March 8th, 2007


We mean which again???

Hum, there are news reports calling for more MP's to be sent to Iraq to deal with the growing number of detainees, without, of course, resolving why we are merely detaininng them, rather than lining them up for the firing squads to irradicate them for being enemies of the state.

Then there is this buzz
General Petraeus took command of U.S. forces in Iraq in February, as American and Iraqi forces were preparing for a months-long security operation designed to secure the capital and drive out Sunni insurgents in al Anbar province.

The general says in the last month he has toured parts of Baghdad, and said he was "taken aback" by how some neighborhoods have changed since he was last in Iraq.

"When I left 17 months ago now, there certainly was not the kind of emptiness in some of the neighborhoods of Baghdad," he said.

Thousands of Baghdad residents have fled worsening sectarian violence in the last year.

[ cf US Commander in Iraq Says Insurgents Intensifying Attacks ]
But since everything in Iraq is just swimingly Ducky, as the Great Leader keeps reminding us, uh, the folks meant to say??? Uh, Which part was the part that was suppose to be supporting Great Leader's Greatness!!!

As we can continue to clean out more and more neighborhoods in Baghdad, there will be less need to do the security operations as there will be fewer and fewer members of the various sectarian groups left to engage in any of their Anti-State Terrorism!!!

Would this be the really wrongest time to ask why we are conducting any Security Operations to secure the Capital, this many years after the Mission Accomplished Dance???

Given that we have arrived at this Wonder
General Petraeus said there are three categories of insurgents - al Qaida in Iraq terrorist cells, sectarian militias and violent criminals - and all are trying to derail the security operation by provoking more violence between Iraqi Sunnis and Shi'ites.
( op cit )
Hum... We have taken a modestly functioning country and have, gosh, made it a training facility for Al Qaida, Sectarian WingNugs, and Violent Criminals....

Go Team Venture!!!

We can only hope that we can purge Iraq of any of their issues,
"As citizens feel safer, conditions will be set for the resumption and improvement for basic services," he continued. "This is hugely important; indeed, Iraqis have often ranked the provision of services ahead of security in importance."

General Petraeus says the Iraqi government has earmarked more than $7 billion for security expenses and $10 billion for infrastructure.

( op cit )
where exactly is the Iraqi Government raising those sums??? Or did we mean to point out that the on going Federal Fiscal Bleeding is still on going... and will be for as long as we need to have the need to be more at war than ever before, so that folks like HanoiAnnie Coulter will some how be able to work out her anger that Jesus did not give her a Penis.

Go Team America!!!

I would hate to think that folks like HanoiAnnie Coulter would simply have to pay for their own PsychoTherapy without the Dead, Maimed, and wounded American troops...

But then agian we can Irradicat them, they them those types, if only those Evil Anti-War Types would stop waving their Barbarella Dolls and just scarying the Holy Wankage out of our Greatest of All Military Leaders, EVER!!!

Since Only Through Total Victory Can The Victory Be Victorious!!!!

Shock! Shock! Scary Bits! Scary Bits!!!

Well things are clearly winding up for the Greatest And Most Gloriouses Of All Victorious Victories in our new and improved Land War In Asia!!!
China has rejected U.S. criticism of its human rights record, accusing Washington of hypocrisy for not addressing its own abuses. In a tit-for-tat response to the U.S. State Department's annual human rights report, China issued its own report accusing Washington of systematic abuses both abroad - in Iraq and Afghanistan - and at home. Daniel Schearf reports from Beijing.

The Chinese report, entitled the "Human Rights Record of the United States in 2006," accuses the U.S. of condemning other countries' human rights abuses while ignoring its own.

According to the official Xinhua News Agency, the Chinese report says Washington uses its strong military power to "trespass on the sovereignty of other countries."

It cites the large number of Iraqi deaths since the U.S. invasion in 2003, and says the U.S. has run up a "flagrant record" of violating the Geneva Convention by systematically abusing prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan.

[ cf China Rejects US Human Rights Criticism ]
Can There Be ANY More Doubt???

That we have always been more at War with China than Ever Before!!!

Can You Be An American And....

Doubt the Divinity Of the Book Of Mormons???

Clearly if one does not accept the Divine Nature, and the Recieved Truth of the Book Of Mormons, does it not follow that one is an Atheist, and aligned with the Satanic Terrorists! and hence can not actually be an american who would have been protected under the American Constitution, save that one's rejection of the Book Of Mormons makes plain that one has Rejected All Sense of Decency And Civility and become not merely a godless apostate spawn of Satan, But ALSO a Demonic Mass Murdering Atheist!!!

Shreveport Falls To Canadianists....

As noted by Editor & Publisher, The Times of Shreveport, Louisiana, has dropped right-wing pundit Ann Coulter's column "effective immediately" as a result of her remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Editor & Publisher linked to a statement in which Times executive editor Alan English said that Coulter's "recent 'joke' about John Edwards being considered a 'faggot' " was "the back-breaking straw for a decision we've openly discussed for some time." English's statement also said that Coulter's "repeated use of hyperbole in the call for the death of some journalists and politicians was beyond the pale" and that "her 'shock-jock' writing style is no different from Howard Stern's practical jokes and bathroom humor that aims to draw a school-yard snicker." The statement added that Coulter's columns "rarely" "raise the level of discourse."
[ cf The Times of Shreveport, LA, drops Coulter ]
Can We Doubt Any Longer, the growing danger of the evil demonic evil....

We must BOMB CANADA to stop the Canadianists Invasion of Our White Christian America!!!

More Reasons for Bombing Canadianists Enclaves...(The Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Runners )

Were YOU as Brutally, and Savagely Shocked, To find that the Defeatist Kapitulationist Cut And Runners are running rampant in america:
The new U.S. commander in Iraq acknowledged today that U.S.-led forces could not protect all Iraqis from "thugs with no soul" bent on reigniting sectarian warfare.

"Any student of history recognizes that there is no military solution to a problem like that in Iraq," Army Gen. David H. Petraeus said at his first news conference since assuming the command last month.

Political negotiations were vital and would require reaching out to "some of those who have felt the new Iraq did not have a place for them," Petraeus said. "Military action is necessary to help improve security ... but it is not sufficient."

[ cf Military action alone won't solve Iraq's problems, Petraeus says ]
Where Ever are the Fighting 101st Keyboardist when we need them!!!

How can america LIVE with such Radical Left Wing Extremist Anti-War Anti-Military Anti-God Anti-Americans are allowed to Spew Their God Hating America Bashing Radical Anti-War Rhetoric!!!

Clearly All Truly Patriotically Corrector Than Thou Theologically Superior Ones have always supported the President that ONLY MILITARY MEANS were needed to win Total Victory over the Iranian Flying Saucers and to restore the wetlands in Iraq!!! That this was not the time for mere political shilly shallying about!!!

Can ANYONE support these VICIOUS AND BRUTAL Stab Our Troops In The Back Left Wing Rhetoric that is put out by Shrill And Hysterical Extremists who Are Unwilling to Support The President To Support the Troops!!!!

I mean, who are YOU going to believe??? The Greatist Military Leader, EVER!!!!!

Or some Welfare Queen who can not get a real job!!!!


Should Porn Stars Be On Active Service???

Hum... They bounced one woman for showing up in a Playboy Spread, and now we have this unpleasant meme out there, that not all HanoiAnnie Coulter's friends have actually Played Straight Men In movies.... ( cf BFF: Ann Coulter and Rod Majors. Hey, at least Jeff Gannon had the common decency to not try to go on active duty to protect america after the Iranian Flying Saucers Showed Up, since, well, there were better things that needed to be blown... )

So What Should we Do about it?

That's Right Boys And Girls!!! The Correct Answer is
Bomb Canada
And keep on BOMBING CANADA until Jesus Gives HanoiAnnie her Little Helmet of her own...

H/t to Jesus's General, and the Valiantly Heterosexual...