February 12th, 2007


Hard Drives, Still A Bad Idea....

The good news is that i got to the stability point where I could Select a Bootable Thingie, and could bring Jeeves back up in OSX.... the information is that it is still mostly scrambled....

Oh well... it is a fun little project as I get to go back and relearn how disk drive go bad... and the more important set of questions, what do I really do with that box... and should that be a sufficiency of proof that we must BOMB CANADA to stop their unamericanism and all that jazz....

More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The Evil Liberal Media Crisis.... )

Arer YOU as sick and tired of the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets trying to off load their whole Drum Beating For War upon the folks who were manufacturing the almost ersatz fact free intelligence product!!!!!

Clearly when the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets learn PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY then they should just step up to the plate and admit that they had been all wrong about forcing the president into Iraq to restore the Iraqi Wetlands for No Better Reason than mere Environmental Extremism!!!! Which clearly Smells of Canadianist Pirate EcoCentrism!!!!

How much longer do we have to go on with these Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets blaming everyone else, for their complete Failure while Drum Beating For War!!!!!!

How was the President suppose to know that the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets, that he was not reading, were not responsible about their Drum Beating For War!!! It's not like anyone should hold the President Accountable for the Fact that the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets were BAD!!! Like they always are!!!!

Hence, we Must Bomb Canada to stop their Unamericanism and to teach the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppet to be more responsible in the Future when they Are Drum Beating For War!!! And that they MUST back the President's War Winning Plans to Defeat The Iranian Flying Saucers!!!! Or The TERRORISTS WIN!!!!

More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The Christianist EcoTerrorists Crisis.... )

Shock! Shock! Horrror Horrror!!!
Texas’ largest Baptist group is taking a rare step into environmental advocacy, working to block Gov. Rick Perry’s plan to speed the approval process for 18 new coal-fired power plants.

The Christian Life Commission, the public policy arm of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, is mobilizing Baptists against the coal-fired plants and urging the convention’s 2.3 million members to voice their opposition to state lawmakers.

”A lot of people felt like our industries, our policy leaders, are going to take care of these big issues like air quality, (and) it’s not going to be something our local people are going to have to get up every day and worry about,” said Suzii Paynter, director of the commission. ”It can’t be left to big interests to make these decisions in our behalf.”

[ cf Baptist group fights Texas coal plants ]
How Ever Will We Survive!!!

Clearly any opposition to The Great Leader Of Texas is a Jack Booted Brutal Assault on the Leader Principle, which is clearly an attack On Great Leader HIMSELF!!!! The Greatest Of All Great Leaders!!! EVER!!!!

Don't these Radical Extremists Understand that in a time of Transferring the Tax Liability Unto The Unborn that there is no other choice but to Support Great Leader or One Is DEFYING The WILL OF GOD!!!! As the Argument of Intelligent Design Demands!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!! And Great Leaders Great Restoration of The Iraqi Wetlands!!!

More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The Australian EcoTerrorists Crisis.... )

Meanwhile, the United States Government is playing down Mr Howard's comments.

The Prime Minister's attack on Senator Obama's Iraq stance has attracted enormous media attention in America.

But White House spokesman Tony Snow says Mr Howard "spoke his mind" and is "free" to do so.

He has also made it clear President George W Bush has not phoned the Prime Minister since the furore began.

He says the two leaders have not spoken for more than a month.

US Vice-President Dick Cheney arrives in Australia late next week.

[ cf PM 'standing up for Australia' in criticising Obama ]
One really does have to worry about their Unamericanism!!!

Clearly if the Australians were Patriotically Correct, then they would Abandon Their Hatred Of Great Leader and join the Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere and release their Inner Americanism!!!!!

Anything Less and the Canadianists Pirates will Impose their Gay Marriage Only Isms....

More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The LitCritTerrorists Crisis.... )

Writing for the Magazine, Lynne Truss has a confession: she has never been on the London Eye, yet chose to set a key scene there in one of her books. Does it matter?

It is time to make a confession. I once set the climactic scene of a dramatic monologue on the London Eye - without ever having travelled on it. Was that so very wrong of me?

If it was, I am in trouble, because I also once wrote a comic novel about a number of characters converging farcically on the town of Honiton, in Devon, without ever having been there; and, heavens, I once wrote a whole novel set in the 1860s without bothering to do any exploratory time-travelling.

[ cf You COULD make it up ]

Fiction does not have to be based upon scientific Fact????

What IS the world coming to these days????

Clearly the Pirate Canadianists are totally OUT OF CONTROL!!!!

More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The Dixie Chicks Crisis.... )

The Dixie Chicks’ big win at the Grammy Awards on Sunday exposed ideological tensions between the music industry’s Nashville establishment and the broader, more diverse membership of the Recording Academy, which chooses the Grammy winners, according to voters and music executives interviewed afterward.

To some, the voting served not only as a referendum on President Bush’s handling of the Iraq war, but also on what was perceived as country music’s rejection — and radio’s censorship — of the trio.

Jeff Ayeroff, a longtime music executive and an academy member, said the resounding endorsement of the group reflected the fact that the academy represents “the artist community, which was very angry at what radio did, because it was not very American.” Mr. Ayeroff said he voted for the Dixie Chicks in at least one category.

[ cf Grammy Sweep by Dixie Chicks Is Seen as a Vindication ]
Do I EVEN need to explain why only BOMBING CANADA will save us from this???