December 7th, 2006


We SOOOO gotta find Mo a Nice Republican Girl....

So my co-worker and friend Mo has been taking the Nose Dive into Socket Coding so that he can have programmes that will take long walks along the beach with Encryption Engines, and have Meaningful Discussions about the Important Things In Life.

Well it has OFFICIALLY reached the DARK HORROR phase, since he just told me
You won't believe what I did last night!!! I went home, and curled up in bed and spent three hours reading on Linux Socket Code in C.
Yes Boys And Girls, It IS official, we HAVE to find Mo a Nice Young Republican Girl!!!

Or those Evil Iranian Flying Saucers Will Return!!!

Are YOU willing to do YOUR Part to help Find Mo a Nice Young Republican Girl???

Radical Left Wing Extremists Go Loopy In Florida!!!!

The son of Charles G. Taylor, Liberia’s former president, was charged Wednesday with two counts of torture and one count of using a firearm in a violent crime during interrogation of an opposition figure in Monrovia, the Liberian capital, according to a federal indictment brought in Miami.

The case is the first in which federal authorities invoked the anti-torture law, which bans extreme interrogation methods. The law gives American courts jurisdiction over reported abuse overseas by American citizens.

Mr. Taylor’s son, Charles McArthur Emmanuel, was born in the United States. Mr. Emmanuel, 29, has pleaded guilty to passport fraud and is in federal custody awaiting sentencing, scheduled for Thursday, on that charge.

[ cf Son of Liberia’s Ex-Leader Charged in Miami Under Anti-Torture Law ]

This is the sort of Radical Extremism that one can come to expect under the jack booted Iron Fisted Radical Left Wing Extremism of Nancy Pelosi and Her Satanic Devil Worshipping Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies and their rampaging Brutal Assault On Our White Christian America!!!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For Lo no one would dougt the Divine Rights Of A War President To Torture Anyone, Anywhere, for Any Reason!!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR part to Support The War President's Divine Rights???

Remembering December 7th!!!

Ah yes, it has been a mere 65 years ago, today, when our Valiant Fighting Japanese War Time Friends were willing to put their All Into trying to Rescue America from the Crushing Repression of the Iron Fisted Jack Booted Red Communist Dominated Islamafascist Capitulationist Appeaser Policies of the Iranian Flying Saucer Dominated FDR Regime - the Same Satanic Kultists who have brought us the Evil Nancy Pelosi and her Satanic Devil Worshiping Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair!!!!

But do americans want to remember how Heroically the Japanese Imperial Navy FOUGHT to free Americans from the Brutal Repression of the Evil Iranian Flying Saucer Fifth Columnist Appeaser Kapitulationists??? Or will they go on espousing the Radical Left Wing Extremist Islamo-Fascist Propoganda that The Japanese Attacked America at Pearl Harbor because they did not Like Us!!!!

I mean can God Fearing White Christian Americans who are More Theologically Corrector Than Thou stand by while the Radical Left Wing Extremists Islamo-Fascists Stab Our Valiant Japanese Fighting Allies In The Back with this sort of Red Islamo-Fascist Propoganda!!!!! It is as if nothing but the Evil Radical Left Wing Extremist Dogma counts any more in america!!!!

All Hail Great Leaderer!!!! Because he has never found himself bogged down in mere facts when it is about the Holy Crusade Against All Iranian Flying Saucers and their Islamo-Fascist Nancy Pelosi Fifth Columnist Demonic Satanic Kult Ritualists Devil Worshipping Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair Rampaging Through Our White Christian America!!!

Are YOU doing your part in the Holy Crusade Against All Iranian Flying Saucers and their Islamo-Fascist Nancy Pelosi Fifth Columnist Demonic Satanic Kult Ritualists Devil Worshipping Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair Rampaging Through Our White Christian America!!!???!!!

Our Valiant Fighting Japanese War Allies Did!!!

Baba O'Relly Thinks Outside of The Sand Box...

Ah yes, you have to wonder how New Christianist Mathematics actually works frorm time to time. But here we go with the wonder of BaBa O'Reilly getting Wonky
The United States will never be conquered by Muslims -- ever. But you don't want it to reach the point where, we have to, example, you know, level cities like Tehran, kill hundreds of thousands of people, which we may have to do -- which we have already done in Germany and Japan. OK? We have already killed hundreds of thousands of people on one day. Now, do we want to do that again? Of course not, but we may have to.
[ cf O'Reilly: U.S. may have to "level cities like Tehran" ]
Hum... let us see, the wikiPedia lists only about 12 Million folks in the Metropolitan Tehran Area.

So how exactly is Baba planning to limit his destruction of Tehran to merely a hundreds of thousands, so as not to get close to the need to count it in Millions of Dead??? Or is that too a part of the core problem here??? The Majikal Presumption that after we kill the first few hundred thousand that majikally they are going to run away from the war, just like the VOCHAS keep doing???

When we get to the part where Baba O'Reilly is openly advocating levelling the Country, we move it up a notch or two...

So why exactly is Baba O'Reilly still the darling of the
Crew??? Could it be that these folks no longer even think about their war like rhetoric???

All Hail Great LeadereR! For he has never ever listened to any of his war rhetoric, nor worried about how any of it might impact the practical world of the Holy Crusades Against All Things Dark And Evil!!! Since the most important part of the whole Holy Crusade is to turn back the Evil, Dark and Sinister Nancy Pelosi and her Demonic Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair!!!!

Are you doing your part of the whole Holy Crusade is to turn back the Evil, Dark and Sinister Nancy Pelosi and her Demonic Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair!!!! Or are you just another Baba O'Reilly WannaBe???

More Rreasons To Bomb Canada ( The Hard Rock Edition )

Britain's Rank Group said on Thursday it had agreed to sell its Hard Rock cafe and casino business to the Florida Seminoles for $965 million.

Rank said the disposal would turn it into a pure gaming group, focusing on UK casino liberalization coming next year.

[ cf Hard Rock Cafe sold to Native Americans ]

Naked Savages Taking Over The Hard Rock Cafe Crowd????

What Next In The Evil Demonic Satanic And Sinister Nancy Pelosi Sponsored Brutal Rampage of the Voodoo Zombie Dusb Bunnies Of Despair Bent Upon The Destruction Of Our White Christian America!!!!!

What EVER will americans do??? But that we MUST bomb Canada to keep america american!!!!!

All Hail Great Leaderer!!!! Because he has been leading our Americanization Of America For Americans Who Are Americanly American And Americanly Supporting our White Christian America For Americans!!!!

Are YOU doing Your Part to make America American Again????

Hey Boys And Girls the Mooninites are the New Josey And The Pussy Cats!!!

President George W. Bush said on Thursday "we need a new approach" in Iraq that could include contacts with Iran and Syria and U.S. troop reductions, a day after a panel pressured him for a swift change in strategy.

Bush said he was working on a speech to outline his new strategy for Iraq, an announcement the White House hoped would be possible by the end of the year.

[ cf Bush admits 'we need a new approach' in Iraq ]
Now there is a Clear and Compelling Call for Staying The Course!!!

Never Before Has there ever been a Clearly Call For Staying the Course, especially since the MooninItes are So Jerkin!!!!

All Hail The Cult of the Mooninites For They Keep Great Leader Great!!!

Are YOU doing your Part to Stay the Course so that the Cult of the Mooninites Keep Great Leader Great???

Victory Is Victorious!!!

It clearly took a little extra time, but now more than ever we are ever more Victorious!!!! Voice of America is announcting US Legislators Race to Conclude Vietnam, Other Legislation showing that we clearly are Winning ThatVietnamThingiePooh, even if the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets are unwilling to accept that NOW more than ever we are every day in some new way being ever more Victorious Than EVER Before!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!! For he understood the importance of staying the course, and not allowing the radical left wing extremists to espouse their failed dogma that we are anything less than ever Gloriously Victorious!!!!

Are YOU doing Your Part to Conclude Vietnam, now more than EVER in an ever Gloriously Victorious WAY!!!!????!!!

Media Matter Gets Bogged Down In Failed Reality Based Community!!!!

Oh dear, oh, dear, oh dear. Here is the Media Matter Folks doing a general whine about the systemic failure of the Evil Liberal Media
Summary: Media Matters for America has identified six findings in the Iraq Study Group's report that major news outlets have largely overlooked. They include: that the Pentagon has significantly underreported the extent of violence in Iraq, that U.S. officials possess little knowledge about the sources of the ongoing attacks, and that the situation in Afghanistan has grown so dire that U.S. troops may need to be diverted there from Iraq.
[ cf What the media aren't telling you about the Iraq Study Group report ]
But why SHOULD the media report anything more about the report than is needed to sell which ever form of "decent interval" will be the final product marketted????

Do folks really feel that it is time to RETREAT back into mere Fact Based Reporting???

All Hail Great Leader!!! Because he understands that Facts are only for the Victims of Fact Based Reality Communities, and those are Evil, and Demonic, And Horrifically Scary Places where there are Nasty VICIOUS EVIL BEAST CREATURES all of which must be destroyed and their Evil and Sinister Fact Based Reality Communities that are their Breeding Grown!!!!

Are you doing your PART to destry the Evil and Sinister Fact Based Reality Communities that are their Breeding Growns of Nasty VICIOUS EVIL BEAST CREATURES!!!!????!!!!!

The Xmas Solutions....

What we need to do is MANDATE that the Evil Red Hollywood Elitist Puppet Toadies of Revisionist Ideology MUST put out the complete Boxed Set of the Dead End Kids, also known as the Bowery Boys, including all of the Movies, so that we can have a Patriotically American Xmas season understanding that we started with the movie Dead End and progress through the ages to the final end of the Series, and with it the end of anything Meaningful in Film, and the end of all things bright and beautiful, since Red Hollywood Kapitulated.

Ok, so I also want to find the Boxed Ink and Pen set from the Aronofsky Film The Fountain, since it looked SOOO Cool....

Oh well, one thing at a time, these things queue up right after GLOBAL DOMINATION!!!!