January 5th, 2007


The Country Needs More Health And Safety Alerts....

I just noticed that the two volume set of Pinky and The Brain does NOT, repeat, does NOT, come with an appropriate health and safety warning on the side.

As a Public Service, I would like to make it PAINFULLY CLEAR that this is a GRAVE NATIONAL SECURITY RISK!!!!

It is ok to watch any episode of Pinky And The Brain, while sewing, presuming there is enough light, so as not to poke yourself with any of the pointy objects!!!!

BUT IT IS A GRAVE NATIONAL SECURITY RISK!!!!! If you watch any episode of Pinky And The Brain, while reading the Iraq Study Group Report.

It should be considered a Grave Capital Crime to say "NARF" while Reading the Iraq Study Group Report, and DEFINITELY, you should never say
Are You Pondering What I Am Pondering?
since in theory the Iraq Study Group Report is not Viral Marketing for Silly Take Over The World Scheme Madmen.... and/or Lab Rats with the same intentions.

One REALLY should be able to keep one's National Weapons Release Authority distinct from a Mutant Rodent and his Someone Chaotic Evil Fellow Travelor!!!

As SUCH the EVIL DOING EVIL DOERS, who are doing evil, at Warner Brothers, and their sister Dot, should be FORCED by Pain Of Law, to PUT some Appropriate Health And Safety Warning On Their Product For The Protection of Our White Christian American Way of Life or the Iranian Flying Saucers will return!!!

Thus Endeth The Public Service Announcement, Go Thou And Sin No More Against the National Security and the Greatest Of All Military Leaders EVER!!!!!

Speaking Of "The Children Of Men" - reviewish

Ever feel like a turd in a punch bowl? So there I am, floating around the ice and chunks of pineapple, wondering what’s wrong with me. My crime? Did I try to outbid Michael Jackson for Mother Theresa’s bones? No. Did I walk into a nursery and ask who the parents of the ugly baby were? No. Did I force patients in a coma ward to suffer through A Simple Life marathon? No.

I didn’t care for Children of Men. If I take off my shirt, you can still see the welts on my back where my colleagues beat me with Madonna’s riding crop. I know I should be ashamed, and please don’t tell me it’s because I didn’t get it. That was my major beef. There wasn’t much to get. I don’t believe Children of Men is a bad film, or even a badly made film. Instead of engrossing me with its powerful message and gripping imagery, it just meandered along like my grandfather’s Rascal on a low battery.

[ cf Crowning a king and queen ]
Which was so reassuring...Collapse )

got dope?

The late U.S. Chief Justice William Rehnquist was dependent on a powerful sedative during his first decade on the Supreme Court and became delusional when he stopped taking the drug in 1981, The Washington Post reported on Friday, citing newly released FBI files.

The fact that Rehnquist checked into a hospital for a week in late December 1981 to be treated for back pain and dependence on a prescription drug was previously known, the Post said.

The 1,561 pages from the FBI files on Rehnquist released this week reveal new details about the length and intensity of the addiction, the newspaper reported.

Rehnquist was appointed to the court by President Richard Nixon in 1971 and nominated as chief justice by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. He died in September 2005.

[ cf FBI files detail Rehnquist drug addiction: WPost ]
Dude!!! Where is my Judicial Majority???

Or, Would a "that eighties show" be, well, more reasons to bomb canada? Or What? Eh?

The Jack Boot Of Repression (Day One)

Oh where oh where are the VOCHAS now? Oh Where Oh Where Can They Be??? With The Demonic Forces of the Satanic Nancy Pelosi Evil Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair Rampaging Over Our White Christian America, oh where oh where have the VOCHAS Gone???
The House voted overwhelmingly today to ban anonymous pet spending projects, known as earmarks, and to reinstate “pay as you go” spending rules.

By 280 to 152, the Democratic-controlled House voted to require sponsors of the pet spending items to be publicly identified, a move that sponsors say will do away with some of the most egregious waste of the taxpayers’ money.

The vote to reinstate the “pay as you go” rule was 280 to 154. It requires that increases in spending on entitlement programs be offset by savings elsewhere, so as not to raise the budget deficit.

The votes came a day after the House passed unexpectedly broad ethics rule changes that put new pressure on the Senate.

[ cf AmPravda: House Passes Ethics and Budget Measures ]
Oh Heavens!!!
Oh My!!!
How Ever Shall we go on living under such CRUEL REPRESSION!!!!

Small Ugly Thought....

The hot buzz gossip is that the current shift in Administration Players is to help organize an Amphib Landing on the Iranian Coast to Win One For The Gipper and show america that the President still is planning to go on winning for as long as he can...

The scary parts are two fold - That one can no longer discount such Wild Eyed Rumour Mongering as strictly the Wack Jobbed Insanity of the pro-war freak set - since we are looking at the on going drag out that they told us would never happen, when the Iraqi People would greet us as liberators.

The Second Part is the unpleasant question of what Will Congress do???

Since folks have been talking about this as being in the 'mix' prior to the November elections, one does have the problem now of sorting out IF we are still Morer At War With Iran Than Ever Before or did the recent election in America offer up a ray of hope??? that some how the rule of law will return to america while it can...

got Clogged Methane Port???

Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz!!! Not since the great days of the Samurai BiznizPerKins reading "book of five rings", to defeat the Evil Demon Beast Creature of Japan Inc. have I seen such Wankage:
The U.S. military is studying small companies such as 24-employee Craigslist to see how the online bulletin board has all but terrorized the newspaper industry by siphoning classified advertising.
Such research may unearth ideas that will help the United States fight the war on terror.

It may seem a stretch that within the chaos of capitalism are the secrets to fighting al-Qaeda. But the military and business have long borrowed leadership lessons and competitive tactics from each other.

JOIN THE BLOG CONVERSATION: What can small business do for the military?

In the past, sharing between military and business has been largely a one-way street. The Art of War by the ancient Chinese general Sun-Tzu remains a must-read for corporate CEOs, and most great lessons have been learned the hard way on the battleground before migrating into commerce. For example, CEOs have come to embrace the idea that it's better to act quickly on an imperfect plan than to introduce a perfect plan too late, a lesson first learned the hard way in the fog of war.

But now the military is paying closer attention to business than business is paying to the military, because the world of geopolitics has discovered itself to be on the same road that business has been on for some time. That road is flatter, more networked and more decentralized than ever.

[ cf Can small businesses help win the war? ]

I guess the up side here is the growing awareness that the WhateverOnWhomever is like so last millenium or some such, it is not the new Pink...

I mean when we get down to
It's no coincidence that Osama bin Laden is the first leader of terrorism to have studied economics and public administration, nor that he cut his teeth on the family business in Saudi Arabia, says Bruce Hoffman, a professor of security studies at Georgetown University.
( op cit)
I so wanted to call the Department Of Homeland Security, and have those Pukes Arrested for being, well, gosh, for being Such Defeatists....

You would think that folks would at least have become aware of the actual real world terrorists out there, many of them who had studies economics and public administration, such as the founding fathers of the USofA... but I guess in this Post Rational Era, that is like WAY TOO DIFFICULT!!!!

Oh well, I will be all positve and happy knowing that we are no longer as much at war as we had been, since, well gosh, the folks who don't know much about business are now going on about how they want the DOD and the Bizniz community to do some stuff about learning about stuff so that the stuff they learn about will help them like be gooder at keeping americans saferish.

Or I should be warming up to the fact that this is the Clarion Call that the 'decentralization' movement is growing, and that the USofA will not have to worry about a grand collapse, since it will be the new and improved decentralization and deregulation movement....

Oh Please!!!! Will these PEOPLE STOP SITTING ON THEIR FACES!!!!!!

You Know, For Reasons Of National Security!!!

get Your Post Surrealism On...

Many right-wing warbloggers, who for six weeks have been accusing the Associated Press of manufacturing a police source in Baghdad in order to spread insurgent-friendly "propaganda," now steadfastly refuse to concede their mistakes in the wake the January 4 news that the police source in question, Jamil Hussein, does exist and has been identified by the Iraqi government.
[ cf Warbloggers refuse to admit their errors in making fraud allegations against AP ]

There is a War In Iraq?

When did that Happen???

People are still being duped by the Liberal Media that there is some sort of war like thingie Pooh in Iraq I mean who can believe that any more...

Or What?

When Your Post Surrealism Has A Psychotic Episode....

The Village Voice, which has recently been taken over by cretins, has decided not to carry Tom Tomorrow anymore in the print version, which is ridiculous.

"Tom" is collecting signatures on a petition to try to get the Voice to reinstate his strip. I urge you to sign it. If Tom Tomorrow isn't in the Village Voice, the terrorists have won.

[ cf Saving Tomorrow ]

THE village voice ditching Tom Tomorrow....

Uh, Hello...