January 3rd, 2007


More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - ( The Evil Doing Evil Doers... )

In what has become an annual tradition of prognostications, religious broadcaster Pat Robertson said Tuesday God has told him that a terrorist attack on the United States would result in "mass killing" late in 2007.

"I'm not necessarily saying it's going to be nuclear," he said during his news-and-talk television show "The 700 Club" on the Christian Broadcasting Network. "The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that."

Robertson said God told him during a recent prayer retreat that major cities and possibly millions of people will be affected by the attack, which should take place sometime after September.

Robertson said God also told him that the U.S. only feigns friendship with Israel and that U.S. policies are pushing Israel toward "national suicide."

[ cf Pat Robertson Predicts 'Mass Killing' ]
Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz....

Was this Dear Old Pat's way of warning the department of Homeland Security???

And will this Horror be More Horrific than last years predicted horror that god had told him about.... You know, the one that was going to destroy most of the North West - oh, that's right Microsoft did release Vista (beta) so of course that one came true too...

Maybe someone will tell me which side Dear Old Pat is really on....

Got Religion?

An analysis by The Birmingham News found that churches and religious groups received most of the $716,000 in donations distributed by the Richard M. Scrushy Charitable Foundation in 2005, the year pastors and leaders of those groups regularly attended Scrushy's fraud trial.

The trial in Birmingham ended with the HealthSouth founder and former CEO being acquitted. A separate trial in 2006 in Montgomery ended with Scrushy and former Gov. Don Siegelman being convicted bribery and conspiracy.

The 2005 charitable donations, revealed in tax records recently made public, show that of the 25 organizations receiving donations, only three had no apparent connection with a church or religious organization.

That was a switch from earlier years when money went to many different kinds of groups, the newspaper reported.

The transition from secular to spiritual donations reflects changes in Scrushy's own life. He has gone from being the well-known leader of a major healthcare corporation to being the founder of his own church and the host of an early morning television Bible show seen in Birmingham and Montgomery.

The transition began in 2003, the year Scrushy was indicted on fraud charges. His foundation reported one donation to a church that year — $1.05 million to Guiding Light Church, a predominantly black church that Scrushy began attending in 2003.

In 2004, his foundation made donations totaling $882,000, around $700,000 of which was to predominantly black churches and groups that made up the so-called "Amen Corner" that showed up daily at his six-month trial.

Pastors of churches that received money from the foundation have said their backing of Scrushy during the trial came out of support for a fellow Christian they felt was innocent of the charges, not due to donations from his foundation.

The donations in 2005 also went mostly to religious groups.
Special Forces for Jesus, whose leader Sherry Connor was a fixture at the fraud trial, received $71,500 from the foundation last year.

[ cf Churches, Religious Groups Got Most of Scrushy's Donations ( emphasis mine ) ]
What was that old saying about follow the money that was so popular in pulp fiction novels...

and yes, WOW!!! the special forces for jesus.... Boy, now you don't even have to stay home watching the Olympic Hockey Team Kick Those Commies In The Butt to be a part of the National Miracle....

Hum... an interesting take on their take on the Half Way House solution, and how does that bounce around with the reality of the so called home page:Special Forces for Jesus Outreach Ministries ... or is there some delta between the public statements and the official position taken with the Department Of Corrections.... it may not be much, but these things make me wonder...

The Other interesting hit on the simple googling got me to this, Thanksgiving and The Brew a blog that found the case a bit interesting...

Ah yes, america, where we create our own militant religious groups, with war alignment, and war language, just in case, we must embark upon the slaying and slewing as 'we' take 'the land'.... You know, making it a biblically literalist interpretation about how America is The New Jerusalem/Israel/OurNewAndTruthierHolyLand...

got Holy War In The Midwest????

Kansas' attorney general, a vocal abortion opponent, might leave office frustrated in his attempts to prosecute the state's most visible abortion provider.

Attorney General Phill Kline suffered another setback Wednesday when a judge refused to reinstate 30 misdemeanor charges Kline had filed against Dr. George Tiller, alleging he performed illegal late-term abortions.

The same judge dismissed the charges last week.

Kline, a Republican who leaves office in less than two weeks, responded by naming a special prosecutor to pursue Tiller's case.

But he acknowledged that Paul Morrison, the abortion rights Democrat who ousted him from office in the November election, could abolish the special prosecutor's job after he becomes attorney general on Jan. 8.

And Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston said the special prosecutor will have no authority to file charges against Tiller in that county. She successfully argued twice in six days that Kline couldn't file charges because she didn't consent to it. If Tiller is prosecuted, she said, her office will do it.

"Our power and authority is to prosecute all of the crimes that occur within this county," Foulston told reporters. "You just can't walk in and make those filings without having gone through the regular hoops."

[ cf Judge Won't Reinstate Abortion Chargesv ]
Some Times One Just Has To Ask:
What if Dear Old Pat Is Right???
And what IF the Terrorists Are Christianists???
Now That They Have Lost The Power Of The State To Persecute For Jesus???
Or are we suppose to make the big mental leap here that when Christianist Terrorists are engaged in Christianist Terrorism, that is some sort of Structurally Distinct Reality from other forms of Terrorism, because Christianists are Following The Will Of God!!!

You know, slaying and slewing, in a biblically literalists Manner....

Speaking Of That Evil Ferrign Devil Invasion....

He and Betty Ford were married in the old church on Oct. 15, 1948. About five years later, the congregation built the current church, which is in the upscale suburb of East Grand Rapids only a few blocks from where Ford and his family lived during his 25 years in the U.S. House.

The church now is home to a second congregation, an ecclesiastical body called Sudanese Grace Episcopal Church that is made up of African refugees known as the Lost Boys of Sudan. They are among about 3,800 Sudanese boys who were separated from their parents during a long and bloody civil war in their country and were welcomed into the United States in 2000 and 2001. For about three years, the church has been holding services in their native language.

[ cf Mich. Church Prepares for Ford's Funeral ]

What should americans say about allowing those types into America, while we are still officially trying to avoid any knowledge that there is anything OTHER than ThatIraqiThingiePooh which needs national attention...

Granted, I am in the process of wandering around chasing down the background of the Priest who conducted a part of the funeral service, because dear s9 whined: s9: Bitchy Snark For No Good Reason in what might be a worthwhile Whine... but of course... one never knows these days, since, as we have all learned from HanoiAnnie Coulter, Episcopaleans are Evil Demonic Creatures who Feed On The Fresh Blood on young Blond Blue Eyed Arayan White Christian American Virgin Teenage Christian Cheerleader Princesses!!!! Or was that we learned from HanoiAnnie Coulter that she is still angry with god for not getting as big a Penis as she believes Jesus Used to Nuke Nations that allowed liberals in them... which ever it was...

Should Christianists Support Terrorists???

Members of a storefront church said Wednesday they fear U.S. authorities plan to raid their building and arrest an illegal immigrant who has taken refuge there.

Adalberto United Methodist Church has sheltered Elvira Arellano and her 8-year-old son, Saul, since August. Arellano sought sanctuary at the West Side church after she was ordered deported, saying she didn't want to be separated from her son, a U.S. citizen.

The Rev. Walter Coleman said neighborhood residents reported seeing U.S. marshals taking photos of the church Tuesday night. But Mark Gregoline, deputy U.S. marshal for northern Illinois, said Wednesday that his agency is not involved in the case.

Phone and e-mail messages left after hours Wednesday for an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman were not immediately returned. Officials at the agency have said there is nothing to prevent them from arresting Arellano.

Church members – who keep the glass doors chained and covered with heavy curtains – said they will resume a 24-hour vigil that includes prayer and standing watch at windows and doors and from the rooftop.

[ cf Chicago Church Braces for Federal Raid ]
Don't YOU just hunger for the Halcyon Days, back when a headline about Fed's Attacking White Christian America was the clear clarion call that the Clintons were embarking upon their Anti-Americanisms and Evil Demonic Demonism!!!!

Rather than that it is time to clear out the Terrorist Nests Of Evil Doing Evil Doers who think that churches should be sanctuaries for Fuji, rather than that they should be Holy Shrines To The Great Miracle that watching American Hockey Teams On TV prevented Canada From invading america!!!!

Videodrome, NOW more than Ever!!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists will return in their Iranian Flying Saucers...

WaPo Admits To Being Terrorists Clique

FBI agents at Guantanamo saw a military interrogator squat over the Koran in order to anger a prisoner and observed a detainee whose head was wrapped in duct tape, according to recently released FBI documents from a 2004 internal inquiry.

The documents stemmed from a survey of nearly 500 FBI employees who were asked if they saw any aggressive interview techniques, interrogations or mistreatment of prisoners at the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. More than 25 incidents were reported.

[ cf FBI: Guantanamo interrogator squatted over Koran ]
Thank GOD that is not like the last time around when the Evil Liberal Media had talked about defiling the bible...

But oh Well, I guess now, more than ever, the Department Of HomeLand Protection MUST take action against these Evil Doing Evil Doers, Who are Evil!!! And Doing And ERS!!!!

Anything Less and the Iranian Flying Saucers WILL RETURN!!!

Oh yes, and for those keep track back home, this new report release, is the same one that the DOD says that there is still nothing for them to do...

Ah yes... America, the land where Jesus Gave Us Nukes, and the Divine Mandate To Torture Whom We Will, because NO ONE will Oppose Us, Because Our Holy And Miraculous Nuclear Weapons Of Divine Vengence will rain down upon the Unbelievers like the Burning Sulphour Upon the Unbelievers in the Land.... you know, back in the day, in a totally like biblically literalist sense...

More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - ( Bovine BioGas )

The California Energy Commission has released a report on a program that transforms cow manure into power by extracting methane - a potent greenhouse gas - from bovine poop and using it to fuel electricity-generating turbines. The conclusion: Cow power can make money for dairies and make them energy self-sufficient as well as provide electricity to the grid. But - there's always a but - the Byzantine regulatory structure that favors entrenched utilities is frustrating the widespread adoption of bovine biogas.

Cow power is an alternative energy fuel that should be the perfect solution to a host of environmental problems. It takes cow manure, a widespread source of global warming - there are a couple million cows in California alone - and an environmental waste that costs farms millions of dollars a year to dispose of, and turns it into a clean, green source of electricity. As Green Wombat wrote about Vermont's use of cow power, there are also other environmental and financial benefits.

[ cf California Cow Power: Poop Pays ]
Ah Yes, If Only....

And in this case, I think a clear and Compelling argument can be made that it was the Evil Gay HomoZexual Zombie Al-Qaeda Cyborg Iranian Flying Saucer Piloting Pirate Canadianist Puppet Toady Stooges Of Enron who are the Obvious Cause of the Regulatory Problems that stand in the way of Everything Everywhere Being Better And Better!!! And that there can ONLY be a Military Solution!!!! since we as a nation can not wait for the smoking gun to get lung cancer from the Mushroom Shaped Clouds!!!

Clearly To Stop the Gay Marriages we Must Bomb Canada so that Iraq can become integrated into the Global Economy which will End Homosexuality, Everywhere, and all of those Green House Gases will become Profitable and we will not have to worry about Climate Change.... Because we Stopped Gay Marriages!!!


More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - ( GHZACIFSPPC )

Is it just me, but are there days when one just does not feel completely Spring Time Idelogically Corrector Than Thou (STICTT)???

Anyway, yes, we must stop this Evil Canadianism Dynamotive before they proceed to Destroy Our White Christian America!!! End the Happy Worlds Of Dynasty and Dallas, and impose their Gay Only Marriage Initiative ....

Remember, this COULD be YOUR Generations Moment Of Triumph, just like back in the Day, when Jesus Showed Up At The Olympics To Save America By way of Televized Olympic Hockey, and all those who were doing their Religious Duty were The True True Believers......

Or, you can always just align yourself With Satan and be IkkyYukkyPoohPerHeads....

More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - ( Liberals Cause Badness )

Is it just me, or now that the Evil Nancy Pelosi Forces of Demonic Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair have gone on the Rampage against White Christian America, we are a nation under seige!!!!!

Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, or so the evil liberal media says, a Student Shoots a fellow Stoodent in a High School in Tacoma Washington, where The Evil Liberals Stole The Election, and Destroyed Civilization as we know it, to allow Billions and Billions of Demonic HellSpawn to Come Flying Up from out of the Darkest Pits of the Burning Sulphours Hell of Totally Gross Out Grossness....

Oh yes, like sure, I mean, the Evil Liberal Media can not connect the dots between this TOTALLY UNUSUAL BEHAVIOR and the Demonic Forces of Liberalism that is at this very moment stabbing the troops in the back by Opposing God's Divinely Chosen Greatest Of All Possible Military Leaders EVER!!!!

Can anyone find a story when the God Fearing White Christian Americans were in power when such things were even concievable, let aloned actually occurred - OF COURSE NOT!!! Such things did not happen until the Evil Liberals STOLE The Election and Imposed Demonic Powers of Represssing the True White Christian American Minority with their Evil Doing Evil Doers....



And The Persecution Continues....

Are YOU SHOCKED!!! As SHOCKED as I am that the Evil Democrats and their Evil Liberal Media Minnions are continuing their Brutal Jack Booted Repression of The One True And Only White Christian America as a part of their Great Holy War Against God!!!!
In a January 3 article, The Washington Post reported that House Republicans were expected to introduce a "Minority Bill of Rights" modeled on a 2004 proposal by then-House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA) to strengthen the committee and amendment process and ensure that all members of Congress have adequate time to review legislation. But the Post did not note that, as the paper had previously reported, the Republican leadership refused to consider Pelosi's proposal at the time.
[ cf Wash. Post noted that GOP based "Minority Bill of Rights" on 2004 Pelosi plan, but not that GOP rejected it ]

Back in those days, the nation was in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn, and yes, while it is true that the US Supreme Court ultimately Rejected Lincoln's Abandonment of the Writ of Habeaus Corpus, that would only have been a part of american legal tradition, if it were considered an actual part of the law, and not a part of the Demonic Forces Of Darkness Let Loose From the Pit By the Black Robed Tyrannts!!!! The Very Spawns of Satan who would have sided with the Sinister Evil Of Nancy Pelosi and the very Persecutors of Our White Christian America!!!

Things are so clearly different NOW!!! Since the Demons and Hell Spawns walk out in the Open Sucking The Blood Of Innocent Blonde, Blue Eyed, White Christian American Pert, Perky, Virgin Teenage Cheerleader Princess' because the Evil Ones Are Evil!!!


North Korean's Trying To Ape American Way Of Life...

Oh dear the WannaBe's Are Out in Fashion Risk City:
North Koreans are taught to worship Kim Jong Il as a god. In a manner unique among nations, the North exerts extraordinary control through deification - a cult ideology of complete subservience - that goes beyond the "Stalinist" label often used to describe the newly nuclear North.
[ cf N. Korea escalates 'cult of Kim' to counter West's influence ]
God That Is Such A Blatant Rip Off!!!!

I mean the "Movement Conservatives" crank Up the Love for Great Leader, in light of the Dark Horror of The Evil Nancy Pelosi Demonic Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair, and what do the Freaking North Koreans Do???

They Follow Suit!!!!

They SOOOO just want to keep on egging on the americans to keep the american hostages on the Korean Penninsula, just so that North Korea is protected from the Circling Night Of The Long Knives, as the Japanese, SoKo, Chinese, and Soviets Work on becoming the Next Manchurian Candidate to be under the Mind Control of the Korean Dubya Wannabe....

I mean, how LAME-O is that-o????

But we know that when all the cards are counted, presuming that the Evil Liberals do not steal the election, then everyone everywhere will All Praise Great Leader!!!! FOR GREAT LEADER IS GREAT!!!

Why Does Mallard Fillmore Hate America???

Over lunch today i was reading the comics, and once again, Mallard Fillmore is whining about the tax angst, never thinking that the president is waving the majik wand that will lead to a balanced budget!!! So why this with blaming the Democrats for raising the taxes needed to pay for the Total Victory In the Whatever On Whomever????

I mean, what IS with this Mallard Fillmore, and why DOES he Hate America????

Stop The Evil Liberal Repressionists!!!!

I am SHOCKED!!! Shocked I Tell YOU!!!
"The Minority Bill of Rights gives [Speaker Nancy Pelosi (R-CA)] a chance to lead with integrity instead of rule by force," Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) said, ignoring the Republican-controlled 109th Congress' reputation for strong-arm tactics.

"Washington, D.C. has just enacted a smoking ban, yet somehow Nancy Pelosi and her liberal colleagues have found a way to lock themselves in a smoky backroom in the Capitol to make deals for the next two years," Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) added.

[ cf GOPers Fret Over Dem Use of "Force" ]
How Sickening That Liberals, Are Liberals!!!

And Repressive!!!

And So UnNice!!! That they take the blunts into the bathroom and just hog all of the Bongs while the Innocent Waifly Ones from the GOP are being So Brutally Persecuted By those Rough Toughs Like Nancy Pelosi!!!

As Paul Kiel noted in the front section of TPM about the HORROR:
If I'd told you last January that one year from now, House Republicans will be crying about Democrats making deals in smoke-filled rooms, would you have believed it?
( citing BlogEntry )
Well Maybe IT IS time to remind americans about The Blue Dress!!! in these Grim And Desperate Time...

Can there Be Any Doubt that Some of the Best Of the Best Of The Movement Conservatives found out that they just DO NOT HAVE what it will take to be all that they can be as Men In Blue Dresses!!!

So I say it is time for all americans to DO their Part against this sort of Brutal Oppression By Evil Liberals who are just repressing all of God's Elected White Christian Americans!!!!
IF The Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!!
You Must Acquitte!!!
All Hail Great Leader!!! For He KNOWS the value of Fashion Policing in these Grim And Desperate Time of transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto the Unborn...
EnNote: { Thought I had forgotten about the The Blue Dress!!! theme, eh??? }