February 1st, 2007


If the ISM manufacturing numbers were below 50, that is contracting....

So why isn't that getting more news in the age when the big ticket angst is that majikally we got out of January and the S&P numbers were up, hence we should be more looking forward to market growth stuff, and on top of all of that, isn't it so SCARY that Aqua Teen Hunger Force has attacked america....

Ah yes.... the glories of being a great empire, now that we are so passed that whole 'republic' phase....

Crabby Code Moments.....

Things I hate about perl - it is not a strongly typed language, and it does not do argument checking... so I was talking to a co-worker about a trick, and method_A gets the data by one route, BUT it does not take any arguments, while method_B gets the data by another route, AND takes arguments for filtering.....

AHHHHHH !!!! Never pass args to method_A because it quietly ignores that.... and screws up the DEMO!!!!

ALL of which is made worse BECAUSE the documentation is clear that method_A does not take any arguments, while method_B CAN take an optional argument!!!!!


Pentagon Falls To Iranian Flying Saucers!!

UnHoly Defeatist Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Runners:
The top U.S. commander in Iraq told a Senate panel Thursday that improving security in Baghdad would take fewer than half as many extra troops as President Bush has chosen to commit.

Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee on his nomination to be Army chief of staff, Gen. George Casey said he had asked for two additional Army brigades, based on recommendations of his subordinate commanders. Bush announced Jan. 10 that he would send five extra brigades as part of a buildup that would total 21,500 soldiers and Marines

[ cf Casey Favors Smaller Troop Hike ]

Can there be any doubt that the Pentagon has Fallen!!! If such Left Wing Radical Draft Doding Hippy Dippy God Hating America Bashers are so BRUTALLY stabbing the president in the Back with their God Hating America Bashing!!!!

Can anyone Support these DEFEATIST ELEMENTS who are unwilling to do their Patriotic Duty to Support The Greatest Military Leader, EVER!!!! The Most Divinely Installed Of All Holy Crusaders!!! EVER!!!!

Why we Are MORE at Peace With Iran Than Ever Before....

Hey Kids, how is this For Happy Warm Fuzzies:
A analysis released today by the Congressional Budget Office shows that the administration, in its public comments, has vastly underestimated the actual number of extra troops that will be deployed to Iraq under the president's "surge" plan.

The administration's estimate of approximately 21,000 extra troops only counts combat units, according to the analysis, and because combat units require support forces, the actual number of additional troops who will be in Iraq will likely exceed 35,000.

[ cf Analysis: "Surge" Far Larger Than 20,000 Troops ]
Well That will show the dirty hippie Peaceniks, that when great leader speaks, the world MUST Listen!!!

Because NOW, more than Ever, the Peace Keeping Of Iran Will Be More And More Peaceful than EVER BEFORE!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! Because He Has Electrolytes!!! What Plants Want!!!!

And Plants Grow Chocolate Candy Bars TOO!!!

got Smoking Gun????

Ok, boys and girls, another quick lesson on how to read the evil liberal media. Given the Evil Left Wing Propoganda
The Bush administration has postponed plans to offer public details of its charges of Iranian meddling inside Iraq amid internal divisions over the strength of the evidence, U.S. officials said.

U.S. officials promised last week to provide evidence of Iranian activities that led President Bush to announce Jan. 10 that U.S. forces would begin taking the offensive against Iranian agents who threatened Americans.

[ cf U.S. delays report on Iranian role in Iraq h/t to Drats! We can't see the smoking gun evidence! ]
We see the Evil Doers trying to hide the fact that it is so self evident!!!

Clearly we can not leave america at the mercy that the Smoking Gun MAY BE a Mushroom Cloud!!!! Therefore there is but one SOLUTION - Bomb Canada!!! And Keep On Bombing Canada until they stop being UnAmerican!

Also it is obvious that if the President were to reveal that we know that Canadians are Canadian, then the Canadians would KNOW that we know that they are Canadian, and hence Unamerican!!!!! And we would lose our grand strategic Advantage...

All Hail Great Leader, For Great Leader Is GREAT!!!

got TheyThemThoseGuys[dm]

WOW!!! it appears that the count of theyThemThoseGuysTheEvilDoingEvilDoers[dm] is once again in flux!!!
"There are four wars going on in Iraq right now," Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has said. Turns out he underestimated it by about twenty.

From The Boston Globe:

The messianic Soldiers of Heaven militia that fought US and Iraqi troops in one of the fiercest battles of the war Sunday is among the more than two dozen extremist militias operating across Iraq that are fast becoming a powerful, and hidden, new enemy.

[ cf Today's Must Read ]
Can there be any better, more clearere and compellingere, than ever before, that we MUST BOMB CANADA to get rid of the Iranian Influence in Iraq!!!

More Radical Left Liberal Wing Oppression


Are YOU as SHOCKED!!!!

SHOCKED!!! As I am that the evil Liberal Media is out there persecuting some HeteroSexual for being, well, HeteroSexual???

And that In SF??? ( San Francisco mayor admits affair with aide's wife )



There are HeteroSexuals In San Francisco!!!

Can there be any more clearer and more compellinger a reason to Bomb Canada to Stop The Iranian Flying Saucers????

Or Not.

Why The Real Id Program is such a fun solution....

Some have clearly looked at the idea of Real ID as a bonus programme for the up and coming young psuedo-Fascist and his psuedo-Fascist Wannabe Friends, check it out:
There are plenty of U.S. fascists, proto-fascists, and pseudo-fascists who are not currently in office. If these private authoritarian forces ever came to greater power (for example, by election, appointment, or the creation of private intelligence agencies, private armies, or paramilitaries), I expect that they wouldn't mind having access to very-detailed databases and mandatory "papers" that would be even more invasive than Real ID. Heck, how do we keep the currently-recorded data from being leaked to these folks now?

Looking at a person's personal data can help a political street-thug or budding dictator identify the opposition. Remember, they don't have to kill us all. As Ann Coulter pointed out, you only need to harm a few to intimidate the rest.

[ cf And They'll Know We Are Traitors By Our RFIDs ]

Just think of the job safety options....

Folks would be able to get those fun filled jobs that require no more skill than scan and trash...

Just think how that will stimulate the economy, as those high paying jobs in technology and stuff what is so hard to understand, go overseas...

hey Kids, it is bang the Gong Time....

President Hugo Chavez was granted free rein Wednesday to accelerate changes in broad areas of society by presidential decree, a move critics said propels Venezuela toward dictatorship.
[ cf Venezuela's Chavez gains power to rule by decree from legislature ]
Hum, the problem with presidential rule by decree.....

uh, what exactly is the problem with that again????

especially when it is a time of transferring the tax liability unto the unborn...

Talk About Messy Cases....

n 1998, federal prosecutors went to court to seize $1.4 million in assets they claimed Salah meant to funnel to Hamas. Newly revealed court documents show prosecutors were prepared to settle the case in July 2001 under an agreement that would have let the government keep the cash and Salah keep his Thomas Street house.

But the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks two months later changed the playing field and the long-running federal probe into Salah’s past, dubbed Vulgar Betrayal, was reincarnated.

In August 2004, then-U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft held a Washington news conference to announce terrorism charges against Salah.

[ cf The Accused ]
They have a name for it....

What is it called when the government seeks to fund projects by offering persons their freedom from prosecution for a split of what the person owns....

Two men accused of furnishing money and recruits to Palestinian terrorists were acquitted Thursday by a federal jury of racketeering conspiracy charges but convicted of lesser counts.

Muhammad Salah, 53, a former Chicago grocer, and Abdelhaleem Ashqar, 48, beamed broadly at the split verdict in the three-month trial in a case federal officials billed as a major element in the war on terrorism.

[ cf Palestinian terrorism trial ends in split verdict ]

Would the government have to give them back their personal property???

And given that Salah became an american citizen in 1979, ( here ) is this one of those ugly cases where the US is picking on american citizens???

Oh dear....

What are we suppose to do with these types of cases...

Hair Cuts In The Seventies, Do They Cause Islamicist Extremism....

IT is becoming more and more clearer that the Mooninites were a central part of the On Going Terrorist Assault on White Christian America!!!! What most folks may not hav known is that Haircuts in the Seventies may well have been the Root Cause!!!

Clearly in the New And Improved Family Oriented Way Forward World, we can NOT risk these types of Dangerous Scary Things, ( cf AlterNet: Update: Cartoon Marketing Ignites Bomb Scare [VIDEO] ) where there are scary people, and glowy things that could well be giving the finger....

A Hat Tip goes to Jesus's General for keeping the world safer from those Types!!!

{ for the slow readers, I think that the hair cuts of the seventies were PRECISELY the sort of evil liberalism that so many of the NeoConClownCarCrew have been saying is the sort of stuff that justifies the Militant Islamic Attacks on America, as the D'Souza Crisis so clearly pointed out to all true Believers!!! }

Can there be any doubt that we MUST bombb canada to prevent those seventies style hair cuts from underming our american way of life???

So Who's Side IS Judith Miller On???

Is this the wrong time to remind folks about how comical it was when the NYT had to let Judith Miller Go, when it became clear she was a Government Stoolie who was involved in planting stories on the NYT.....

So when she is testifying against Scooter Libby....

We know that she is telling the truthier Truth this time, uh, why???

Because this time it is Really Important to be on the Government's Side in the Case where those Evil Liberals are being Evil, And Liberal, and picking on poor scooter libby, who is getting stabbed in the back by the...

Oh dear, which side is the side of theyThemThoseTypes again???

Speaking Of Undicted Co-Conspirator Number 2....

Former vice presidential aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby acknowledged he may have discussed with Vice President Dick Cheney whether to tell reporters that a prominent war critic's wife worked at the CIA, an FBI agent testified Thursday.

Agent Deborah Bond's brief description of Libby's acknowledgment was about the only new information disclosed on the day. Otherwise, Libby's perjury trial was devoted mostly to dealing with vigorous and repeated defense efforts to exclude evidence that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald called "the guts of our case."

U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton accepted some defense arguments and rejected others during hours-long debates held outside the jury's presence.

[ cf Libby May Have Consulted With Cheney ]
Gosh! Golly, Gee Whiz....

I feel so sorry for the kids over at the NRO trying to duck the big bullet about,
Why did Ari Fleischer Get An Immunity From Prosecution Deal????

IF there was no criminal conspiracy to worry about???
and now we have to deal with the scary thought that what if Dick FORGOT that the law in america is THE LAW and that the VP really should not be advocating the commission of a FELONY!!!!

Oh hold it, what if the VP is no longer capable of telling when upholding the law is even a relevant functional notion in the coolio period of this whole new era....

OR is that the REAL 'back story' about the mooninites attacking Boston??? Hum???