April 5th, 2007


Why Does Bomberg News Hate America????

I mean look at this classical piece of God Hating America Bashing:
A Missouri businessman who donated to a group that questioned the combat heroism of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in the 2004 election was appointed ambassador to Belgium.

Sam Fox, who contributed $50,000 to Swift Boat Veterans For Truth in 2004, was questioned by Kerry, a Massachusetts senator, during a confirmation hearing about his donation to the group that attacked Kerry's Vietnam War record.

The administration said today in a statement that President George W. Bush had given Fox a ``recess appointment'' to the diplomatic post. Such appointments, conferred under a provision of the Constitution when Congress is in recess, don't require Senate confirmation.

The appointment was announced a week after Bush withdrew Fox's nomination in the face of opposition organized by Kerry, who serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

[ cf Bush Gives Swift-Boat Donor Fox Recess Ambassador Appointment ]
I Mean that headline....

What are they trying to do? MicroManage TheWar[dm] by mandating that the War President Be Limited To Merely The Laws OF MAN!!!

Clearly The Great War Leader Has Shown That War Presidents Can Hold Both Positions At The Same Time!!!! Never before has Such A Bold Proof Of the Ability to hold that a proposition is both true and false been so firmly and forcefully put forward by a War President as one More Ontological Proof of God!!!

What if the Question is "but are you straight enough?"

What I think so many folks have not seriously thought through about the ongoing 'distraction' of 'gay rights', is not the 'rights for gays' - but the rights for all of us - and that we just do not need to prove if we are 'straight enough' for those types of folks.

{ remind me again, what IS the Xhtml tag for ReallyScaryTheyThemThoseTypes[dm] indicator? }


Maybe it is time for americans to sort out why they let the liberals take away the right to have more than one wife and to own concubines as it allowed in the Bible....


Your Mileage May Vary....

Wow... there was that fun filled story that the ChiComms had stolen the Aegis System - that was suppose to have been the great military-industrial coup that occured because God Hating America Bashers in america sold that stuff to them... Now This
Top-secret data on an advanced US military system was leaked because Japanese officers were swapping porn files at work, a newspaper said on Thursday.

Japan is questioning a naval officer on charges he obtained confidential data on the US-developed Aegis combat system, the defence ministry said on Wednesday.

But the Yomiuri Shimbun said the data was leaked when the petty officer second class had copied pornographic images, accompanied by the sensitive files, from a colleague's computer and circulated them to a third officer.

Police suspect senior officials might have been involved in the porn swapping as the 33-year-old officer being questioned would not have had access to the classified data, the newspaper said.

[ cf Japanese military leak due to porn: report ]
Ok, so we all just have to know...

Tell us it was God Fearing Patriotic All American HeteroSexual Porn that supports the Stability of the Family and Traditional Manly HeteroSexual Values....

Children of Men ( The DVD )

Ok, so I actually enjoyed the mistake of buying the 'full screen' version of the film, vice the "wide screen" version, as it gave me a chance to do two horror moments at once... The first was the level of suspension of disbelief that would offer me the sense of watching this AS a Documentary that just happened to roll over the Telly, you know, between "American Idol" and "The Bill O'Reilly Show" as we learn more about how "England Will Prevail" and all that jazz...

Let's just say that YES it does make the film even MORE CLASTROPHOBIC!!!

So best case, get the DVD in the Theatrical Release 'wide screen' format, and offer youself some small hope of watching this film.

I of course love the visual imaging, and the somewhat murkey theme of the story. What really makes our culture tick, what makes us get up every day and take one more stab at trying to be Human. A problem that gets a bit more Problematic as the 'bonus material' offers us this fun filled chat with a collection of Philosophers, Cultural Critics, and the Like, about, well, that basic problem.

As such, the real fun of the DVD is this dialectical tension between 'the art part' and the 'documentary part' where we have folks taking the art part serious enough. There are actually several dialogs going on there, one of them is about the very possibility of "film" as an "art form" actually surviving and having anything of any real value to offer Folks. While others are looking at the worp and weave of the various issues that meander through the film.

Some folks are aware that we are dealing with such issues as "desertifcation" in the sub-saharan africa that is making immigration one of the few remaining real options for so many. Which impolitely ties into the problem of whether creating a bigger and better one world financialization of everything is really a viable solution. While others are looking at the over all problem of how do we deal with being real and actual in a space where the roots to our past are so tenuous at best, and may not actually offer us anything useful for the loss or retention.

As such the film remains disconcerting - while also technically brilliant - and rapping in an additional dialectical tension to the dialog offers the Value Add that so few films have really had in a good long while. This is the sort of film that folks should watch, and discuss, and try to get beyond, "oh what else is on the Telly?" and back into the game itself.

More Why Does Bloomberg Hate America...

As a part of the Shrill, Hysterical, Radical Left Wing Extrermist God Hating America Bashing we note:
Children who eat lots of grapes, oranges and tomatoes are less likely to have hay fever, researchers wrote, suggesting a Mediterranean diet may have health benefits for youngsters as well as adults.
Studies have suggested a Mediterranean diet containing high amounts of fruits and vegetables, small portions of nuts, little red meat, and fish on a regular basis may help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and some cancers. Spanish researchers last month published a study that showed a diet rich in olive oil -- which is used in Mediterranean cooking -- prevents body fat from centralizing and increasing insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.

[ cf Mediterranean Diet Likely Good for Children Also, Study Finds ]
That is Just SHOCKING!!!!

They are acting as if some how Ferrign Devils Are Acceptable!!! And should be treated just like People Persons!!!

They Have A Word For It....

Hum... so what does one call it, when the Folks in the State Department are not sure if they have an Actual Ambassador who is working for the American Government, or one more case of giving away honorifics, in lieu of actual cash compensations:
Update: RAW STORY has received the letter from several Senators to the GAO requesting an opinion on the legality of the President's actions

The Department of State will not rule out paying a salary to Sam Fox, the major Swift Boat Veterans For Truth donor who was recess appointed as US Ambassador to Belgium by President George W. Bush yesterday.

"That's not something we're allowed to get into," Lesley Phillips, a State Department spokeswoman, told RAW STORY when asked whether or not the millionaire businessman would be paid for his services.

[ cf State Department won't rule out paying Swift Boat donor Ambassador ]

Well The Prez could have crowned him
The Most Omniscient High Lord Admiral Of The Ringy-Dingy-Dingy
but that might have made it more obviouser, or something like that, about where the prez is really standing in all of this....

You know, to protect the troops from the growing threat that there are Evil Doers who wish to subjegate America to American Law, rather than the Divine Law Of God!!!

But then again, what is in it for Sam Fox???? The desperate need to be called out as the Great PoohBahOfWhatEver??? I mean does he get a majik kape to go with the other parts of the costume???

Got A Recess Appointment For The Troops?

Hum... This Just In
Troops who lose promised time at home between war deployments or are overextended in war zones would be compensated with administrative leave — and might be given the option to sell what they don’t or can’t use back to the government — if one of two plans under consideration is approved, defense officials said Apr. 5.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been weighing both options for the past two days. A decision is imminent and likely will come some time in the next few days, defense officials said.

[ cf You could be compensated for deploying early ( emphasis mine) ]

If the US Military can not round up enough of the Great American War Heroes Hiding In America To Protect US from Nancy Pelosi, Then the Military may offer some dropped cash as a compensation....


Got To Be Most Impressive...

Apocalypse Wow!!!

Like, WOW!!! Dude, Dogs And Cats Living Together
In a report issued in February, the Texas affiliate of the National Rifle Association joined the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas and the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition “to spotlight unlawful, unnecessary governmental encroachment on average law-abiding citizens.”

The report, “Above the Law: How Texas prosecutors are placing their own judgment over that of the Legislature and the law of the land,” found that district and county attorneys had instructed police officers to “unnecessarily” interrogate drivers and arrest them or take their weapons, “even if they are legally carrying the gun.”

[ cf Unusual Allies in a Legal Battle Over Texas Drivers’ Gun Rights ]
Oh Yeah, now that is a Crew I ALWAYS expect to hop in bed and admit to their latent heterosexual activities....

Yeah, Go Team Go!!! The Left Wing Gun Grabbers of the NRA, whom, as everyone knows, DOES NOT SUPPORT THE DIVINE RIGHT TO CARRY RPG's AND OTHER ANTI-TANK/ANTI-AIRCRAFT weapons, because as gun grabbing liberals they do not support the need for self defense, and are not too sure which parts of an aircraft would be edible... But I digress...

I mean, what is the World Coming To When Radical Left Wing Extremists Shrill Hysterical Types Like The NRA and the ACLU are opposing the Valiant Fighting Forces who are at this very moment trying to keep americans defenseless and at the mercy of Rent_A_Warrior Corporations...

OR is it the other way around, that the Jack Booted Thuggery that has Always been the Texas Way of Policing is under Brutal And Repressive Fire From Thee Left Wing Shrill Hysterical Radical Elites who Hate Bush and do not favor the Enhanced Divine Rights that Make Keeping America American The Only True Biblical Standard...

Gosh, golly, gee Whiz...

What IS a boy to do these days....

There Are Demonic Forces, In League with the Satanic Nancy Pelosi Evil Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair Doing Bong Hitz 4 Jesus, and they are Rampant Everywhere simply because the Valiant Fighting Forces of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists were stabbed in the Back by the Shrill And Hysterical Leftist Leaning Evil Liberal Media at Fox News....

Yeah that's the Ticket, it's all about the Out of Control Gay HomoZeXual Canadianists Pirates who are making everything So Crazy These Days...

Why Does The Jesusalem Post Hate Jesus And America?

Are you shocked that the Shrill, Hysterical Radical Left Wing Extremist God Hating America Bashers would assert the Devil Worshipping Propoganda Of Evil Doing Evil Doers?
Syrian President Bashar Assad made a promise to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he would make efforts to bring about an agreement between Hizbullah, Hamas and Israel regarding the release of the kidnapped IDF soldiers, the London-based newspaper, Al-Hayat, reported on Thursday.

According to the report, Assad told Pelosi, who visited Syria on Wednesday that Damascus "will invest all its efforts" in order to prompt Hizbullah and Hamas to finalize agreements with Israel to release reservists Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, captured in July 2006, and Cpl. Gilad Schalit, captured in June of the same year.

[ cf Report: Assad will mediate to secure troops' release ]
I Mean What?

It costs too much to put up a banner headline that they do not believe in the Divinity Of Dubya and have become spawn of Satan, or What?

I mean, it's just a little more Ink to clarify that suddenly the JPost is the Main Force Manifestation of The Britaney Spears, or the Anti-Christ, depending upon whether the JPost is in Rehab or out carrousing with her girl pals...