November 17th, 2006


More Reasons To bomb Canada!!! - The Kidnapping Crisis

Well it seems that the EVIL LIBERALS, on top of losing american troops to kidnappers, have not lost more security tradesman to they them those types over there in ThatIraqiThingiePooh....

Can there be any doubt that NOW more than ever we MUST bomb canada!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!! For He Has Victoriously Been Victorious In A Gloriously Victorious Way Every Day In Some Creative Saying of the Saying of the Greatness of The Victories!!!!

Is Common Sense Now The New Compassion???

He has worked hard since to mend fences. He campaigned for Bush in 2004, appeared at the Rev. Jerry Falwell's Liberty University earlier this year and has been one of the party's biggest supporters of the Iraq war.

McCain has said a date for withdrawal would lead to chaos in Iraq and called for more troops to provide stability in the region. On Wednesday, he criticized the top U.S. general in the Middle East for rejecting calls to boost troop levels.

McCain told Army Gen. John Abizaid at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing that he was offering a "status quo" recommendation and said "the American people in the last election said that's not an acceptable condition."

[ cf McCain calls for "common sense conservatism" ]
Ok, so ....

Yes, I Really DOOOO Think that Josey and the Pussycats Are Jerkin!!! and I really do want the new Puma Sweats....

And Yes, Orange IS the New Pink!!!

"if you are happy and you know it, clap your hands...."

All Hail Great Leader!!! Because he is not going to have to worry about the 2008 Elections, because who would vote against a Seated President while the Troops were on the Bulwark Of Freedom in a time of transfering the Tax Liability Unto The Unborn!!! I mean Like that was the reason that All Americans Voted FOR HIM back in 2004 and Against those Evil Loser Defeatists In Congress during the 2006 Election!!!!

I Mean Like Great Leader Is the New Great Leader!!!!

"if you are happy and you know it, clap your hands...."

EndNote: for those of you who have not seen the movie Josey and the Pussycats need to work out why You Are Such Evil Nasty Bad People Who Are Like So Totally NOT NICE!!! Go Watch The Movie Or We May Have To BOMB CANADA to stop your type.

BaBa O'Relly Plays Second Fiddle to BandMaster Beck!!!! And Both STILL Hate America

WOW!!! And to see poor Baba Fall down so far in his Most Coolio Kid on the block status, now forced to crib material from Komrade Party Leader Beck as to whom has the Great Divine Right to DESTORY THE REPUBLIC!!!!
On his November 14 CNN Headline News program, while referring to Ben & Jerry's, the Vermont-based ice cream maker, Beck said that "we should take the ice cream factory without the two fat guys, and we should vote them out of the union," adding: "I think you should have a renewal period on every state. I think the rest of the country should vote whether you're a state or not anymore.
[ cf Beck & O'Reilly: boot Vermont out of the union for electing "socialist" Sanders to Senate ]
Ah yes, and once upon a time, a not so long time ago, these Terrorists were opposed to anyone who wanted to destroy America.

It SOOO has got to suck not being the Great ChimpenFuerhers!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! Since he has never been too worried about the State of the Union, let alone whether it was a part of one, or whether those sorts of folks were just bad because, well, they are bad and we have to Stop The Union!!!! You Know to make the free market system, well, more freeer!!!

Speaking Of Common Sense, hum...

Wow, should more Republicans run upon what and whom they are and stand for, or should they adopt the New Liberal Media Tactic of running as Democrats????
On the November 15 edition of CNN's The Situation Room, host Wolf Blitzer failed to challenge outgoing Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele's (R) assertion that he "did not see ... until a couple of days after the fact" a flier labeled "Democratic Sample Ballot" that referred to "Ehrlich-Steele Democrats" and falsely suggested that certain prominent African-American Maryland Democrats endorsed Steele for Senate and Republican Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. for re-election. In fact, several of the Democrats listed on the flier had endorsed Steele's Democratic opponent, and none of them had endorsed Ehrlich. Steele previously took credit for the flier on the November 12 edition of C-SPAN's Washington Journal, asserting: "[T]hat's the same tactic Democrats have used in previous campaigns against each other, and I've borrowed from that."
[ cf Blitzer, Hannity praised Steele's "spectacular" and "principled" campaign, ignoring misleading campaign tactics ]
hum... Hum... Hum....

Gotta suck when BOTH CNN and FauxNews are in a race for the Toilet, and it is not clear if that is to try to jump in and drown, or for more solid sources, than the current conceptual diahrria!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!! Since most of the Time he has been truthier than most about the things that he has said, except of course when it comes to anything that is related to law, military tactics, foreign diplomacy, force deployment ( at home or abroad ), fiscal policy, moral standards, religious issues, family values, well, gosh, basically everything except when he is talking about how great he has always been and how his parents always liked him more than any of the other family domesticated Pets.

What it took to get Dubya To Vietnam

President Bush and other leaders gathering in Vietnam this week must urge political reform and avoid handing Hanoi's communist government a propaganda coup, exile activists said Thursday.

Bush, the second U.S. president to visit post-war Vietnam, was due to fly into Hanoi Friday for the annual Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.
Vietnam exiles who have set up political parties among the 1.2 million U.S. residents of Vietnamese descent said they were apprehensive that the APEC summit and recent gestures by Washington would bolster the government but not advance political liberalization in the one-party state.

“It appears that the Vietnamese government is gaining a lot while giving up very little,” said Diem Do, chairman of the Vietnam Reform Party, a California-based group with chapters in Europe and Asia and supporters within Vietnam.

[ cf Vietnam gov't foes in U.S. wary as Bush visits Hanoi ]
Ah Yes, now we get it...

After leading his political party into the grand fiasco, it is time to visit Vietnam, and share the Glories of Authoritarian Rule!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! Once he was afraid of Barbarella as the NVA's AAA Pin Up Girl!!! Now he understands the importance of a little Hanoi Media Propoganda Moment to Rally the Authoritarian Cause to The Glories of His YouthFul Military Glorious, When He Was As Gloriously Military as He Is To DAY!!!