January 26th, 2007


the which new policy policy of more staying the course...

When the president is doing speach utterance behaviors about not expanding the war beyond the borders of iraq, does this mean that the president is going to abandon the Iranian Freedom Fighters as his father abandoned the Kurds and Shi'ite in Iraq???

Or is this more of the same old, we are more at war than ever before rhetoric that means that we are now more a war with Iran than ever, since we are at this time not actually saying that we are more at war with iran than ever before since we are not upgrading from the ongoing war with them anyway....

If you know what I mean, about the Divine Decider, and his whole staying the course courseness.

Fortuntately the Bipartisanship of the Presidency is supportive of working well with congress in terms of not worrying about what anyone in congress is saying or doing, which is vary bipartisan of him....

So All Hail Great Leader!!! For He Has Electrolytes, What Plants Want!!!

Why Stoners Should Not Do Economics....

Wow, Like TOTALLY DUDE, I Mean, Like the problem here is like, there are like these deadbeats who like use credit cards to like let the credit card company pay the float and like that means that they are like taking advantage of like the credit card company, so like they should like have to pay more for like being deadbeats, because like they always pay off their credit cards like each month, uh, dude....

Sounds Stoned, eh, but how about it like:
In most instances today, it would be silly to pay an annual fee for a credit card simply because most cards don't have them anymore.

But in a Senate Banking Committee hearing examining credit card practices this week, one consumer advocate suggested those who pay their balances in full every month (about half of all cardholders) should pay a small annual fee to credit card companies.

Say you charge $1,000 at the beginning of every billing period and pay it off in full by its due date a month or so later. That's essentially an interest-free loan from the credit card company to you.

The affectionate term of art for those of us who do this is "deadbeat" because we're not that profitable for the credit card companies. Sure, issuers make money off of you through fees paid by merchants whenever you charge a purchase. And you're deemed a "valued customer" because you make an issuer's portfolio look better when they show it to the securities markets.

But let's face it, such model behavior on your part isn't going to plow record profits into an issuer's pockets.

[ cf Why you should pay an annual credit-card fee ]
Like Totally Bogus Man...

Dude, like we have to like stop those people who are like Picking on like the Innocent Credit Card Companies by like being just such DeadBeats...

Dude!!! Like, I Mean, Uh, Dude, All Hail Like The Great Leader, Like Dude, cause like he has like these electrolyte things, like dude, and like wow, they are like what plants want....

You know.

How EVER will we stop the whiners....

God, it is so pathetic and lame to hear whining whiners whine about their whineyNeff, such as
The president gets points for talking about immigration policy and for putting new ideas for health care reform on the table. But how dare he talk of the State of the Union without mentioning the Gulf Coast, and especially New Orleans. Has our president decided that one of our nation's greatest devastations does not merit a mention?

To be sure, the federal government has set aside billions of dollars for the region's recovery. But 15 months after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and the levees broke in New Orleans, tens of thousands of people still are displaced.

[ cf Is the Gulf Coast not part of our union? ]
Hello, that was like a long, long time ago, in a place, like far, far, far away....

And besides, would bringing back the displaced person who have left the gulf coast really make it more of an american enhancement to the greater american co-prosperity sphere??? Would it stop the Iranian Flying Saucers from Coming Back??? Would It make americans SAFE from the Growing Threat of the Canadianists And their Piratical Threat to make all Marriages GAY!!!!! Will IT prevent the Evil Nancy Pelosi Demonic Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair From RAMPAGING against out white christian america????



So why don't the whyning Whiners accept the fact that their 15 minutes of fame is like so a long time ago...

And learn to Praise Great Leader For Being GREAT!!!!

Because like Great Leader has Electrolytes!!! What Plants Want...

got Immunity From Prosecution....

Hum... an interesting arrangement, eh no??? One of those Evil Liberal Revolving Doors of Justice Sorts of Failures to be held personally accountable, eh no????

Except if one were say, oh, Ari Fleischer, or other players in the current regime, who need to be protected from persecution by the law for their criminal conduct...

So why exactly was there an alledged Immunity From Prosectution given to Ari, if he had committed no crimes, and there was no criminal problem in the recent betrayal and stab in the back of CIA operatives??? HUM???

Then there is the majik question of what Are libby's Lawyers fishing for with
Attorneys for former vice presidential aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby want more information about an unusual immunity-from-prosecution deal that government lawyers gave former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer in the CIA leak case.

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald says that in early 2004, as his investigation was heating up into who revealed CIA operative Valerie Plame's name to reporters, Fleischer stepped forward with an offer to prosecutors: Promise no prosecution and he would help their case.

[ cf Lawyers Probe Fleischer's Immunity Deal ]
So having established that a crime existed, for which Ari NEEDED an apriori pardon, one really does have to ask some unpleasant questions about those folks who have been supporting these criminals and their Stabbing Our Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back!!!!


Why have the neoConClownCarCrew been so supportive of stabbing our troops in the back for so long now???

Really, I am so serious here... Why have the NeoCons been such brave pretenders that stabbing our troops in the back is totally acceptable, especially if one can plea-bargin for an Immunity From Prosecution...

why doesnt' Disney Support IT's Pro-Torture Klique On KSFO???

Gosh kiddies.... one has to wonder which side the Freaks at Disney are really on, when it comes to being supportive of their Pro-Torture and Pro-Murder Fan club.... It appears that they are willing to try to shut down the folks who have been picking on KSFO.... ( cf Spocko Rocks ABC! Micky Mouse blinks! Updated: Spocko jumps in )....

But is that really all that Disney can do to be more openly Pro-Torture???

Why dont' we get the Mouse to come out and show how he has always supported the Divine Right Of Torturing Anyone, Anywhere, and that The Majik Kingdom understands that sometimes to make sure that it is a happy world after all, there has to be the Majikal Torture Camps in The Majikal Corners of the Majikal Kingdom.

Now wouldn't YOU want to go and visit the special Majikal Kingdom Toture Camps??? Can't YOU just HUNGER for the thrills and excitement of Supporting the Wonderful World Of Disney Toturing.... You Know, to keep america american!!! And to Show your true loyalty to Great Leader!!!

More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The Pro-Terrorist Clique!!! )

ARE YOU SHOCKED!!!! SHOCKED I TELL YOU!!! to learn that Canada is openly negotiating with TERRORISTS:
Maher Arar, the Canadian software engineer who was detained by American officials in 2002 and deported to Syria, where he was kept captive for nearly a year and regularly tortured, will receive more than 10.5 million Canadian dollars ($8.9 million) in compensation from the Canadian government, under a settlement announced today.

The settlement, which also includes an unspecified additional amount to cover Mr. Arar’s legal costs, ends a lawsuit brought by Mr. Arar and follows a recommendation from a judicial inquiry into his case. That inquiry found that the expulsion to Syria was apparently caused by false assertions made by Canadian police to United States officials, saying that Mr. Arar was linked to Al Qaeda.

Mr. Arar was pulled aside by immigration agents at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York as he changed planes on his way home to Montreal from Tunis. He was traveling on a Canadian passpor, but was sent instead to Syria, where he was born.

[ cf Canada Reaches Settlement With Torture Victim ]

How can the Evil Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Canadianists doubt that if the Americans Have Rendered someone, that the person is anything OTHER than a Terrorists....

Can We NOW please PROTECT AMERICA by enhancing the Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere!!!!

More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The Invasion Of Maine )

What other reason CAN exist for the Horrible On Slaught Of Radical Left Wing Extremists God Hating America Bashing in Maine, but that the VICIOUS JACK BOOTS OF CANADIANIST PIRATES have Invaded and overtaken the state of Maine and forced it into the Unholy Alliance With Interenational EVIL:
Maine became the first state in the nation yesterday to officially decline to comply with the Real ID Act of 2005, the federal law that critics say lays the foundation for the creation of a national identity card.

Both houses of the state Legislature -- unanimously in the Senate, 137 to 4 in the House -- approved a resolution rejecting compliance with the act, which requires states to replace their current drivers' licenses by May 2008 with forgery-proof cards embedded with private information. The legislatures urged its repeal .
To obtain the card, which is meant to ensure that the holder is in the country legally, an individual would be required to present a Social Security card, birth certificate, proof of residency, and a biometric identifier, such as a fingerprint. The card would employ "common machine-readable technology" that could be scanned to verify a person's identity.

All this information, digitally stored, would become part of a nationwide database, accessible by federal, state, and local government employees.

[ cf Maine rejects compliance with national ID card law ]


That the Vicious Canadianists Pirates have So BRUTALLY repressed a Free People that they have taken over the government of the state and made it a front for International EVIL!!!!

Now More Than EVER we must Free Maine from the Repression of Canadianists Pirates and their Gay Marriage Only Agenda of International EVIL!!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For He Has Electrolytes!!! They are what plants Want!!!!

And Canadianist Pirates Are BAD PEOPLE!!!!

got Guilt Complex....

Is it just me, or is there such an ironic piece of comedy in the still ongoing rhetorical posturing of the pro-war crowd, as they try to cope with their myriad of guilt complexes....

One of my favorite is this idea about
<Foo> is offering aid and comfort to the enemy in a "time of war".
which right now is also including the idea that Congress can disagree with the president, and that congress had some constitutional obligations back in the failed days of Pre-911 when America was a Constitutional Republic.

What I find so comical here is that so many of the whiners here, whining about 'offering aid and comfort' are the very same persons who's opposition to President Clinton, and his handling of the war, including, but not limited to the Impeachment Trial, have yet to openly accept their personal responsibility for inticing whom ever attacked the world trade center, the second time.

I say, "whom ever attacked the world trade center", since it remains under-clear whether or not Saddam Hussein was personally involved in that attack, and now that he has been executed, it is even less likely that he will be able to make any "made for TV movies" about how it really had all been his fault, and that if it had not been for the restoration of the iraqi Wetlands, that he would have continued his habitual attacking of the world trade center...

So folks, as we move into the new season of Guilt And Angst, be really careful, as you never know, some day one of the VOCHAS around you may suddenly wake up, sober up, and become tragically and painfully aware of the logical consequences of their ideological posturing, and suddenly decide that they have no other choice but to follow their clear and compelling argument to it's conclusion, and they embark upon being the Mass Murderer that they know must be the inevitable end of the loss of faith.

In the Mean Time, try not to guilt them into getting nervous....

of course we will win...

Because unlike all of the other times that the president has surged troops into Iraq, this time he is committed to the fact that this time is special and therefore it has to work, unlike the other times....

hence, it will work!!!

Because Great Leader has Said It Will Work!!!!

And the Great Leader Has Electrolytes!!! Which are what plants want!!!

Therefore the victory is just around the corner, and anyone who does not see the greatest of all Great and Glorious Victorious Victories is merely being a Defeatist Cut and Runner Appeaser who doesn't believe in the president and have been putting out those negative waves....

why only 10%? when we could be surging say 250,000+ troopers

has anyone ever paused to wonder why it is that there is no clear and compelling argument for throwing away the lives of only 21,000 troopers rather than going for some gusto with say 250,000 troopers, or maybe even the full 500,000 troopers, or say a 2.5 million troop force, that would allow us to help restore all of the wetlands in iran....

Is there room for Nato in the NWO???

clearly we must all be wondering that, especially given
A top US State Department official warned Friday that NATO's future may hinge on alliance members dropping conditions they have placed on their troops' service in Afghanistan. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns says the so-called "caveats" on what various contingents may do in that country are an "existential" issue for NATO. VOA's David Gollust reports from the State Department.
[ cf US Says Afghan Troops Issue Critical to NATO's Future ]
Can we really allow NATO to stay in our
Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere
IF they are unwilling to do their Obedience to the DIVINE WILL OF GOD!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For He Has God's Divinely APPOINTED Electrolytes, What Plants Want!!!

targetting iranian insurgents....

hum... does this mean that we have not been killing, and/or capturing, insurgents???

Or do we really mean to say that now the gloves are off and that we will be directly targetting the unarmed women and children, since they are the 'industrial infrasctructure' that has been the known creators of persons who become insurgents.... You know, that cooler form of Strategic Warfare....

and that we will finally allow SAC to start bombing morer and morer places in the unrestricted bombing campaigns against those 'industrial infrastructures' - and also allowing the Strategic Bomber Command to engage in Area Denial Attacks where we start firebombing more and more of these 'industrial infrastrucures' since the previous strategic bombing policy of Pin Point Precision Bombing is useless against these more diversitifed "industrial infrastructures"....

All Hail Great Leader!!! For he will unleash the great Grand Battle Fleet and we will be able to win the great naval battles of Northern Iraq that the Evil Liberal Have Been Preventing Us From Using As The War Winning Ways!!!