March 21st, 2007


The Ontological Proof Of God...

The other day, I shared with my Evil Liberal Friend, the clear and compelling Ontological Proof Of God!!! IT runs like this, ok, it meanders mostly like this
Hey Evil Liberal Friend, Remember when you said that you were not able to find the 1967 Edition of the Casino Royale, the Movie, on any medium. And I of course said that They would re-release it as soon as the NEW version of the film were squished out on DVD. Well Guess What!!! I Saw the New Veresion on DVD at CostCo, and opted not to buy it, but by the Majical Mystical Powers of the Ordering of my shopping List, I would up in a Store where they had multiple copies of the 1967 Version Re-Released on DVD. Thus Proving that God Loves Me More than Evil Liberals, and therefore that there clearly Must Be A God, Who Loves Me More than Evil Liberals.

As Such the re-release of the 1967 Peter Seller/Woody Allen Vintage Cult Classic that has been BRUTALLY SUPRESSED By The Evil Red Hollywood God Hating America Bashing Elites, is a Clear and Compelling Ontological Proof of the Existence of God.
OF course Evil Liberals view these things differently, and have fowarded to me:
H. Allen Orr and Daniel Dennett are tearing into each other something fierce over at Edge, and it's all over Orr's dismissive review of Dawkins' The God Delusion. It's a bit splintery and sharp, but the core of Orr's complaint, I think, is that he's unimpressed with Dawkins' 'Ultimate 747' argument, which is basically that postulating an immensely complicated being to explain the creation of an immensely complicated universe doesn't actually explain anything and is self-refuting — if you need an intelligent superbeing to create anything complex, then the superbeing itself is an even greater problem for your explanation.
[ cf Orr vs. Dennett/DawkinsOrr vs. Dennett/Dawkins ]
which is an interesting debate about the ongoing debate amongst the Evil Liberals, who appear to discount Ontological Proofs of God, not to mention the usual Stab Our Fighting Forces In The Back by rejecting the Divinity of Dubya as is Dictated By the Argument From Intelligent Design, and the essentialist Nature of
as the TRUE MANTRA of the TRUE BELIEVERS, as opposed to the Apostate Spawns of Kenney Starr and his Miscreants...

Remember Boys and Girls
Never Shout Theatre In A Crowded Fire
The US Constitution offers not Protection of Bad Performance Art...

What Faith In Good Faith Actors....

I will confess that I like the main thrust of tongodeon posting Good Faith Actors: Finding Agreement and his growing section on 'rhetoric' and the distinction between Debate vs. Discussion EVEN IF I consider his opening premise there
A debate is a formal verbal battle between two sides in 180° opposition.
Since the Rhetorical Devices, and structure techniques do not require this Either/Or position.

I of course also have my issues with the WIki's Entry Debate since it lists in it's opening gambits
. Debate is a broader form of argument than logical argument, since it includes persuasion which appeals to the emotional responses of an audience...
which is assert a central part of the problem - namely the Illogical and/or simply classical logical falacies that are utilized in 'debate' which would be rejected out of hand in a formal logical argument.

So I find the point not as well nailed down as many would like to presume it to be...

What is really messy in the problem here is sorting out the "good Faith Actors", from the simple Anti-thesis, The Bad Faith Actors... And the greyish ones, where they may not yet be able to speak openly to the problems that prevent them from arguing In Good Faith... This becomes a very obvious problem when the discussion is about 'faith', specifically the presumption that one needs some anti-material supernatural space, so that one can have "spirituality" and hence a Moral High Ground that is not merely reductionist reasonings.

As many of the commentators to the thread have noted, amongst the problems is that most people are not always aware of where they got their apriori positions that define and frame all of the follow on discussions and/or debate.

As I come to the close of Dennett's Breaking The Spell it is painfully clearer to me how many of the, uh, interesting leaps of faith have occured in many of the 'controversial debates' of our age. This is as true of the 'secularists' as the 'religious', with some of the, for me, silliest comedies being the Bone Headed Academics, who as he lovingly notes about "the society of science" brought all of the silliest of Cultural Anthropological Analysis Methods to study the 'scientific community'.... Oh dear, Oh dear!!!

One could assert that they had Tried, in good faith, to do the right thing, but they clearly stepped off the deap end.... Having looked at that part of the fiasco of the 'squishy sciences' there is the less friendly space, where folks are attempting to protect their academic fiefs, and in some cases, their ability to be the 'true believers' about their untested theories of religion.

So as generalized warm fuzzy, I think tongodeon has done a good job of attempting to get folks to at least talk openly and candidly, without the need for any of the falteral formalism that make a 'debate' a 'debate' and not merely the sort of concurrent press conference that the american political 'debates' have so degenerated into.... In like manner, while we are still working on the problems of sorting out the 'grey' and the 'bad' faith actors, we are still not all that gooder on the 'good faith' ones.

Kennedy ToyBoy Stabs Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back!

Yes boys and girls, it is SHOCKING!!! Just Shocking
The Republican party has it degrees of orthodoxy, and Rush Limbaugh, a super conservative who has the top radio talk show in the American nation, has come out swinging at popular Republican California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who he claims is a closet liberal.
The Los Angeles Times reports that in August 2003, during the recall election, Limbaugh told his listeners: "Hear me now and believe me later, my friends. All these conservative orgasms over Arnold Schwarzenegger are ... fake." Limbaugh said Schwarzenegger was, "a closet liberal who supported abortion, gay adoption and gun control."
The LAT reports that Limbaugh responded to their report, and calls the governor a "nice guy and a sellout.

[ cf Schwarzenegger and Limbaugh war of words ]
Never Before has So VALIANT a Holy Crusader Been Ever More Holier The Crusader than Rush!!!

So Be Afraid
After repeatedly being asked about his conservative critics, including talk show host Rush Limbaugh, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped his diplomatic veneer Tuesday and declared their views irrelevant to his work in California.
[ cf Governor calls Limbaugh 'irrelevant' ]
Clearly ABUSING the Great Holy Warriors of The Most Holiest Of Holy Crusades must clearly be criminal beyond any possible beleif system, and must Be STOPPED!!!!

Can there be any other option than, Oh, A recall Vote!!!

Or hey, what if all the True Holy Warriors Of God's One True Divine Judgement were to go on a Really Serious Holy Crusade Against the Kennedy Toy Boy!!! You Know, maybe even, well say some really harsh and stern words, that were REALLY REALLY WICKED COOL!!!!! You now the sort of
Bong Hits 4 Jesus
so that everyone would know what sort of Valiant Hard Fighting Really Holy And True Holy Crusaders the True Holy Warrors of God's One True Divine Judgement and DittoHeadAterium they were....

Or maybe it is time for draft dodgers like Rush to finally work out which Poseur Posture they REALLY meant to hold about stuff....

What Are Facts?

I just got the lovely Email:
Alberto Gonzales is a man of integrity and high ethical standards. He has pledged to cooperate with Congress and I am confident he will. I have said that it is irresponsible to pronounce judgment on the replacement of the U.S. Attorneys before we have the facts. Unfortunately, some would prefer to make political pronouncements instead of getting the facts. There is no question that U.S. attorneys, like all political appointees, serve at the pleasure of the President. That was true when Bill Clinton's Justice Department replaced all 93 U.S. attorneys, and it remains true today. The Democrats may feign outrage to distract from their discord on the serious issues our nation faces, but sooner or later they will have to face the real responsibilities of governing.
( email from )

Now are we as Republicans going to allow congress to Ask Gonzales, under oath, to lawfully answer questions? Or are we going to take some other process....

At which point, what are the Serious Issues our nation Faces???? I mean we got the mission accomplished Dance, we have the Divinity Of Dubya, What MORE could amerians want???

More Demonic Book Reviews...

Hey kids, if you are following the Orr v. Dennet, I should impose upon you to follow off to A Mission to Convert is presented by Orr, in the New York Book Review, and it deals with more than merely Dawkin's Book...

Ok, so I love cranks like
Instead, Dawkins has written a book that's distinctly, even defiantly, middlebrow. Dawkins's intellectual universe appears populated by the likes of Douglas Adams, the author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Carl Sagan, the science ...
( op cit )
I Mean who can be more Pedantic A Pedagogical Wing Nut than to look down on both Douglas Adams AND Carl Sagan....

And that without once advocating a clear and compelling support for the Divinity of Dubya as the argument from intelligent Design, which, as we all know, was filled out in Triplicate, found, lost, found, buried in a Peat Bog, where Billions and Billions of Stars looked down lovingly on it, before the BugBlatterBeastOfTrall farted it into the IntellectualSphere to become the Meme Du Jure, well the competing meme to "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" and other critical War Winning Wonders...

But Where Are The Zombies????

Am I the only one who has noticed that this Administration has maintained it's Pledge to Be Totally Zombie Free, and that unlike the Clinton Regime, which allowed the UnDead to Rule Great Swaths of Stuff, and Impose Excessive and Brutal Undead Governmental Regulattion, the Current Regime has never ONCE allowed any of it's staff to be members of the UnDead!!!!!

That's the Problem with Liberals, they never ask the Crucial Question
Where are All of those Clinton Era Zombies???? And what are they all doing Now???
Which all true americans are just SHOCKED that the Liberal Media is allowing the Clintons a Complete Pass on this Crucial And Pressing Concern of the Nation about Zombies in the Clinton Administration.

UnHoly Brutal Radical Left Wing Extremist Persecution By The Defeatist Cut And Runner Appeasers!!!!

Oh Mien Gott Im Himmel:
The Securities and Exchange Commission will make it easier for foreign companies to delist from U.S. stock exchanges and withdraw from SEC oversight, including the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley law.

A new SEC regulation, approved today, will allow companies to deregister their shares if U.S. trading is 5 percent or less of the firm's daily volume worldwide. The rules will take effect before a June deadline for complying with Sarbanes-Oxley's audit requirements, regulators said.

[ cf SEC to Allow Companies to Withdraw From U.S. Listings (Update3) ]
Talk About the Evil Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Runners!!!!

They are saying that we will allow people to ABANDON their God Given Obligations to the Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere!!!!

IF we do that, the Terrorists WIN!!!!

We MUST Make these Evil Doing Evil Doers KNOW that WE do not want any more of their Failed Klintonesta Nation Building Zombie Backed Dogma!!!! and that they must Support the President To Support The Troops....

{ on a related subject, don't you feel that the evil liberal persecution that did not give us a specific Xml Tag that was for the More Patriotically Corrector Than Thou!!!! is just more of the same dark horror that has been corrupting our American Way of Life with these Evil Pirate Canadianisms???? }

Should Episcopaleans Kapitulate To The Run Away Crowd....

Responding to an ultimatum from the leaders of the worldwide Anglican Communion, bishops of the Episcopal Church have rejected a key demand to create a parallel leadership structure to serve the conservative minority of Episcopalians who oppose their church’s liberal stand on homosexuality.

The bishops, meeting at a retreat center outside of Houston, said they were aware that their decision could lead to the exclusion of the Episcopal Church from the Anglican Communion, an international confederation of churches tied to the Church of England.

[ cf Episcopals Rebuff Demands on Stance on Gays ]
Hum... What would the NeoConClownCarCrew Really want to do....

Are they Man Enough to say out loud, and proud, we would rather give up our american citizenship, so that we can be religiously ruled over by Ferrign Devils, rather than remain patriotically loyal to our Episcopalean Bretheran, and that in a time when we are 'more at war than ever before'.

For the Apostate Spawns out there who may not recall it, the Episcopaleans BROKE with the Vicar Of Christ, and abandoned their Obligations to the Bishop of Canteburty, so as to be beholding to no foreign power.....

Ah yes, but would asking our NeoConClownCarCrew to remember the Sliming of JFK, from the fine folks who backed Trickey Dick back in 1960, when it was Reagan running the Democrats for Nixon crew???? Or should we remind them of this Ugly Head during the 2004 election cycle....

Come Now, let us wonder and ponder, perchance a bit longer about what exactly folks mean when they talk about acting in good faith....

Or would that be asking too much...