January 8th, 2007


And This Is Problematic How?

"He presented Wielgus as a victim of an assault, an innocent, hunted person. He didn't even mention that the archbishop lied to the last minute. That he lied to the pope, bishops and faithful."
[ cf Polish priest resigns over alleged communist police links after archbishop scandal ]
So remind me again, when one is in a time of transferring the tax liability unto the unborn, there is some issue with being more Truthier Than Thou, or What???

Besides, all True Patriotically, and Theologically, Corrector Than Thou, support the Ordination of the Official Secrets Act, and the need to always support the Secret Police of The State, Because GOD has devinely elected the Leadership and the True Manifestation of the Greatness of Leadership, hence one must always support the Leadership to support the Secret Police Of The State....

{ be very careful kiddies with that Roman's Chapter 13 Biblical Literalist Moment, it may not take you where you want to land in the end!!! }

More Reasons To Bomb Canada!!! - ( The Indictment Stuff )

Officials in the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau say that about 220 of the estimated 1,300 workers arrested in last month's raid on the Swift & Co. meat plants now face criminal identity theft charges, as well as other infractions.

The Swift raid was the biggest U.S. workplace raid in recent history, costing the meat plant an estimated $30 million in lost revenue. In fact, Swift & Co. says it has still not reached its pre-raid production levels, with plants targeted across the country, including those in Greeley, Colorado; Grand Island, Nebraska; Cactus, Texas; Hyrum, Utah; Marshalltown, Iowa; and Worthington, Minnesota.

Although some 220 workers were arrested during the December 12th raids, which ICE officials called a crackdown on an identity-theft scheme, some of those detained claim their rights were violated.

In fact, a federal judge heard opening arguments in a lawsuit filed by The United Food and Commercial Workers union in U.S. District Court in Denver, which claims the federal government violated the workers' due process rights during the December raids.

[ citing Criminal Charges Continue To Mount In Meat Packing Raids ]
Hey Kids, GUESS the actual arrest number....

Clearly it must be progressive Progress, that at least some fraction of those arrested are actually going to go on trialish, give or take, the chance that they actually get to trial, since, well, as a nation, we are in the process of not only detatching detention from arrest, and that from indictment, from trial....

It is soooo great to see us GitMoIzing the Mainland, now that more americans support the Divine Right of the Great Leader to detain anyone anywhere for any reason....

What will be interesting, as we wander through this Swiftian Fantasy Land, is the question of whether or not the State will get all Whiney about the Corporate Suit Types, and whether or not any of them were involved in this Massive Konspirakii.... Gosh, wonder what would happen if any of the Corporate Overlords were suddenly detained in the same ratio - you know haul in some 1,300 of them, and maybe indict say, oh 200 of them.... How far down the Corporate Overlord Ladder would that take them????

Ah yes, once upon a time, in the dark EVIL DAYS, Red Kommunist Holyweird made Evil Demonic Films like Border Incident (1949) where the Mexican and Americans worked together to go after the Evil Doers who were hiring Illegals... Ah yes, back when Ricardo Montalban was still a young, dynamic and socially relevant actor....

You know, back in the EVIL DAYS, when the veterans fresh back from WWII were a bit more active about taking care of the folks who had kept america free, and were interested in keeping those Rhetorical Devices as, well, an active part of our Actual Culture, and not merely Vacuous Holy Symbols to be reveared in the emptiness of their mere Symbolism....

Thank GOD we are so pass those times....

More Reasons To Bomb Canada!!! - ( The Interest Rates )

Hum, what would happen if...
Bonds fell again Monday as a pumped-up jobs report from Friday continued to inflict pain.

The benchmark 10-year note lost 4/32, or $1.25 on a $1,000 note, to yield 4.66 percent, up from 4.65 late Friday.

The 30-year bond slipped 4/32, or $1.25 on a $1,000 bond, to yield 4.74 percent. The five-year note declined 3/32 to yield 4.66 percent, while the two-year note fell 1/32 to yield 4.78.

On Friday, the Labor Department said employers added 167,000 jobs in December, up from an upwardly revised 154,000 in November. Economists polled by Briefing.com had forecast a rise of 100,000 in December.

[ cf Jobs still weigh on bonds ]

What is it with this Mythos that 167,000 new jobs is really going to be putting the pressure on??? That is basically covering the new kids out there... Meanwhile we have that other funny:
The biggest problem with job growth right now isn't too few new jobs. It's too few skilled workers.

The Labor Department's December employment report Friday showed stronger than expected job and wage growth, with a net gain of 167,000 jobs in the month, and average hourly wages up 4.2 percent from a year ago. But even in this report, the pace of job gains was showing signs of slowing down.

The fourth quarter gain was below the third quarter and 2006 saw 143,000 fewer jobs added to payrolls than in 2005, or almost a month's worth of hiring. And that's a comparison to a year in which hurricanes Katrina and Rita took a bite out of jobs.

In addition, one survey earlier in the week from employment service ADP released Wednesday showed U.S. private sector employment shrank in December, the first decline in 3-1/2 years.

[ Skilled worker shortage hurts U.S. ]
Which is the way of things here, really???

Ok, so let me get this straight... the Private Sector Skilled Labor Pool is having problems, but the numbers are suppose to be "up" - which would mean that we have more bloat in the Non-Private Sector UnSkilled Jobs....

And this means that we should be uh, what again????

Oh yes, now I remember, Bombing Canada, because the Upside of the Bond Market, which the Evil Defeatists Kapitulationist Cut And Runner Pimco was Evilly Saying,
The Federal Reserve is likely to slash benchmark interest rates by up to one percentage point in 2007 as U.S. economic growth is stung by weakness in the housing market, Bill Gross, chief investment officer of PIMCO, said Monday.

But speaking to the Reuters Investment Summit in New York, Gross said the statement to be issued at Tuesday's Federal Open Market Committee meeting likely will be almost identical the most recent versions, with a focus on inflation risks.

"If the statement stays the same (on Tuesday), that puts my forecast back a month or six weeks" in terms of the potential start of a rate-cutting cycle, Gross said via a conference call from Pacific Investment Management Co.'s Newport Beach, California, headquarters.

[ cf PIMCO's Gross: Rate cuts coming ]

If the fed allows the drift down, then the Evil Demonic Ferrign Devil Types Overseas may continue their FLIGHT from the American, God Given, One True And ONLY, Dollar into HEATHENIST Currencies, will, uh, lead to a repositioning of what Other Countries we will have to keep on bombing to keep them understanding that Our Currency is Backed By Nuclear Weapons and Our Willingness To Nuke Anyone WHO Opposes the Argument From Intelligent Design and the Clear and Compelling Mandate that Our Dollar is the Best Dollar EVER!!!!

Hey kids, if the Dollar is now at 1.30 to the Euro and Rising, and it had been below 1.20, this is known as what sort of relationship between the Dollar And Euro!!!!

IF you said, CLEAR AND COMPELLING PROOF THAT WE MUST BOMB CANADA!!! You should submit your resume to the current administration, as you may be the next Kommisariate Of State Security For Currency Mangement!

got Trick Question Time????

Hey kids, is
'New Way Forward'
'Stay The Course'???
Or is it actually going to be a newer ordering of the same old stuff in the same old way, but with fluffier, more nature, family values, spring time fresh, minty green tasty sparkly poney Moments??? Jumbo Sized!!!!

And IN a Blue Dress???