March 14th, 2007


Coworker Angst....

So I walk up to Moe and ask him what is up, and he is looking at the imagining from Mars, and the prospects that there may be water there and says,
If It is Cheap,
And I Can Commute to the bay area.....

I'd move there....
Can we say that the down cycle in the Housing Market is not down enough, eh?

When Good MeMe's Go Bad...

So I was talking with my friend about the usual flow of Issues going on with the Republican Party, and the current Psycho-Emotive Angst Festival amidst the true believers of the MajikalNeoConClownCarCrew, when my Friend had the MemeBurst:
I just had the strangest vision.

I saw Dubya unzipping himself,
And Out Popped Divine.
But we all have had that experience, well more than once....

And if we are lucky the Drug Regimine helps disolve the chunky clunky Mental Blockages...

Is It FINALLY time to just invade Iran, or Some Body???

Hey kids, if the DOW closes below 12,000 today, will that be a clear and compelling argument that we SOOOO need to finally invade Iran, or some other country, any other country, so that the world understands that they are either going to Support Our White Christian American Way of life or we will have to take MORE pre-emptive Defensive Responses to their potential disliking of us...

More War With Sudan!!!!

You know, I would be able to take Faux News' Excitement over the recent ruling,
NORFOLK, Va. — A federal judge said Wednesday that Sudan is responsible for the bombing of the USS Cole but he needs more time to determine damages for the families of the 17 sailors killed when terrorists bombed the ship in 2000.

"There is substantial evidence in this case presented by the expert testimony that the government of Sudan induced the particular bombing of the Cole by virtue of prior actions of the government of Sudan," U.S. District Judge Robert G. Doumar said.

The civil trial started Tuesday in which the victims' relatives tried to prove the terrorist attack couldn't have happened without Sudan's support.

[ cf Federal Judge Says Sudan is to Blame for Deadly USS Cole Bombing ]
Were it not for the actual Positions that the Faux News Crew took about ATTACKING THE WAR PRESIDENT who had been bombing Sudan, and Afghanistan, and as such, openly said to the Attackers of The USS COLE, that folks like Faux News were willing to Impede the War President, and hence that as far as Faux News was concerned, DEAD, MAIMED AND WOUNDED GI's, sells adverts to the Wheeners...

Or we could take Faux News' Poseur Posturing about the Radical Extremist Left Wing Black Robed Judicial Tyrannts, who are always creating legislation from the bench, rather than leaving the war making powers to the war president and the majikal war counsel of war winning war wankers...

Ah yes, what if americans had to really live with their rhetorical devices.....

But thank God Faux News was willing to cover it's own complicity in Making the Attack On The USS COLE the media dahling of the Liberal Media....

Maybe Now we will have More Glorious, And Ever More Victorious Victories In The Sudan!!! Why We can send China Gordon the Khartum, that will show the Wooly Headed Ones we ARE Serious About God, King, And Country!!!!!

More At War With The UK!!!

In light of the SHOCKING HORROR of the Dangerous Radical Left Wing Extremists
A third member of Tony Blair's government has quit in protest at the prime minister's plans to replace the UK's Trident nuclear weapons system, ahead of what is expected to be a sizeable parliamentary revolt on Wednesday.

Stephen Pound, a parliamentary aide to Hazel Blears, Labour party chairman, said he could not continue in his role and vote against the government.

[ cf New resignation in Trident storm ]
Will We BE FORCED to rescue the UK from the Red Hordes????

I say that we should be preparing for Total And Glorious Victory in the UK!!! Since when we Liberate THE UK from the Growing Red Menance, which could, at some time fall to the International Communist Clique, which would leave it open to domination by IslamoFascists, if the Red Hordes fall from Power, so they will of course embarce us with open arms as we LIBERATE THEM from the Horrors of the Evil Doing Evil Doers!!!!

Yes, the UK folks will greet us with Flowers as they come out of their bomb shelters, to see the bright new day of the Happy Bliss of Being Effectively Interleaved into the Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere, and no longer facing the risk of becoming a Red Kommunist Out Cropping of Gay HomoZexual Pirate Canadianist IslamoFacism!!!!

To The Liberation Mobile, Patriotically Correct Side Kick, who is in no way a symbol of the subordination of younger males in a typical Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianist Way, but a true sigh of our Manly Male Masculine Machismo Based effective relationship management schema!!!

Say Good Bye To Gonzolaz....

But will the Prez had him over with John Yoo, for their involvement in war crimes?
“I do have confidence in Attorney General Al Gonzales,” Mr. Bush said of his old friend from Texas. But he said the dismissals had been bungled, “and frankly I’m not happy about it.”
[ cf Bush Defends Gonzales in Firing of Prosecutors ]
Like Wow Dude... When like the dude did your dirty work, it is like wow, so confident, except for like the facts dude... Like Wow Man, is that Mexican Red, Like, you know, too buddy for the Chronic you are accustom to blowing, or like what dude? Did you, uh, like go south of the border, to do a little, like Nose Ski'ing in the Snow.... Uh Dude, Uh, Like, You Know... Uh Dude...

At Least when El Presidente had the Greatest of All Possible Confidence in Rummy, he was able to make sure that Rummy did not go overseas, where he might have been detained for indictments related to war crimes....

Ah yes.... But Does Gonzales really Symbolize the White Christian America that the Holy Warriors are at this very moment Valiantly Defending Christendome for????

Don't They Know That There Is A More At War Than Ever Before Going On???

How Quickly Folks Forget!!!
Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco lashed out at the Army Corps of Engineers on Wednesday for installing defective pumps at three major drainage canals just before the start of last summer's hurricane season.

"This could put a lot of our people in jeopardy," Blanco said. "It begs the question: Are we really safe?"

She called for a congressional investigation into how the Corps allowed it to happen.

[ cf La. Governor Outraged Over Faulty Pumps ]
Hello! Hello!! Hello!!! Big Easy Are YOU AWAKE!!!!

The Federal Government needs all of the working pumps that they can get to keep pumping out the Bilges For Faux News, so that everyone Knows that we are Still Gloriously Defeating The Daily Threat Of Iranian Flying Saucers that are Every Day, in Some New Way, attempting to Impose their Gay Only Marriage Initiative on Our White Christian American So as to Sell Our White Christian Blue Eyed, Blonde Hair, Arayan All American Pert Nippled Firm Breasted Virginal Teenage Cheerleader Girls into Sex Slavery of the Demonic Evil Nancy Pelosi Satanic Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair!!!!


Don't You Think that the War president has a BETTER understanding of What Must Be Done than any mere local level peon, who is the Pawn of the Pirate Canadianists????



Do You NOT Think that a WAR PRESIDENT knows how better to Deploy the Military For Total Victory!!!!!

{ does that have enough Hysteria in it, or does it come across too muted, and toned down??? }

The Brutal Liberal Persecution Continues...

I mean, get real, who are these Yutzes?
The U.S. military for the first time Wednesday said in a new report that some of the violence in Iraq can be described as a civil war.

In its bleakest assessment of the war to date, a quarterly Pentagon report said that last October through December was the most violent three-month period since 2003. Attacks and casualties suffered by coalition and Iraqi forces and civilians were higher than any other similar time span, said the report.

[ cf Pentagon: Iraq in some ways in civil war ]
Hello!!! Hello!!!

Do we really want our information from a bunch of Dope Smoking Draft Dodging Hippy Dippy Leftist Leaning Welfare Queens who are just Government Flunkies? I mean, we are talking about people who could not get a deferment to stay home and enjoy the Glories of The Greatest Economic Boom, EVER!!!!

I mean, are you going to take the word of some person who had to get a Government Job? or say the Stunning Wit and Wisdom of Great War Heroes Like HanoiAnnie Coulter or Rush Limbaugh!!!! People Who know how it really SHOULD have been, if it had been that way....

God, but we do have to clean up after these Wanking, Shrill and Hysterical Whiners on the Left with their Whining about Iraq!!! It's Iraq This, and Iraq That, and Iraq this other things. Hello, WHO CARES about ThatIraqiThingiePooh and all of that Failed Liberal Klintonesta Nation Building Process, there are Clearly Far More Important Things going on in America Like Naked Shorting, and finding the next potentially criminal conspiracy to defraud....

Oh The Vindictive Radical Left Wing Extremists And Their Brutal Stab The Troops In The Back!!!

I mean, what is with this:
Sen. John Sununu (news, bio, voting record) of New Hampshire on Wednesday became the first Republican in Congress to call for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' dismissal, hours after President Bush expressed confidence in his embattled Cabinet officer.

Gonzales has been fending off Democratic demands for his firing in the wake of disclosures surrounding the ousters of eight U.S. attorneys — dismissals Democrats have characterized as a politically motivated purge.

Support from many Republicans had been muted, but there was no outright GOP call for his dismissal until now.

"I think the president should replace him," Sununu said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I think the attorney general should be fired."

[ cf Republican says Gonzales should be fired ]
Hello!!!! Sununu - if that really is your Radical Islamicist Name there....

What sort of Draft Dodging Dope Smoking Hippy Dippy Pinko Red Liberal Faggot Assed Nancy Boy are you to stab the Troops In the Back so viciously And Brutally By OPPOSING THE PRESIDENT!!!! Hello Kommie Rat Bastard Boy, Don't YOU KNOW that the Nation is More At War than ever before and that everyone knows that a War President has extra double Plus Special Super Sekret Powers that come when He is the Commander In Chief and doing that Military Stuff!!!!!

That's the problem with You lazy assed lay about dopers who have no Respect for the Glorious Military History and Prestige Of The Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!!!

Makes me wonder if this Sununu Guy is one of those San Francisco Queers trying to make this a Gay Marriage Only Nation, because he just is NOT willing to support the president to support the Troops!!!

Meta Posting...

If you do not understand that it is Perfectly OK to have one post that says it IS all about that War Stuff, and another one that totally negates the relevance of That War Stuff, then you may want to turn yourself into the Department of Homeland Security and have them resolve what sort of Pinko Faggot Commie Queer you really are, and why DO you Hate Jesus and want to Stab Our Troops In The Back because You are not willing to suppor the President To Support The Troops!!!

You SICKO!!!