November 13th, 2006


More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - TheHeadlines Remain The Same

Ah yes, amongst the scary bits everyone was worrying about was whether the Fall Of Congress To Communists would actually change Diddly in the Big Bad World....
A White House administration official who can be blamed for leaking the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame to the press remains at large, White House officials announced Monday.

"We are doing everything in our power to see that the scapegoat is found and held accountable," President Bush said. "We will not stop until he—or she—is located. Believe me, nobody wants to see the blame placed squarely on the shoulders of a single person, and photos of that individual in every newspaper in the country, more than I do."

As the White House's search for the scapegoat continues, the Justice Department's investigative team is also working around the clock to find the ostensibly guilty party.

[ cf CIA-Leak Scapegoat Still At Large ]

And has it changed any????

Will It Change Any????

All Hail great Leader!!! For he has been the best contributor to the Onion since the Origin of Self Referential Satire began...

Name the 2007 National Day Of Torture Contest Contest!!!!

Hey boys and girls, now that it seems potentially dangerously possible that the democrats may be able to form a plurality in both the house and senate, we really do have to start looking at how to effectively market the 2007 National Day Of Torture Contest!!!

I mean folks are not really going to get all squeemish, now that the Congress has fallen to the Communists, and stop supporting National Day Of Torture, merely because there are Communists In The Government??? Are they???

Americans STILLL support the Whole Doogie Houser Defense, even if he may not be any more Butcher than Karl Rove....

So We MUST WIN THIS!!! OR The Terrorists WIN!!!

Do your part today and help name the 2007 National Day of Torture Contest!!!!

And of course!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For Making America The Leading Advocate Of Denial About How Much We Just Love Torturing The Innocent To Help Them Help Us Help Them!!!

Anything less and we might not torture enough people!!!

More Questions You Just Have To Ask....

What DO they mean here???
The federal government started out its new budget year with a slightly higher deficit than last year as revenues and spending for October both set records.

The Treasury Department reported that the deficit for October totaled $49.3 billion, up 4.3 percent from the $47.3 billion imbalance recorded a year ago.

The budget deficit for the 2006 budget year, which ended on Sept. 30, dropped to a four-year low of $248.2 billion. However, the deficit for the current 2007 budget year is expected to resume rising.

For October, the $49.3 billion deficit was below the all-time October high of $70 billion set in 2003. The government has run a deficit every year in October going back to 1954.

Revenues for October were up 12.2 percent from last year to a record $167.7 billion, surpassing the old October record of $157 billion set in 2001.

Spending for October was up 10.3 percent from a year ago to a record for October of $217 billion.

[ cf Oct. budget deficit higher than last yr. ]
Ok, so do they really mean to say that the Deficit is larger than last year????

Or did they mean to say that the Deficit is still rising, and will keep on rising as long as there is a way to keep it rising, because, well, gosh, this is a time of Transferring The Tax Liability Unto The Unborn, because those Liberals Failed To Support the President....

Oh well, maybe some day we can elect a Fiscally CONSERVATIVE REPULBICAN GOVERNMENT that is concerned about Fiscal Responsiblity, rather than the desperate emotional urges and needs of those who wanted to be great war heroes the last time around, but were having a bad hair day!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! Since he knows that TrueCronyCapitalism has never really been tried, so it is not like it has actually failed.

And This Means What???

President George W. Bush on Monday rejected new calls for direct talks with the Iranian government on the crisis in Iraq or other matters, saying that if Tehran wanted direct negotiations it must first halt its uranium enrichment activities. If it does not, he said, it should face economic isolation.
[ cf Bush rejects calls to talk with Tehran ]
Did He REALLY???

Has the president actually stepped back from TOTAL VICTORY OVER IRAN in the most holyiest of Holy Crusades against Iranian Flying Saucers???

Or is the Evil Liberal Media, once again, under reporting the calls for Total War For Total Victory!!! As they did back in 2002/2003 when they misinterpretted the president's discussions about a diplomatic solution for restoring the Iraqi Wetlands as the Mere Drum Beating Of War Like Stuff.

All Hail Great Leader!!!!! For Great Leader Means Exacly What He Is Finally Willing To Risk Standing Near, Towards, Or About, With Regards To What May Well Have Been What He Could Have Sounded Like He Had Said, at least as long as one or more of his father's friends are still holding his hand.

Unholy Defeatist Cut And Runner!!!

Well Talk About Stabbing The Troops In The Back!!! By Not Supporting The President!!!
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has dropped plans to join President George W. Bush at a NATO summit this month in Latvia, in light of his announced resignation, a Rumsfeld spokesman said Monday.

The Pentagon will instead be represented at the meeting by Eric Edelman, the undersecretary of defense for policy, according to Pentagon spokeswoman Lt. Col. Karen Finn. Other officials had said earlier Monday that Gordon England, the deputy secretary of defense, might fill in for Rumsfeld at the summit meeting.
The Pentagon has refused to release the letter of resignation that Rumsfeld submitted to Bush. Ruff said Rumsfeld did not mind if the White House released it. At the White House, spokesman Gordon Johndroe said there was no plan to release it.
On the day Bush announced Gates as his choice to replace Rumsfeld, Gates called England and asked him to remain as the No. 2 at the Pentagon, according to an official who discussed the matter on condition of anonymity. England agreed to stay for an indefinite period, the official said.

Other senior Pentagon officials, however, are expected to leave. None has publicly announced a departure plan.

[ cf Rumsfeld cancels plan to join Bush at NATO summit in Europe ]

Cancelled??? How did rummy find himself in a place where he has to cancel plans made???? And this with avoiding the matter of how Rummy Wrote His Resignation???? Hello???? What is this sudden modesty???

All Hail Great Leader!!!! For He Has ALWAYS stood behind those who have decided to jump in front of the on coming train wreck!!!!

More Total Victory In War On Vietnam...

The United States on Monday dropped Vietnam from its list of nations that severely violate religious freedom ahead of a visit by President George W. Bush, citing improvement in its tolerance for religious expression.

The State Department also said it added Uzbekistan to the list and blamed its harsh treatment of observant Muslims, many of whom are harassed, detained and accused of extremism, as well as its repression and abuse of Christians.

The State Department said the decision to remove Vietnam was not tied to Bush's visit to Hanoi for a regional summit this week nor to Vietnam's decision to deport a U.S. citizen convicted of plotting against the communist-run government.

"Vietnam has made significant improvements toward advancing religious freedom," John Hanford, the U.S. ambassador at large for religious freedom, told reporters, saying it had made strides since first being placed on the list in 2004.
Others nations on the list this year were China, Eritrea, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Sudan, all of whom were similarly criticized last year.
Rep. Tom Lantos, a California Democrat likely to chair the House International Relations Committee in the new Congress, said he supported adding Uzbekistan to the list but regretted Washington had not made more progress promoting religious freedom since Congress mandated the annual list in 1998.

[ cf U.S. drops Vietnam from religious intolerance list ( emphasis mine ) ]
Victory Is Victorious!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For He KNOWS how to keep on winning that Vietnam Thingie Pooh!!!