March 6th, 2007


What IS God Trying To Tell YOU!?!?!?

So you wake up in the morning, and the Radio is playing the Violent Femme's,
This Will Go Down On Your Permenant Record....
and one is doing one's Tax Paper Work, which uncovers the Missing Medical Paper Work that one should file for the FSA reimbursement, then get to work to find out that the Court Convicted Libby
A jury on Tuesday found former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby guilty on four of five counts in the CIA leak trial, including obstruction of justice, perjury and lying to the FBI, according to media reports. The charges against Libby, the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, stemmed from an investigation into the 2003 leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity. The jury, which deliberated for 10 days, also found Libby not guilty on one charge of making a false statement.
[ citing Jury finds Scooter Libby guilty in CIA leak case: reports ]
Would You
A. Affirm the Doctrine of Transubstantiation, Knowing full well that this would put you in League with the Bishop Of Rome, and Hence OPPOSING the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!! AND Stabbing Our valiant fighting forces in the back with this Pappist Dogma?
Or would You
B. Deny the Doctrine of Transubstantiation, knowing full well that in this Essentially the Moral Equivolent of an Affirmation of the Divine Decision Of The Divine Decider That Decided To Divinely Decide Upon Dubya As THE Divine Decider, that one may well have opted not for the Protestant Opposition To Papism, but Overshot that into a Civic Animistic Deism in which the nature of God has Been Transmuted into merely a dog eared piece of mere partisan politics, and as such find that one is Stabbing Our valiant fighting forces in the back without this Pappist Dogma, since one's rejection of a Constitutional Republic For A Theocracy Of Despair has not been one of the better choices one could make.
Gosh, What EVER will it be???

Should This Complicate The Ideological Posturing Of NeoCon Clowns?

Hum... Let us start with
A US Army medic who refused to return to Iraq with his unit has been found guilty and sentenced to eight months in jail for desertion - far short of the maximum seven-year sentence.

A US military court also ruled that Agustin Aguayo, who has already spent 161 days in prison, should forfeit paid allowances and be given a bad conduct discharge.
His rank would also be reduced to the lowest grade.

The Mexican-born combat medic, age 35, on Tuesday pleaded guilty to going absent without leave and missing his deployment but denied charges of full desertion.

[ cf US army medic guilty of desertion ]
Gosh, it has got to suck out there in VOCHAS ville, that some immigrant from Mexico, MEXICO!!!! took away a billet that some Nice White All American All NeoCon could have had, and then opted not to go....

How Shocking....

Or would this be the totally wrongest time to bring up the emotional trauma that is the Michael New: A Patriot Court Martialed for Obeying His Oath of Duty but who was also CONVICTED By THE US MILITARY COURT SYSTEM....

Now I can understand, for the NeoCon Clown Car Crew, it is so hard to remember now, in this post-911 world, what the world was like back before the whole world changed...

But isn't it just gonna be funny watching them work so Hard on not being held accountable for anything that they have ever done or said!!!

Could that be while so many NeoCon Clowns are still CONUS hoping to JESUS that there will be no REAL SURGE of Actual American Troops into the Middle East that would demand that they actually fish or cut bait...

Or would that be just, well, too tough a leap of faith for them to make...

And This Surprises anyone How???

Gosh, interesting, but the FauxNews folks, the same folks who are madly in love with HanoiAnnie Coulter, and her Hatred Of America, have decied that while, yes, technically, there is a conviction in the court of law here in america, in the Scooter Libbey Case, that there was no crime ( Tpm Summary ).

Ah yes, thank God FauxNews is on top of why there should be no law in america, since, well, if there were laws in america, then those laws could be used in some strange and dangerous way to limit the Special Powers that a War LORD^H^H^H^H President gets when in a time of transferring the tax liability unto the unborn!!!

Besides as all True FauxNews Fans know, there is no real need for Actual Intelligence Products, since, when the facts need to be made up, why go to the Vice President's Manufacturing Consent Corporation, when one can just simply out source that to FauxNews - where the facts will fit what ever position that Great Leader Will Need...

Leap of Faith?

Why Worry, When FauxNews is there, it is all a blind leap into the cosmic Void....

Why Does Forbes, as The Radical Left Wing Extremist News Monger, So Shrilly Hate America?

I mean what gives with:
Campaigning in 2000, George Bush promised he would swear on the Bible to restore honor and dignity to a sullied White House and give it "one heck of scrubbing." The conviction of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby gave the White House a scrubbing - but not the one Bush had in mind.

The case laid bare the inner workings of a presidency under siege and the secretive world of Vice President Dick Cheney.

It showed the lengths to which Cheney went in early summer 2003 to discredit administration critic Joseph Wilson. The former ambassador's assertions had cast doubt on the administration's justification for having taken the country to war in Iraq. And the Libby case showed the president assisting Cheney in the leaked attacks on Wilson.

Libby, who was Cheney's chief of staff, was found guilty on Tuesday of four of five counts of obstructing justice, lying and perjury during an investigation into the administration's disclosure of the identity of undercover CIA official Valerie Plame, Wilson's wife.

[ cf Libby Verdict Puts Focus on White House (emphasis mine) ]
Ok, so the president never really did get around to swearing on the Koran, either, so it's not like the President NEEDS to worry about this issue all that much, since, well, as we all know, the Argument From Intelligent Design Divinely Decided That HE was The Divine Decider, so it would be more like The President Swearing Upon Himself To Be All That He Could Be....

At which point, we of course are no longer complicated by the current thingusOfPooh, since, well, clearly, as we all know, IF the president does it, it is not actually a Blow Job, because it was a Divine Manifestation of The Divine Will As Divinely Decided!!!!

I mean, doesn't the FruitLoops At Forbes even take the time to watch FauxNews to stay on top of the hip trip of the week freak?

Why Rush On Walter Reed???

hello!!! we are in which year of the Most Holy Of All Crusades Against All evil everywhere, ever since the whole world changed on 09/11/2001.... So do we really need to rush into fixing the American Military Medical System, since, well, as everyone KNOWS, they did volunteer for dangerous duty, and they should have understood that they really can not count on any of that failed pre-911 evil liberal welfare statist Culture to bend over backwards for a bunch of welfare queens merely because they became 'on the job' liabilities because they got hurt at work!!!

Why don't they go to their private medical insurance provider and let them deal with the issues? Why should tax payers have to foot the bill for the comedic relief of the Rush Limbaughs and the HanoiAnnie Coulters when they need to pretend that they are more patriotically corrector than thou....

Or is that also the central dark fuggly in all of this?

One can count on the rheotical devices of the ProWarCrowd, right up to the time when it really counts for them to follow their rhetorical devices into action....

OR are we suppose to be majikal in our thinking and SERIOUSLY buy into the idea that this is all because of the Demonic Nancy Pelosi Evil Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair, that she dragged kicking and screaming from her dark closet of horrors - because the Great, Victorious, And Valiant Fighting Forces of the Fighting 101st Keyboardists, well, totally FAILED to protect america from Nancy Pelosi, and allowed America to Fall in World War Z to the Voodoo Zombie Influences of Nancy Pelosi...

Yeah, that's the ticket. Right up until Nancy Came Along, Walter Reed was the State of The Art Medical Facility, and then along comes Nancy and civilization collapses... Why It IS a miracle...