS????

I mean what next? What if they decide, like their neighbors, that they too need to have Nuclear, Biological And Chemical Weapons to protect their National Sovereignty...

Oh what ever will we do to keep them in their places if they are not willing to support creating their Own Cages.