December 5th, 2006


What WAS I thinking about???

Ok, so today, I get up, I move on through the typical bizNiz part of sorting out the Child Support Checks, and before actually settling in to sign the check and stuff them in the envelops - one to the Reagan Era Bureaucratic Bloat-o-rama of the Child Support Enforcement Act - that was the Reagan Era's Donation to Welfare For Hetroes - and the other to the mother of the children, where the money is actually needed, I get the call!!!! Ah yes, minor shift in plan....

The Call yesterday, where I called in response to her Email of Friday, had left things in their normal play, this time, it was CHANGE OF PLANS, "please do the wire transfer..." and I laugh. I get through my shower, fill out the letter the CSEA, to make the Democrats For Nixon FruitBats who Came Fumbling Forward as the Reaganites, feel, well, like they had done their part in the Cold War to stop the Asteroids From Klendathu!

Then on the way to the bank, it hit me, part of what remains fundamentally STOOPID in all of this is that we remain, ceterus parabus, just the typical story of A Boy, A Girl, An Evil Empire, And a WHOLE BUNCH OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!! Oh how romantic.....

I mean, what was I thinking about????

More Reasons To Support Car Pooling

Some days you notice things like, Psychotronix Film Festival ( ht to haineux ) and you KNOW in your heart of hearts that one must have not only a PRIMARY but a secondary plan just in case the first plan is Attacked By Iranian Flying Saucers...

It's NOT just about stopping the Evil Doing Evil Doers!!!!!

It is about getting in Touch With The Truer Inner TruthierNeff!!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For He KNEW all about the Psychotronix Film Festival and it was strictly a Mistake that they accidentally started to restore the Iraqi Wetlands, which was not as obviously a sub-plot in the bigger Konspirakii Theory!!!

Media Matter Brutally Fixated By Linear Time Line

I mean what SORT of Pro-Al-Qaeda FruitBat would assume that the notion of a Linear Time Line, once the Pet Intellectual Cause Celebre Of the Evil Liberal Metaphysicians from the EVIL Failed Liberal Culture of the prer-911 Kultur, was still an acceptable idea in these New And Improved and more Family Friendly times!!!

But here is the Vicious And Brutal Fixxation with Linear Time:
Summary: In introducing her interview with Rep. Frank Wolf, National Public Radio's Deborah Amos stated that, after his 2005 trip to Iraq, Wolf "decided the [Iraq] war was not going well," and "came up with the idea for an independent panel to analyze U.S. policy," which "became the Baker-Hamilton Study Group." In fact, shortly after his return, Wolf wrote an official trip report and an op-ed in which he stressed that "real progress is being made [in Iraq], despite the ongoing security concerns."
[ cf Rep. Wolf's '05 Iraq report and op-ed undermined NPR claim that Wolf "decided" then that war "not going well" ]
I mean WHAT NEXT????

That these FREAKS will always demand that 2005 occurred before 2006, ALWAYS!!!! I mean Hello!!!! What sort of Drugs are folks on if they think that our society can continue to Go On Always Winning the WhateverOnWhomever IF we are forced to retain ONLY a Linear Time Line of events, in which things occur in a specific order, and subsequent times can not simply re-order them when it becomes more Poitically Expedient to adjust the time line to meet the Needs Of The National Security Apparatus!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For he has never been brutalized by any notion of linearity, even when he has tried to walk a straight line....

Will The NYT's Komrade Kristol Be Doing Rehab soon???

The Freaks over at Media Matter Note:
In his December 3 New York Times column (subscription required), Nicholas D. Kristof condemned the "fundamentalist" writings of atheists such as Oxford University professor Richard Dawkins and author Sam Harris, claiming that "the tone of this Charge of the Atheist Brigade is often just as intolerant -- and mean" as that of Christian conservatives. Kristof concluded his column by claiming that "the Christian Right has largely retreated from the culture wars," adding that he hopes "that the Atheist Left doesn't revive them." Kristof provided no support for his assertion. Nor did he explain how it squares with recent actions by Christian conservative leaders.
[ cf NY Times' Kristof: "Christian Right has largely retreated from the culture wars" ]

What happened to Traditional Family Values????

I mean back in the Day, Franny Freak Always advised, when one blew a Jamaican Gunboat that size, that one:
Toke, and Pass to the Right!!!
So yes, just because the VOCHAS appear to have kapitulated, as the kapitulationists appeasers that they have always been, to the rise of the Sinister and Evil Nancy Pelosi Regime, is no reason that folks should suddenly ABANDON traditional family values...

I think that more americans should make open inqueries to American Pravda to see when exactly they were putting Komrade Gruppen Leader Kristof into Rehab to help him with his little Stoney Burn Out Moments!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For lo, he has no memories of whether or not he inhaled, and so is not bothered with how burned out any of his memories of the Hey Days of Heroics when he and the rest of the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp once saved America from those Really Ikky Yukky Gross Monster Big Bug Thingies and Stuff, that had been threatening to throw like these really big rocks from like the Bugs Home Planet on like the far side of like the Galaxy, uh like Dude....

You Know! Like Totally!!!

War? What War????

Is it just me, or are the rest of you just sooooo tired of the whining from the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets who are paniking because they think that there is some war some place, and that some how that could impact their life styles. I mean, get realistic!!!!

If one were to be a Nattering Nahbob Of Negativism, like the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppet, then one would read this report very negatively:
Robert Gates, the man nominated by President George W. Bush to be his defense secretary, said Tuesday that he did not believe the United States was winning the war in Iraq, that he expected U.S. troops to remain there for a "long time" but in far smaller numbers, and that a serious mishandling of Iraq could lead to a "regional conflagration."
[ cf U.S. not winning the war in Iraq, says Pentagon nominee ]
Or One Can BE OPTOMISTIC about the reporting!!!!

Finally some one in the government is starting to help the evil liberal media types understand that the current efforts to restore the wetlands in iraq is NOT about a 'war', but about helping to restore the wetlands in Iraq!!! So of course the negative way to say that, is to say that the war that does not exist is not winable, because of course since it does not exist, it can not be won!!! If there were a war in Iraq, and america were involved in it, then winability would be an iSSUe!!!! But there is no war, so there is no Issue!!!!

All Hail Great Leadere!!! For he has never been confused about how well the Mission Acccomplished Dance went over as the media dahling favorite of the excited types who were so pleased to have been a part of the Drum Beaters for war, even if there was no war, and never has been any war, and that this is not some failed nation building exercise, since it is not about nation building, but about restoring the wetlands, which is what it has always been about even if the Reality Based Community with their fetish for a linear notion of time are still wrong about their fundamental metaphysical speculations which great leader has always shown was always wrong and a complete failure under the cleaer and compellinger proof of the Argument From Intelligent Design!!!!!

America May Fall To The Americans, and American Law....

Be afraid!!!! The New And Improved Booga Booga is that there may well be a day coming where americans may be held liable for their actions!!! And that the Americans May Impose American Law On Americans....
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who runs the giant agency that keeps track of threats to the United States, has shared what he calls his “chilling vision” of the future – a time when U.S. government actions might be constrained by international law.

Chertoff outlined his nightmare scenario in a Nov. 17 speech to the Federalist Society, an organization of right-wing lawyers who spearheaded the legal arguments for granting President George W. Bush authority unbound by any law, including the constitutional rights of Americans.

But the focus of Chertoff’s warning was that the United States is under growing pressure from legal scholars and the world community to comply with international law, especially on war crimes and humane treatment of detainees in the “war on terror.”
“The Supreme Court has begun to bring it through cases like Hamdan,” a reference to Hamdan v. Rumsfeld in which the high court cited the Geneva Conventions in ruling that hundreds of suspects being held without charges at Guantanamo Bay had legal rights.

[ cf Chertoff's 'Chilling Vision' ]
Oh My GOD!!!!

Has the NATION fallen to such levels that they actually believe that the Rulings of The US Supreme Court are about actual american law, and wouldd in some way be obligatory on Americans!!!!

I mean what NEXT???

Where Will IT ALL END!!!!!

Can anyone seriously be considering a precess of Americanization, that would leave america in the hands of Americans????

All Hail Great Leader!!! For He has yet to be bothered by any of the positions of Law that were taken by anything other than the TV Actresses who were like such Hot Babes On like LA Law where it was Like All Hot Legal Law On Law Action!!!!

Oh Yeah!!!!