March 7th, 2007


Of Course There Will Be NO Pardon for Scooter...

If the president were to pardon Scooter, then he would have to concede that in some way Scooter had actually committed a crime.... But as any FauxNews Watcher can tell you that merely because some Radical LeftWing Extremist Tree Hugger Eco Terrorist, appointed by that RINO Bush, Brutally Persecuted an Innocent Man, that does not mean that Scooter did anything wrong, since he was only convicted in an american court, it's not like they sent him to gitMo or anything...

What IF america were to fall under the rule of Law?

More Reasons for Bombing Canadianists Enclaves...(The Captain America Crises)

That is RIGHT!!! You heard It Here First, Clearly Canadianist Fellow Travellors are behind it all
He fought the Nazis. He is revered by other crime-fighters worldwide. But the beloved, shield-carrying superhero, Captain America, has finally met his end -- or has he?

The winged-hooded Marvel Entertainment Inc. hero created in 1941 is shot dead in New York by a sniper in the latest Captain America issue that hit newsstands on Wednesday, in a sensational comic-book plot twist that had been kept a closely guarded secret.

Blood seeps from his red-white-and-blue costume as life ebbs from Steve Rogers, the scrawny student who was transformed into the physically perfect superhero when he volunteered to be injected with "Super Soldier" serum during World War II.

[ cf Iconic superhero Captain America shot dead -- maybe ]
What More Proof Do Americans NEED that would be any more Clearerer And Compellingerer to Bomb Canada, than that Canadians are Not Americans!!!

But IS Subversion The Right Answer???

Now don't get me wrong here boys and girls, I have several dogs in this fight.... But when old s9 Drops the Freak Show Recommending that we have "source Code Control" on congressional Bills, ( cf s9: Paging Cassandra, Princess Of Troy... ) we have to really start worrying about the Deep Inner Symbolism....

But when one notices
"An article in Slate talks about the sneaky way a major change in the Patriot Act reauthorization bill was made by (possibly) a Congressional staffer without even his boss knowing about it. (The change increased the power of the Executive at the expense of the other two branches of government.)
[ cf Source Control For Bills In Congress? ]
One has to wonder why Not???

Who Knows, maybe it is time to get back CVS and onto Subversion, and then, gosh, start looking at say criminal prosecution of persons who were involved in the process of VIOLATING AMERICAN LAW!!!!