January 25th, 2007


History Time - You Be The Judge!!!

Hey kids, what if you were the Great Leader, and the year was 1947! It has been six long hard fought years of struggle against the Venezualean/Iranian Flying Saucers, and it is time for you to present the way forward. What will you do????
  • Kapitulate the the Defeatist Cut And Runners?
  • Gloriously Continue the Round the Clock Bombing of Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Benelux, even Switzerland and Italy
or are you just not got what it takes to be a Great Leader And Keep On Keeping On the
Stay The Course
Stayfulness, merely because the defeatist capitulationist cut and runners are still whining that the attack on pearl harbor had nothing to do with Venezualean or Iranian Flying Saucers, and that some how, simply because we had occupation forces in Germany and Japan and Italy, that this was suppose to be indicative of an excuse to stop bombing those countries....

Remember, Let History Be Your Guide!!!!

As long as it is the Correct History!!! The History That WOULD have been, if it had not be corrupted by the defeatist cut and runner appeasers in the evil liberal media meatpuppetry!!!!

Remember you are comparing your choices against the Greatness of Great Leadere!!!!

Al Hail Great Leader!!! For he has electrolytes!!! What Plants Want!!!

Things that simply suck

A 101st Airborne Division soldier pleaded guilty Thursday to murdering three detainees in Iraq last year, saying he went along with a plan to make it look like they were escaping.

Pfc. Corey R. Clagett, 21, was one of four soldiers from the division's 3rd Brigade "Rakkasans" who were accused in the detainees' deaths during a May 9 raid on the Muthana chemical complex in Samarra, about 60 miles north of Baghdad.

In an agreement with prosecutors, Clagett, of Moncks Corner, S.C., pleaded guilty to charges of murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to obstruct justice. Prosecutors dropped a second obstruction charge and charges of disrespecting an officer and threatening.

[ cf Soldier admits murdering Iraqi detainees ]
remember when the 101st was considered and Elite Military Unit in the american military....

and not simply one more of those groups where folks go when they just have a need to randomly kill folks for no apparent good reason.

Patriotic Slogans To Die For.....

Hey kids, did you hear the new one?
"stop enabling the enemy by looking at the facts!"
[ cf Bravos & boos for Cheney's CNN interview ]
or the even morer Patriotically Corrector, and Theologically More Corrector Than Thou,
Conservative Hugh Hewitt at Townhall.com says "Bravo, Vice President Cheney." Hewitt says "the vice president clobbered Wolf Blitzer ... once again demonstrating for the American people the important line that separates public life from private life."
( op cit )
since of course, it is important to know when, where, and whom, has a private life that is some how seperate from the scrutiney of whom by which means in the current Holy Crusade Against All Monsters!!!!

Ok, so in the current era it is so hard to remember if there is really a private life, since of course, folks reallly should be more open with the state security apparatus, and of course, as we all patriotically, and theologically, corrector than thou, support the understanding that the Journalists Out There are now the front line of the state security apparatus and must report to the state security apparatus all suspect actions of suspect persons who may be at some time in the future suspect of something!!!

Since of course, if people have nothing to hide, then they of course are willing to bear all in their True Love Of Great Leader!!! Who IS GREAT!!!! Even if it is not a truthier truthiness about what they really hold as their position, since we do not want to get bogged down in facts and brutally engage in
"enabling the enemy by looking at the facts!"
since we know that only by True Loyalty To Great Leadere will we ever be freere than ever before!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For he has electrolytes, What Plants Want!!!

That Evil Liberal Perscution Continues....

A Jordanian man fatally shot his 17-year-old daughter whom he suspected of having sex despite a medical exam that proved her chastity, an official said Thursday. The man surrendered to police hours after the killing, saying he had done it for family honor.

A state forensic pathologist, who works at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine in Amman where an autopsy was performed, said in a phone interview that the girl had run away from home several times for unknown reasons.

Weeks ago, the girl had returned home from a family protection clinic after doctors had vouched for her virginity and the father had signed a pledge not to harm her, the pathologist said on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the case.

"The tests proved that she was a virgin," the pathologist said. The girl returned home only after her father signed a statement promising not to harm her, he added.

The father shot the girl four times in the head on Tuesday. On Wednesday, an autopsy was performed that again showed "she was still a virgin," the pathologist said.
In response, the government has abolished a section in the penal code that allowed for "honor" killers to get sentences as lenient as six months in prison. Instead, the government has told judges to consider honor killings on a par with other homicides, which in Jordan are punishable by up to 15 years in jail.

But attempts to introduce harsher sentences have been blocked by conservative lawmakers who argue that tougher penalties would lead to promiscuity.

Queen Rania also has called for harsher punishment for such killers.

[ cf Father kills daughter; doubted virginity ]

Can you imagine life in a country where the Government would SOOO PERSECUTE RELIGION as to outlaw the god given biblically literal right to get rid of witches in one's family....

How can such Evil Liberal Persecution of Religion be allowed!!!!

Or are we suppose to adopt the idea that some how the so called 'scientific evidence' that the daughter was suppose to still be a virgin was suppose to in some way be the modernn secular humanist absolution that was suppose to prevent the Father from doing his Fatherly Duty....

What Would HAPPEN if this sort of brutally repressive regime were to be let lose in america, and the american police were to start arresting every Biblically Literal Father who slaughtered and slew the harlotry in their midst!!!

Thank GOD we have Great Leader!!! Who has the Word Of GOD!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For He has Electrolytes, What Plants Want!!!

not a Cultural Quagmire

It is interesting that the issue of "enjoyment marriages" is making the talking points again, ( cf Cultural Quagmire ) where folks like digby of course are whining the liberal whine.

The REAL CRISIS here is not that there is more than one marriage going on concurrently here, but that the EVIL RADICAL LIBERAL EXTREMISTS are not extending the additional tax advantages that should be going with a marriage simply because the EVIL RADICAL LIBERAL EXTREMISTS had tax reform!!!!

That is not a Cultural Quagmire, that is the Horrors of EVIL RADICAL LIBERAL EXTREMISTS and their hatred of tax reform.

Clearly GREAT LEADER will free the americans from this brutal repression bby Evil RADICAL LIBERAL EXTREMISTS and will offer the approrpriate tax credits to all who engage in the appropriate enjoyment marriages, as well as the obligatory business expenses and capital depretiation allowances that should be a part of the marriage tax credit packages, since clearly one's first wife is not getting any younger, and one is losing much of the resale value on that first wife, even on the trouphy wife....

All HAIL GREEAT LEADER!!! For he has electrolytes, they are what plants want!!!

More Reasons To Bomb Canada ( The Two Mommy Threat )

Are YOU SHOCKED!!! as SHOCKED as I am to hear that the BRUTAL JACK BOOTED IRON FOOT OF REPRESSION has been crushing civilization in Canada!!! I was Just SHOCKED to learn that Cheney's Daughter could go to Canada and gain recognition for her daughter to have a lawful relationship with both of her mummies...


The Hullabaloo folks note this ( My Two Moms ) without pointing out that this is all a part of the Dark And Sinister Plot of the Gay ( Yada-yada, etc ) Pirate Canadianists Plot to OUTLAW REAL MARRIAGES by allowing ONLY GAY MARRIAGES!!!!

Clearly WE MUST GO ON WINNING AGAINST CANADA!!!!! Until Canada is Free and integrated into the global economy, just like our Great Success Story Iraq!!!! Anything Less And the Iranian Flying Saucers Will Return!!!!!

ALL HAIL GREAT LEADER!!!!! for he has electrolytes, what plants want...

got Lower Bounds????

Hey Boys And Girls!!! What is the DOW Point and/or Bond Point, at which opening up a land war IN Iran is morally justified, in the same way that we decided to restore the wetlands in iraq....

yes, I know, it was such a long, long, long time ago, and it was SOOO hard to correlate the transition in the downward drift in the DOW/Dollar/Bond Markets and the majik of the American Troops Going into Iraq to help the Iraqi People Restore their Wetlands....

But what if that is the real precedence.....

So what IS that poin in the DOW when it has slid enough to mandate a liberation of Iran, and to restore the wetlands in Iran, just as we have brought Peace, freedom and HappiNeff to Iraq!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For he has electrolytes, What Plants Want!!!

Solving the Branson Virgin America Crisis....

First the Silly Bit From The Evil Liberal Media:
But in his latest venture, Branson's problem is that he simply isn't American enough. His dream of launching Virgin America, a low-fare U.S. airline, has run into a xenophobic buzz saw - a 1926 federal law that bars foreigners from controlling domestic carriers - and a furious onslaught from the airline's would-be competitors.

Based in San Francisco, Virgin America has $177 million in financing, seasoned management, plans to fly coast to coast, and nine Airbus jets, to be equipped with comfy leather seats and personal video screens featuring live satellite TV, movies and games.

[ cf Branson's Virgin America gets grounded ]
Hello XenoPhobia....

Clearly we need a simple and straight forward solution to this silly problem. Enter the Great Solution
The Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere
and we make it clear to one and all that we no longer recognize the United Kingdom as a unique compoente of GOD's DIVINELY WILLED
The Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere
and that it will no longer be viewed as exterior to our White Christian American Way of life.

At which point, those persons whom the Department of Ideological Hygiene's consider as being Ideologically Clean Enough to be fully incorporated into our Great White Christian American Holy Empire will be allowed to enter into
The Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere
as true believers who truly believe!!!!

This way all that this Richard Branson will need to do is establish that he has always been on the Side of TRUTH! Justice, and the American Way!!! Or we will of course have to burn him in the pit of sulphourous fire so as to purify him for his transition into the afterlife, since as a member of
The Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere
he will need to be protected from the evil doing evil doers who would want him to be corrupted in his flesh and sent to the Burning Sulphourous Pits of Gehana!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For he has electrolytes, What Plants Want...

The TreeHuggerInChief Freaks Out....

has anyone taken the time to explain to the TreeHuggerInChief that one of the principle sources of energy consumption in the federal government is the DOD and it's wasted missions....

So when the TreeHuggerInChief Bleats Out:
U.S. President George W. Bush on Wednesday urged the federal government to "lead by example" by reducing energy consumption and using alternative fuels.

"This morning, President Bush signed an executive order to support alternative fuel use and help the federal government reduce oil use," said a statement released by the White House.

The order calls for steps such as increasing the use of alternative fuels in government fleet vehicles and using hybrid vehicles, it added.

[ cf Bush urges federal gov't to reduce oil use ]

Like Dude, where is the Stoner Dealer pushing the Crank on the TreeHuggerInChief, since clearly they all need to like take some time in the Rehab and learning to like kope....

All Hail The TreeHuggerInChief, For he has Electrolytes, like a whole lot of extra electrolytes, like what plants want... you know, uh, dude...

and this nifong issue, please....

North Carolina law requires prosecutors to share all relevant information with defense lawyers promptly. Mr. Nifong told the judge in the case that he had turned over everything he had — “a misrepresentation and false statement of material fact made to a tribunal,” the bar wrote. Mr. Nifong later objected to a defense request to turn over the full laboratory reports, citing cost and privacy concerns and terming the papers sought “a witch hunt list,” the bar said.
[ cf More Ethics Charges Brought Against Official in Duke Case ]
Ok, so what is the problem here???

It is not like any of the Duke Players were sent off to GitMo to be further questioned about possible actual imaginary involvement with terrorists or anything... I mean folks can't be serious about mandating that the Goverment be limited in it's power to provide what ever testimony is required????

Why they can't seriously be OPENLY ATTACKING the SPECIAL POWERS that a War President has to do what ever is done, by what ever means or reason, and/or anyone who has a reasonable belief, or hope, or some expectation, or the appeal, to the prospect that the War President ordered, or might of order, or could have ordered, the specified special action to protect americans from Possible Evil Doers!!!!

I mean how many americans REALLY KNOW that those Duke Lacrosse Players were all really american? Or actually Lacrosse Players, and not front men for Iranian Flying Saucers!!!! Or Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianists, or WORSE YET!!!!! LIBERALS!!!!

Isn't it far too soon to be jumping on the Partisan Persecution Band Wagon???

I mean americans support the president's right to use tortured confessions in any trials that he finds it useful to use them in, so why should americans be all that squimish about Patriotic Americans Patriotically Americanizing the Judicial System.... Hum???

Do americans really want the iranian flying saucers to return???

More Stoner Moments....

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicted on Wednesday that the federal budget deficit would shrink again this year and could actually swing into a surplus in 2012 — but only if President Bush’s tax cuts expire in 2010.
[ cf Budget Office Forecasts Drop in U.S. Deficit ]

Abandon the President's Job Creation Stimulus Tax Cuts???

WOW!!! I Mean, uh, Dude, like TOTALLY .....

There is like, also this whole big unknown like problem with how much, and how long, that whole IraqiThingiePooh will be the Big Open Cancerous Bleeding Tax Sour.... which of course the CBO is not too sure how to go about costing out the potential continued cost of that and other fantasy flights on the rest of the whole WhatevereOnWhomevere....

But All Hail Great Leader!!! For Like Dude, He has Electrolytes!!!! You Know, like what Plants Want...

say what....

what sort of defeatist cut and runner appeasers are out there???

I just saw another radical left wing extremist who is alledgely tossing his hat into the ring to run for president on the GOP ticket.....

how can that be???

how could anyone choose to run against a war president when the nation is suppose to be more at war than ever before!!! why who can forget the campaign position of the VOCHAS from the 2004 campaign, when it was clearere than ever before, that clearly no one would have run against FDR during WWII....

So how can anyone even suggest that there were so call Republicans who would Oppose Dubya as the Divinely Selected Greatest Military Leader, EVER!!!!

or what if the problem here boys and girls is that the failure of the 22nd Ammendment keeps getting more and more obvious each time the folks have to deal with the lameness in american politics where we say that a president should not be held accountable for his conduct, because, well, it is not like he will have to run for the presidency again....

What if the 22nd Ammendment DOES NOT have Electrolytes!!!!????!!!!