March 1st, 2007


Can Americans Afford These Brtual Stab In The Back Anti-War Liberals????

Republican presidential contender John McCain, facing criticism from Democrats, on Thursday said he regretted using the word "wasted" to describe the more than 3,100 U.S. lives lost in the Iraq war.

"I should have used the word, sacrificed, as I have in the past," the Arizona senator said after Democrats demanded he apologize as Sen. Barack Obama did when the White House hopeful recently made the same observation.

"No one appreciates and honors more than I do the selfless patriotism of American servicemen and women in the Iraq War," McCain, a former Vietnam prisoner of war, said in a statement.

On Wednesday night, McCain said on CBS' "Late Show With David Letterman": "Americans are very frustrated, and they have every right to be. We've wasted a lot of our most precious treasure, which is American lives."

[ cf McCain Says He Regrets Iraq Comment ]
Why Not Call It What It Is!!!!!

The Terrorism of Obama Lite!!!!

Can anyone believe that there should be any other Presidential Candidate but Bush/Cheney in 2008????

Clearly ONLY by re-electing Dubya Can AMERICANS know that they are safe from these Radical Left Wing Anti-War Extremists and their Pro Nancy Pelosi Evil Demonic Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies of Despair!!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!! For he has Electrolytes!!!! What Plants Want!!!

That Argument From Intelligent Design Problem...


Interesting, The Papist Radicals are out in force again....
It's time the Discovery Channel discovered ethics and stopped with the sensationalism," Catholic League president Bill Donohue told Variety Tuesday.

"If the Discovery Channel fails to cancel this slanderous documentary, it will have to explain why it is intentionally misleading the public," Brent Bozell, president of the conservative watchdog group Media Research Center, told the trade, per E!. "They should be embarrassed by this plunge into sensational speculation masquerading as science. The Discovery Channel will have dug its own grave if it doesn't pull this documentary."

[ cf The Tomb of the Reputation of James, Son of Philip ]

Interesting... Which Position DOES Bill Donohue really hold on these matters of Sensationalism???

And does he Support His Pope, on ThatIraqiThingiePooh, or does he support Great Leader????

Ah yes.... what if these people had to live out their actual beliefs....

Evil Liberals Continue Brutal Repression Of Free Market System!!!!

It is as if they totally FORGOT that this is the new and improved "ownership society"!!!!
One of the three suspects arrested for allegedly trafficking in children appeared in Pueblo County Court Wednesday.

Irene Lerma is being held on $50,000 bond. Police say she, and her husband Jose-Juan, purchased a five month old infant from 23-year old Nicole Uribe.

Court documents indicate that Uribe received $1,500 for her baby, and that she used one-third of that amount as a down payment on a used Dodge Intrepid.

[ cf Baby Swap Suspect Makes First Court Appearance ]
And they want to DESTORY the free market system WHY again???

Or is this Just More of the same old failed Pre-911 Liberalism that is all about Stabbing Our Troops In The Back by Opposing the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! on his Holy Doctrines of Our Great New Ownership Society, where everyone will be able to own whom ever they can afford to buy!!!!!


I mean, do we need to take a little time out here and go over why it is that Slavery IS biblically Literal, and all of the Biblically Literal Places about Selling One's Children??? Or would that simply be piling on about how Evil Liberals, are Evil, and Liberal....

more Evil Liberal Persecution.... The Unpatriotic Stuff

I mean, where DOOOOOO these evil liberals get off presuming that courts of law should be about laws and facts and stuff!!!! That is all from the failed Evil Liberal Era BEFORE the whole world Changed
THE US military lawyer for Australian Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks wants to discuss the new charge laid against his client with the Government.

Hicks was charged today with "material support for terrorism" and referred for trial by military commission at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Pentagon said.

Judge Susan Crawford dismissed a second charge of attempted murder against Hicks after concluding there was no "probable cause" to justify it.

Hicks's military-appointed lawyer Major Michael Mori, who is in Melbourne, said today the dismissal of the attempted murder charge was an admission by the US commission system that all the charges laid against Hicks were made up and had no basis in law and fact.

"It's disgusting that he has spent five years in Guantanamo for made-up charges," Maj Mori said.
"David has been charged with only one offence - material support of terrorism. The material support charge has never existed in the laws of war. It was created in October 2006.

"The US is applying this offence to David retrospectively even though Australian ministers have said that is inappropriate."

[ cf Hicks's lawyer seeks government meeting WOW!!!!

Maybe it is time for that Draft Dodging Dope Smoking Anti-Military Anti-American Ambulance Chaser to decide if they Support the GREATEST MILITARY LEADER EVER!!!!!!!

Or are they going to continue to Stab Our Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back by LIMITING the War Powers of a War President to Merely Facts and Reality!!!

Clearly IF the Divine Will Has DIVINELY DECIDED, as is clear and compelling, from the Argument From Intelligent Design, that a War President IS the Divine Decider Who Decides Divinely, and the Divine Will Has Willed His Divinity, then either these God Hating America Bashers are going to put away their failed Reality Based World and get on board the Freedom Train that is pulling out of the Station with the Divine Dubya giving evereyone the fresh new soap, and on time, no less!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!! For he has electrolytes, what plants want.