December 21st, 2006


And the Great Leader Swims The Yellow River....

So, gosh, as Great Leader, again, prepares the nation for the Great Long March To Total Glorious And Victorious Victory of Victories, which of course will only occur after his decision to step down from power and pass the baton to the next fool who will want to clean up that mess, we all have to wonder....

How exactly does this new and Improved Great Long March To Total Glorious And Victoroious Victoryh of Victories differ from the last time we were doing this whole "Great Leader Swims The Yellow River" routine.

Are The VOCHAS really going to hop up and join the show? Nope.

Are We really going to put the nation on a War Economy to support the War??? Nope.

Are we going to declare an actual state of War, and not merely a state of allowing the president to embark on which ever "restoring the wetlands" project that is not a 'nation building' project???? Nope.

So basically the bottom line of the WHOLE NOVEMBER KABUKI DANCE has been that we did the pretense of being a democratically elected government, and now nothing will be any different than the last time around...

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss....

Radical Left Wing Extremist Terrorist Plot Unmasked!!!!

The Super Secret Spy Records Of the Super Secret Spy Program have put america at risk because they reveal the true natue of the Super Secret Spy Program
Well, it seems the country that the United States was poised to offend was Britain. And the most damning evidence revealed in yesterday’s release? Mr. Lennon was being courted by British leftists in the early 1970’s to help “finance a left-wing bookshop and reading room in London.”
[ cf Has Stephen Colbert Been Hiding John Lennon’s F.B.I. Legacy? ]

Once again the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets Betray our Great Leader and Our Ever Glorious and Ever Victorious Victorians Of Victory Who are the Holy Crusaders Of Crusading Holiness!!!!! With their Evil And Sinister Betrayal of National Security By Exposing the Super Secret Spy Program!!!!!!

Yes, oh Yes!!! Of course the Radical Left Wingers would say that simply because John Lennon has been dead for a few years that this should stop the investigation into how Dangerous That Dangerous Person really was, and evenn MORE SO NOW!!!! Clearly the National Psychic Community has been put at risk, since, only the National Psychic Community, under the control of the Directorate Of State Patriotism Defense, would be able to carry on the Super Secret Spy Program of the No Longer Living, so see what sort of Dangerous Threat this whole Culture of Death, run by Dead Leftists, brings to scare innocent blonde blue eyed white christian virgin Teenage Cheerleader Girls!!!!

And Oh Yes, we should bomb canada as well, because John Lennon LOOKED like a Canadianists...