January 11th, 2007


VOA falls to Al-Qaeda...

I mean, what other explanation can there be for the Radical Left Wing Extremists God Hating America Bashers at The Voice Of America to engage in the whole Dolchstosslegende!!!! ( And why ever does the Wikipedia have an Iraq War section in there??? Hum.... )

Clearly when the Evil Unamerican Types Spew Anti-State Propoganda Like:
"President Bush has said Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Tony Blair has said Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Donald Rumsfeld has said Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Richard Butler has said they do. The United Nations has said they do. The experts have said they do. Iraq says they don't. You can choose who you want to believe," Fleischer said.

When U.S. inspectors found no weapons of mass destruction, the president's political opponents sought to use that against him. Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was the Democratic nominee for president in 2004.

"The president of the United States and the vice president of the United States may well be the last two people on the planet who won't face the truth about Iraq," he said.

The president said he had done the right thing.
"Stay the course" means, let's get the job done, but it doesn't mean staying stuck on a strategy or tactics that may not be working. So perhaps I need to do a better job of explaining that we're constantly adjusting," he said.

[ cf Bush: Change in Iraq Strategy 'Ideological Struggle of Our Time' ]

So if this is an Ideological Struggle, is it even relevant to have troops in Iraq, when clearly the Anti-State Elements, like the Voice Of America are allowed to engage in Anti-State Activity, without even BEING in Iraq!!!

Clearly we can Stay The Course Of IRRADICATING ANTI-STATE ELEMENTS without needing to have troops in Iraq!!!!

All Hail The Great Stay The Coursere who is more about staying the course than any other Stay The Courser, EVER!!!!! And IN a blue dress!!!!

got consulate???


Hey kids, what would happen if an american consulate were raided by some third party military clique??? Would Americans consider this a status quo part of the way the world is these days, and not really something to get all upset about???

Or would they, say, well, gosh, Golly, Clearly the Biblically Literalist Demands of the Argument From Intelligent Design MANDATES the clear and compelling call to Nuke Those Mothers...

got Bad Targetting Algorithms???

None of three top suspected terrorists in Somalia was killed in a U.S. airstrike this week, but Somalis with close ties to al-Qaeda were killed, a senior U.S. official in the region said Thursday.
A day earlier, a Somali official had said a U.S. intelligence report had referred to the death of one of the three senior al-Qaeda members believed responsible for bombing U.S. embassies in East Africa in 1998. But U.S. and Ethiopian troops in southern Somalia were still pursuing the three, the U.S. official in Kenya said Thursday on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record.

In Washington, officials had said U.S. special operations forces were in Somalia. U.S. and Somali officials said Wednesday a small American team has been providing military advice to Ethiopian and Somali forces on the ground. The officials provided little detail and spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information.

The U.S. forces entered Somalia with Ethiopian forces late last month when Ethiopians launched their attack against a Somali Islamic movement said to be sheltering al-Qaeda figures, one of the officials said.

Abdirizak Hassan, the Somali president's chief of staff, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that al-Qaeda suspect Fazul Abdullah Mohammed was killed. He said he learned of the death in a U.S. intelligence report passed on to the Somali authorities. Fazul, one of the FBI's most wanted terrorists, has evaded capture for eight years.

[ citing U.S. official: No al-Qaeda suspects killed in Somalia airstrikes ]

So the continuing Questions, CONTINUE!!!!

Are we still More at War With Somalia Than Ever Before???

Even More Important??? Are We More Winning And More Victoriously Glorious In our War With Somalia, Than EVER!!! Before!!!

Hum... our advisors are now on the ground in Somalia with the Ethopian Forces.... Interesting turn of the card here, now isn't that.... Makes one wonder what the real role of Military Advisor is suppose to be these days....

got "Well Defined Mission"

Hum... one really does have to wonder, given all of the Mission Accomplished Dancing, what exactly IS the Mission In Iraq??? And how, if anything, does that relate to the current Sequence of ThingusesOfPooh???

One of my friends sent me Bush steps up battle for Baghdad a nice "low bandwidth" british take on the speach utterance behavior, in which the president is alledge to have asserted that the troops will have a well defined mission....

Gosh, Golly, Gee Willakers....

What IS the Colour Of The Blue Dress In Great Leader's Closet Of Scary Thingies....

Stop The Invasion Of Ferrign Devils!!!!

Oh sure, we are all suppose to get the Big Hard On For Bend it Like Beckham coming to the USofA - but of course the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA MEATPUPPETS are failing to note the OBVIOUS!!!!

One More Ferrign Devil Taking Away a High Paying Job from some american!!!

Clearly we should have BOMBED CANADA because of Gretsky, but did any of the Evil Klintonesta care??? Hum??? Do any of them care now as they give away our High Paying Jobs to Ferrign Devils!!!!

Can there be any doubt that the Evil Klintonesta must be forced out of power to make our america american again!!!!

More Defeatists....

I so love watching the SFGate folks got totally wingNuttery.... It was just too cute that their 2 cents section had some serious winners for the "how should congress respond to bush's plan?"
They should keep their mouths shut. Until the mantle of commander-in-chief is transferred to them by a Constitutional amendment, their job is to support the troops with funds and whatever else is necessary.
( Dan Dobleman, Daly City)
Now there is a failure to comprehend.... it were as if the president were allowed some majikal and mystical powers as a 'war president' that previously had not existed.... you know, like back when the impeachment of Clinton was the Hot Buzz about supporting the President to Support The Troops!!!! Then there is the deeply insightful
First, they should wait and hear what the president has to say, as should the rest of us. And then they should follow up with their own message detailing a better plan, if they have one.
(Paula Mochel, San Francisco)
Talk about Telling it like it IS!!!! The president blows prime time TV, to not share what is going on, so that more americans are no closer to knowing IF the president has been near a plan.....

But the one that I really liked for PURE COMEDY
Congress holds the money bags for war, peace and everything in between. It first needs to put the cost of administration's Iraq escalation into the overall federal budget and not treat it as Bush's personal earmark. Then I'd urge it to purge the surge.
(Norm Levin, San Rafael)

You mean the american tax payers are not merely the cash cow to help the war president get over his fear of Barbarella????

Would this be a bad time to remind americans that we got to 1966 in vietnam with some 5,008 'combat deaths' and an additional 1,045 non-hostile deaths for a total of 6,053. We had done the '61 to '65 period, you know, with the Run Around of what exactly the Golf Of Tonkien resolution meant, with only 1,864.... So how long till americans work out what DID they think they thought they said they meant about which position do they want to hold on their lessons learned from ThatVietnamThingiePooh.... ( h/t to Casualties - US vs NVA/VC for the body count number ). Are we suppose to be getting all warm and happy that so far the fiasco in Iraq is not as bad as....

Why do they keep trying that poseur posture???

Would this be even a badder time to re-ask the same old dog eared question about what exactly was it about Ronald Reagan getting divorced, remember that this mystical event occurs right before the American Congress opts out of Declaring War On North Korea, which would invade South Korea, and instead supports the mythos that we were merely the "police action of Korea", Sponsored by the Blue Helmetted One Worlders at the U.N. = since I am still at a loss to understand this 'constitutional pundits' who keep trying to use the fact that we have not declared war since Ronald Reagan to justify the new and improved policy posture about being more at war when it is politically expedienter to be so...

Gosh, what if america were to actually decide to be a Constitutional Republic???

Or IS that what the whole 'at war neff' is all about???

got God Hating America Bashers???

Are You as SHOCKED!!!! SHOCKED!!! as I am that the US Senate has become a hot bed of radical left wing extremists lead by the Evil Communist Puppet Toadies!!!
The plan is ``the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam,'' Senator Chuck Hagel, a Republican of Nebraska, told Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at a hearing of the committee today.
Senator Norm Coleman, a Minnesota Republican, said he doubted that the Iraqi government had the resolve to make the Bush plan work. ``I just don't know if the Iraqis are done killing each other,'' he said.

[ cf Bush's Iraq Plan Draws Fire From Senate Republicans ]
And Those Radical Left Wing Extremist Pinko Hollywood Propoganda Rags like Bloomberg!!!!

Shame on them for Carrying Such Red Propoganda!!!

And that while the nation is still transferring the tax liability unto the Unborn....

got 92,000 pairs of boots....

Remind me again, how exactly IS the new fantasy of getting some 92,000 more troops for the next five years of the Holy Crusades Against What ever???? HUM???

Are the VOCHAS majikally going to get cured and suddenly stop sitting on their face? Or What?

So while we are debated the finessing points of the alledged 21,000 surgies to save Baghdad from the Siege of The Mahdi's Troops - gosh, isn't this where Charlton Heston plays China Gordon in Khartum is this suppose to be the Charlton Hestonof 55 Days at Peking ??? And we get all the collateral cultural motif moments like The Four Feathers??? ( all of the various films from the 1915 one forward, which are all adaptations of the 1902 story... But of course all americans knew that part, knowing the history of the Decline of the british empire brought on by the complete moral collapse as they allowed Bad People To Be Bad....

Now remind me again why the nation is now more at war than ever before???