April 11th, 2007


Those Nasty Fiscal Problems....

Hey kids, why is it that we are trying to whine about some 'emergency funding' measure for Fiscal Year 2007 overseas nation building projects????

What was the probability that the Seated Congress back in 2006 was SOO Unable to SEE that there would be ongoing costs in the failed welfare state overseas nation building project that is the pet set aside for the president????

Why was it that the President did not check with the Commander In Chief about the needs for funds for the Fiscal Year 2007 failed welfare state overseas nation building project that is the pet set aside for the president????

How IS IT that the Department Of Defense did not put foward the NEED for the Fiscal Year 2007 failed welfare state overseas nation building project that is the pet set aside for the president????


How can it be that we are how many years into the Whatever On Whomever and there is still no ability to predict that the WOW is Still On NOW!!!

Are You Secretly Hiding Your Inner International Terrorists?

ah yes, you could be MORE of a terrorist than you thought:
Tom Kubbany is neither a terrorist nor a drug trafficker, has average credit and has owned homes in the past, so the Northern California mental-health worker was baffled when his mortgage broker said lenders were not interested in him. Reviewing his loan file, he discovered something shocking. At the top of his credit report was an OFAC alert provided by credit bureau TransUnion that showed that his middle name, Hassan, is an alias for Ali Saddam Hussein, purportedly a "son of Saddam Hussein."

The record is not clear on whether Ali Saddam Hussein was a Hussein offspring, but the OFAC list stated he was born in 1980 or 1983. Kubbany was born in Detroit in 1949.

Under OFAC guidance, the date discrepancy signals a false match. Still, Kubbany said, the broker decided not to proceed. "She just talked with a bunch of lenders over the phone and they said, 'No,' " he said. "So we said, 'The heck with it. We'll just go somewhere else.' "

[ cf Ordinary People Being Labeled as Terrorists ]

As we all know the Invisible Imaginary Foot of the Market Place is the All Knowing, All Seeing, True Beleiver of True Truth!!! So how ever could anyone Doubt them???

Thus, the real question is how long until we can Privatize the Whole Process of Terrorizing Americans by americans!!!! With the Whole Independent From The Failed Old Evil Liberal Republic, and totally Devoted to the whole new and improved Faith Based Solutions which only the Invisible Imaginary Foot of the Free Market Can Provide!!!!

All Hail Foot!!!

Only FOOT can protect us from these Tom Kubbany who are really the Hidden Son of Saddam Hussein!!!

All Hail Foot!!!

{ for those not aware of the Foot Meme, check out The_Ninth_Configuration And BE all that you can BE!!! Because Foot Loves YOU!!

Update: The Ninth Configuration is a nice review that has the specific references to Foot, about half way down it...
An interesting relationship develops between Captain Cutshaw and Colonel Kane. Cutshaw believes there could not possibly be a God - or, as he calls it, an "all-knowing Foot" - because if there were, He would not allow all the suffering that exists in the world. But Kane maintains that the existence of God is proven by the good that manages to thrive among that suffering.
being a nice reference, eh? }

Why Not A War Lord???

I mean, call me old fashion, and all that, but when the War President is floating the Balloon that someone else should be held accountable for the Fiasco, one would prefer that we do things in a Traditional Fashion, and not make a "war czar" - who could be the New Czar on par with the Czar for the war On Drugs, or the Czar for the War on Literacy...
Help Wanted: White House seeks high-profile manager of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to coordinate competing agencies and make sure President George W. Bush's unpopular strategy is implemented.

In a tradition of presidential trouble-shooting, the White House is considering creating a "war czar" post in the National Security Council and has put out feelers to some retired generals to see if they would be interested.

But no takers so far. The Washington Post said at least three retired four-star generals approached by the White House in recent weeks had turned down the position.
Retired Marine Gen. John "Jack" Sheehan, a former top NATO commander who rejected the White House overture, told the Post: "The very fundamental issue is, they don't know where the hell they're going."

After U.S. intelligence agencies came under fire for failures related to the September 11 attacks and Iraq, an "intelligence czar" was created as recommended by the 9/11 Commission.

[ cf White House seeks war "czar" for Iraq ]

Now remind me again, why it is I am Suppose to offer up Blind Allegience to the Prez And His Possey???

No SERIOUS, Please, run that routine back at me one more time, but this time with Some SERIOUS Meaning!!!

{ Would this be a really bad time to start talking about The Tai Ping Rebellion - and with it, not merely the interesting piece of Theology about how some were on the Side of Jesus's Little Brother - while the Central Government turned to the Gentleman Scholars to Raise Troops, which, tragically, in the end would fuel the rise of War Lordism....

Or should we Just Keep Singing the Praises Of Foot!!! }

Must Start Bombing Domestic Terrorist Groups....

Shock!!! Shock!!!! Must Run Faster!!! The Thingie Poohs Are Catching Up!!!
Six weeks after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, lawyers for the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego are accused of moving to improperly transfer funds to parishes in an attempt to shield assets from any potential settlements with victims of clergy sexual abuse.

Judge Louise DeCarl Adler ordered the lead attorney in the case to U.S. Bankruptcy Court Wednesday to explain why she and her colleagues should not be sanctioned for their alleged actions.

In a sternly worded order issued Monday, Adler said attorneys Susan Boswell, Jeffry Davis and Victor Vilaplana, as well as two priests, appear to have "conspired with parishes" to create new bank accounts separate from the diocese. The judge wrote that the attorneys appeared to have misrepresented facts and may have violated court orders and bankruptcy laws.

The Diocese of San Diego filed for bankruptcy protection in late February in the face of lawsuits by more than 140 people who claim they were sexually abused by priests.

[ cf Diocese attorneys threatened with contempt of court ]
Blink! Blink! Blink!!!


Contempt of a Mere Earthly Court???

Or are we suppose to be Opposed to Mel Gibson's Mystico Religious Belief that ONLY The Roman Catholics will be going to Heaven, and as such, we all consider this to be just more of the same old Failed Liberal Dogma that comes from THOSE TYPES OF PEOPLE!!! Since their Evil Leader, the Bishop of Rome, OPPOSED the Divine Will of the Divine Dubya about the Most Holyiest Of Holy Crusades....

Hence Americans MUST accept that we must start bombing these Terrorrist Nests until they TOO Bask in the warm refreshing glow of the Divinity of Dubya...

Why We MUST win the War In Iran....

Can There Be Any Doubt?
The National Association of Realtors said Wednesday it expects its measure of home prices to fall this year for the first time since the group began tracking sales nearly 40 years ago.

In its latest monthly forecast, the group said it expects a 0.7 percent decline in the median price of an existing home sold in 2007. A month ago it had been projecting a 1.2 percent increase. Half of all homes sell for more than the median and half for less.

The subprime mortgage mess led the group to cut its sales forecast as well. It said problems some buyers may have getting financing reduced its forecast for sales of existing homes this year by 100,000 homes to 6.34 million. That sales pace would be 2 percent below the 6.48 million sold in 2006.

[ cf Home prices to fall for first time in 2007 ]
No, Seriously, what more clear and compelling Reason To Win is there????

Hello!!! America!!! We Must Win In Iran, or the Terrorists Win, and your house will 'devalue more' as we lose the winning edge that comes with Dollar Hegomony...

If Only It were that Easy....

my friend madmerle underscored that I really had to catch up on ronebofh's dear tim o'reilly where he opens up that discussion a bit more. The ongoing Idea of Draft Blogger's Code of Conduct is an interesting start towards a National Discourse that we as americans MAY Well need to have.

How do americans really want to deal with those who are very serious about their desire to end the american way of life, and transition the American Republic into their Pet Political Posture, whether Theocracy, or merely Corporate-Statist Regime.

We can start by dealing with why we need a Republic, and how do we really want to deal with various levels of incivility, impoliteness, and when is there a time to step up to the plate and openly oppose those who are not at all interested in any form of civil discourse.

More Brutal Repression Of Our White Christian America!!!

Can there be any doubt that the Evil Demonic Anti-Christian Shrill Hysterical Angry Radical Etremists are most BRUTALLY PERSECUTING CHRISTIANS
General Motors Corp. and Sprint Nextel Corp. suspended advertising on Don Imus's show, joining at least three other advertisers in protesting the radio host's racially charged comments.

GM, the world's biggest carmaker, halted advertising indefinitely, spokeswoman Ryndee Carney said. Sprint, the third- biggest mobile-phone company, also suspended its commercials.

[ cf GM, Sprint Halt Ads on Imus Show, Joining Exodus of Advertisers ]

How dispicable that these Evil Doing Evil Doers are such as are unwilling to support the True Believers and the True Americans In Our True White Christian America!!!!

Well it is time that GM come out of the Closet as the Pirate Canadianists bent upon their Gay Marriage Only Radical Extremist Agenda!!!!

How much Longer Can this Brutal Persecution Of White Christian Amercia By the HOMOSEXUALS!!!!

Ah yes, that Treason Wanking....

Hum... Is it funny or what...
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be charged with violation of the Logan Act for conducting unauthorized foreign policy of the United States and for treason. Her specific action of using her position as the third in line for the Presidency to legitimize a terrorist-sponsoring dictator in Syria’s Bashaar Assad and to destabilize American foreign policy objectives should at the very least land her in a Federal Grand Jury investigation. This, combined with Pelosi’s history of trying to undermine the war effort, and through her actions aid the terrorist enemy’s cause, clearly deserves magnified scrutiny under the Constitution’s Article III Section III which defines treason as adhering to or giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
These are signs of the decline of a nation because its people embrace wickedness rather than righteousness in selecting immoral leadership. Either demand righteousness or watch this nation under God face decline and death.

[ cf Pelosi Must Face Charges For Sake Of The Nation
(update: Tasty Bit Added with Emphasis Added For Specialneff...) ]

A nation that we do intelligence renditionings to is now an Enemy....

WOW, dude, the Colours...

What IF christianists HAD to live in a nation of Laws and not of personages???

Mean while the Evil Liberal Media is working on how do they do Reality
U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has come under heavy fire on a number of fronts over her trip to Damascus and her meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad -- an enemy of the United States, according to the Bush administration. But Syria insists it is no foe.
... .

But if we look to history as a guide, the House speaker is more than right in talking to the "enemy." There are numerous precedents of the United States or its allies talking to groups or countries with which they were at war.

Even during the darkest days of the Cold War when relations between the United States and the Soviet Union were at their chilliest, Washington and Moscow had installed a "red phone" between the two capitals to allow quick and easy access between the leaders of the free world and those of what President Reagan once called the "evil empire." The red phone was installed in case of urgent need for the leaders to communicate and to avoid having a crisis grow into a reason for a major confrontation.

During the Algerian quest for independence from France in the 1960s, Paris held secret talks with members of the National Liberation Front, or the FLN as it was known by its French acronym. And these talks were going on while the FLN was setting bombs and attacking and killing French troops as well as civilians in Algeria.

In Vietnam, during the conflict in Southeast Asia, U.S. officials had engaged in talks not only with the North Vietnamese, but with the Vietcong, too.

[ cf Analysis: Syria is not a U.S. enemy ]

You mean that there may exist a reality that is external to the speach utterance behavior of the Divine Manifestaion of the Divine Decider???

How EVER could actual american history be any indication of the Actual Historical Context in which actual american actions are actually to be evaluated???

Isn't Mere Blind Faith in The Great Leader On The White Horse Enough???

What IF Americans Had to Wake Up IN AMERICA, and actually live there...

Speaking Of State Sponsored Terrorism...

Ah yes, what EVER will americans do...
Before some 30 of his supporters representing various groups preaching the use of terror against Cuba, Luis Posada Carriles – still not accused of terrorism, in violation of a number of international conventions – offered a property valued at $2.5 million as guarantee for his bail application.

According to news agency reports, the hearing before Judge Kathleen Cardone in El Paso, Texas, took place in the presence of at least 30 representatives of Cuban exile organizations in California and Miami.

The organizations identified included the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association (Brigade 2506) headed by assassin and CIA agent Félix Ismael Rodríguez Mendigutía; the Independent and Democratic Cuba of drug trafficker Hubert Matos; and the so-called Cuban Political Prisoners Council, of the notorious terrorist Reinaldo Aquit.
District Attorney Paul Ahern stated that there was no guarantee that Posada would remain under house arrest, given that he escaped from a Venezuelan jail in 1985 after being charged with the attack on the Cuban aircraft and traveled on false passports on a number of occasions.

With surprising frankness, Hernández responded that those passports were facilitated by the U.S. government, which was aware of his existence at least when Posada Carriles was a CIA informer.

Nobody denied that assertion.

[ cf Alpha 66 present at Posada hearing ]
Ah yes...

Do americans want to work out which is their position on what again???

Please, do tell....

Especially as this can get married into that whole "undocumented worker" issue in ways that make the whole story a truly great moment for a Full On Free For All....

Unholy Terrorism By Mere Plebian Masses!!!

Ah yes... it was TOTALLY FRIGHTENING that the Radical Left Wing Extremist Clique on Blomberg News were openly stabbing our valiant fighting forces in the back because they allowed on these EVIL PEOPLE who were asserting that the problem with corporations offering lip service to a "passenger's bill of rights" is that they have done this before, and it will last until they decide to take it away.

Where as these BRUTAL AND VICIOUS TERRORISTS believe that if it were implemented in law, then it would have the full force of LAW, and not be a nicity or amenity. AS IF these VICIOUSLY SAVAGE TERRORISTS want to impose the Vast Monstrous Black Robed Judicial Activist Tyranny on White Christian America.

In a related view, the Folks over at the CATO institute offer a more 'civilized' approach
In February, a planeload of JetBlue passengers spent eight well-documented hours stuck on the tarmac. It took Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California) only three days to respond. Her thought: an "Airline Passenger Bill of Rights." She doesn't want to amend the U.S. Constitution to protect us from unwarranted impediments to life, liberty, and the pursuit of aisle seating. But the grandiloquence of the bill's title is revealing—rather than answering a policy need, the new measure simply reflects Congress's there-ought-to-be-a-law mentality.

Boxer's bill would create a passenger "right" to food, water, adequate restroom facilities, and an option to deplane if a flight is delayed longer than three hours. It's no surprise that in the wake of the JFK debacle, JetBlue issued its own "Customer Bill of Rights," providing everything the Boxer bill mandates plus various forms of compensation—and that's a move other airlines may want to mimic.

[ cf Bill of Wrongs ]

Or would this be the really wrongest time to point out that while some have a deeply religious belief in the Majikal And Mystical Powers of the Invisible Imaginary Foot of the Market - uh, we are also watching that problem with the "contractors" who have been showing the highest DESERTION RATE over in Iraq, as they keep on both Bugging Out and still wanting to get paid for Bugging Out...

So What about the problem where, gosh, some things might be ammenable by means of reasonable statutory practices..... Gosh, What An Idea - a meeting of american representatives who were committed to outlining the framework in which americans would interact with other americans....

WAY TOO RADICAL!!!!! Way tooo Clearly Shriall Hysterical Angry Radical Extremism BENT upon Stabbing our Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back as a Part of The Secret Gay Conspiracy to Destroy our White Christian America....

But seriously FOLKS!!! Only Devil Worshipping Satanist Who Oppose The Divinity Of Dubya would seek to impose the mere Laws of Man upon The Divine Creations of Corporate America which is the Glowing Reflection of the Basking Beauty Of the Divine Aura Of the Divinity Of Dubya!!!!

WaPo Comes Out As Terrorist Organization.

The article starts at
According to a recent survey, 17 percent of the American public "strongly" approves of the job George W. Bush is doing. Not just approves, but strongly approves. I found those numbers interesting but incomplete. Don't you want to know who those people are? What sorts of lives do they lead? How they make their judgments?
[ cf If You Love the President . . . (emphasis mine))]
But the tasty bit is
6. What is your preferred method of deflecting alien mind-control beams?

a) An aluminum-foil hat

b) Replacing metal tooth fillings with composite

c) Rhythmic chanting while naked

d) Shooting into the air toward suspected mother ships

( specific If You Love the President . . .(pg 3 of 5) )




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