February 8th, 2007


hey kids, why Not Surge The Contractors????

The Justice Department has announced the first criminal indictments relating to contracting fraud in Iraq in what one official described as a "B-grade" plot, involving millions of dollars in bribes, gifts, kickbacks, and reconstruction contracts involving three senior active-duty Army officers, the spouse of one of the officers, and a U.S. contractor who owned and operated numerous companies in Iraq with ties to Romania.

Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty said at a press conference that the Army officers and their coconspirators used Coalition Provisional Authority funds "as their own personal ATM machines," allegedly stealing millions of dollars from the CPA. The defendants and the unindicted coconspirators "rigged valuable reconstruction projects," McNulty said, "all the while helping themselves to cash, SUVs, luxury cars, jewelry, and other valuable items."

[ cf U.S. Indicts Five in Iraq Fraud ]
Are YOU shocked!!!

SHOCKED that radical left wing extremists like US New and World Report have gone on to the war wagon with the Evil Liberals to Support Leftist Radical Deviationalists Stay Behind Forces in the Justice Department who do not understand that the whole world changed on 09/11/2001, and that people are no longer under the brutal repression of the failed liberal defeatists cut and runner appeaser Kapitulationists!!!

How SHOCKING that these Radical Extremists have decided to persecute people who were merely trying to make a little harmless profit in a free market!!!! Since it was the Free Market that won the cold war!!! with it's Majikal Invisible Hand!!! So to persecute these peoplel for being the true believers in the True Beliefs is to oppose the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! And hence to stab our troops in the back!!!

today in spot the whiney jew....

But Salt IS an Electrolyte
Yeah, and so, simply because it means pouring salt water on the plants doesn't mean it is a bad strategy, since electrolytes are what plants want!!!

I mean, why whine at me that some people do not support the president....