November 10th, 2006


NeoCon v. CWOC - a basis to bomb canada???

One of the interersting, and totally irrelevant questions, is how exactly to define a NeoCon. But I will give props to jwgh for doing yeoman's work in tongedon's rant Bush's new approval rating since someone needs to work out What a NeoCon was, as well as what causes them, and can we create some sort of innoculation against them.

What concerns me more is the CWOC ( Conservatives Without Conscience - cf book by john dean of the same name ) since they are the really scary rat bastards!!! Since they will lie in your face, while waving the flag, challenging your Patriotism, and then running at the first sign that they might be personally held accountable for their poseur posture.

But gosh, golly, Gee Whiz... what if we were to go after the substance of the message??? rather than the messengers???

At which point the question really is not about Whom is a NeoCon, and/or how much are they more of a NeoCon than the other CWOC's who are more willing to be the Next Dixie Chicks than the other ones.... Instead the questions really become, what would be an apporpriate balance between the dialectical polls of americana???

Some may have forgotten that we are a land that cherishes both Tradition and Innovation!!! This is the sort of world where we are the inspiration for such madness as Samurai Champloo not to mention the Traditional SantaCon Visit to the Imperial Palace to wish the Emperor Well!!! Ask yourself, why is it that there are those CartmanEsque moments in FLCL, Hum??? Merely the typical Left Wing Extremists Dogma of The God Hating America Bashers???

Or could it be that there is a vibrancy in the openness of our actual american way of life that folks around the Globe Actually LIKE!!!

And that we do not have to keep on bombing them to make them our friends....

Granted, I would not wish to diswade anyone from the fun and excitement of PlayActing Dubya on The Deck Of The USS Abraham Lincoln, as it turned out to sea, so that the camaras were not able to see how close to San Diego it had come, and that gosh, maybe the whole End Zone Dance thing goes great in the Middle of a Gay Pride Parade, but well, maybe....

I mean go for It!!!

While you are at it, have you had your daily quota of

All Hail Great Leader!!! For His Mission Accomplished Banner Will Forever Wave As The Great Symbol Of His Greatness!!!

{ is this the wrong time to start talking about the 40+ year holy war that the CWOC have been involved in??? Or asking the same old fourty plus year old questions about why if they ran the last time, and we are suppose to grow up just like them, that we were suppose to stay behind them this time around... or would that be, well, dealing with the substance of issues, and not merely the rhetorical devices! }

On Forming the ANP

I was amuse to watch the british courts clear the wankers in the BNP.

But it does open a lovely opportunity here - where we can offer the formerly CWOC the option of becoming members of the American Nationalist Party, where they get to dress up as "garritroopers" - too far forward to wear ties, and too far in the rear to worry about combat!!! Why yes, they could have lovely fun times getting together, having those Guy Bonding Moments, buffing and polishing their Shiney Leather Boots, with men who are men, about being men and American Men!!! And how American Nationalist Men are The Manliest Men In the World!!!

You know, some place where they will feel more at home, now that the DARK EVIL of the Republican Party falling to the Evil And Sinister Forces of Law and Order, and they of course want to bail out NOW!!! While our dear former Reagan SecNav is leading all of the "democrats for nixon" out of the land of Bondage Amongst the NeoConClownCarCrew.....

At which point we, the tweedy, old school tie types in the GOP can go back to being, well, the tweedy, old school tie types.

And for our ANP Friends As they March GLORIOUSLY TO TOTAL VICTORY over which ever imaginary threat their brand new imaginary weapons can imaginarily slew and slay,

All Hail Great Leader!!! For he had the Kinkiest Shiney Boots EVER!!!

Building Based Upon Shared Values

It of course does not surprize me that Dubya actually thinks that pooshing Bolton on the UN will some how majikally work in the current arrangement.... It is also possible that once again the President WILL nominate Bolton to the UN as a recess nomination. This would be the sad and tragic end to a completely failed administration. But it would also tragically be well within the sort of 'character of the man' that has been the unpleasant shadow cast over the bright light of our shared american way of life.

This could also offer a chance for the Republicans to show the greatness of our Party by helping congress make the moves forward that are constitutionally required, and mandated, and are the tradition of Congress that MUST be upheld in the face of an Imperial Presidency!!! My hope is that Dubya is not so foolish as to pretend that he is simply some dumb frat boy who just didn't get it. But if he opts to keep playing the goofy guy, then it would be clearly time for Congress to do what Must Be Done.

The Real Challenge is how can we, as americans, rebuild that consensus that has been the center piece of our true american way of life. The is a role on both wings! For every great 'innovative idea' - there needs to be some worry wart who will niggle and whine, and kvetch, and offer up the balancing act to help refine the innovation as a part of New And Improved All American Way Of Traditionally Changing....

There are still 'evil doers' out there - overseas! who 'hate america' - but the same can be said of the folks back here CONUS!!! Some of those folks have made themselves known over the last five years as they have tried to destroy our Free Republic with their Authoritarian Appeals to a Totalitarian Police State!!! Their Mythological Failure to grasp the balancing act that has been the american way of a Citizens Military!!! With all of the strengths and weaknesses that such a system reprersents!!!! Over the next few months, and years, as we find ways to Irradicate This Enemey Within, we may also find the very "war winning strategy" that has been unavailble to the Mere WarMongering!!!

So what if we step back and start reviewing where we have been, and equally, where DO we want to go today???

Do we want to continue to live in Fear! and to call upon the NannyState to Protect Us from everything that goes Bump in the Dark? Or is there some clear and compelling alternative to "bomb canada" or which ever buzzPhrase becomes the rallying call of the next "five minute hate"!!!! What if americans were to take some time to wonder what did the phrase
The Courage Of Their Convictions!
once mean to a generation that once had to stand on their own, and do what had to be done when the threat was not merely that this or that building might get blown up!!! But that a Failure meant the full on Weapons Release with enough force to turn the planet into an inner asteroid belt.

What if the time has come for americans to return also to a time where every trooper carried a "field marshalls" baton, knowing full well their part in the over all process of the American Revolution!!! To understand that IF leadership does not start from within, then there will be no hope but the inevitable collapse into mere Totalitarian Authoritarianism!!! And we have watched that fiasco once again fail to deliver for americans!!!

When we wake up in the morning to do our "all hail great leader!" do we do it knowing that if and when the time comes, and history demands, that we will be willing to step up to the plate and take our turn!!!! To "swing the bat"...

What if, in the final analysis, we really do have nothing to fear, but fear itself!!!

And it is time for all americans to step up to the plate and show the level of leadership that has made this country a great nation!!!

Do Not Adjust Your TV Set....

President Bush was moving by late summer toward removing Donald H. Rumsfeld as defense secretary, people inside and outside the White House said Thursday.

Weeks before Election Day, the essential question still open was when, not if, to make the move.

Bush ultimately postponed action until after the election in part because of concern that to remove Rumsfeld earlier could be interpreted by critics as political opportunism or as ratifying their criticism of the White House war plan in the heart of the campaign, those people said.

[ cf Rumsfeld ouster not sudden ]
Ah yes, we see.

When MaximalMostGreatestOfAllPossibleLeadersEVER!!! is speaking what is being said should not be believed, because of course, at some future point it will be revealed that only the false believers believed....

It is so good to know that Great Leader Is So Great!!!

I hate to ask the rude question here, but one does have to wonder, what if it was Dubya's Daughter on the firing line??? Would he want his daughter to have the best available commander in chief to live out the full on courage of his convictions???

or is Dubya willing to do that whole Soddom And Gohmorah Thing and offer up even his daughters to save his candy ass.

Should Americans Demand Accountability???

A US government agency that has exposed corruption in Iraqi reconstruction projects will close in 2007.
Washington lawmakers have reacted with shock at the discovery that an obscure clause in a military spending bill will terminate the work of the auditor.

The Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction has embarrassed the US administration with its reports on corrupt practices.

Critics of the government claim this is what lies behind its sudden closure.

[ cf US stops audit of Iraq rebuilding ]
One of my overseas contacts asked about it....

And gosh, golly, Gee Whiz... how is it that Law Makers are unaware of the laws that they are passing???

Myabe any new congress should get a full accounting of what they are going to be 'taking over' before they decide to sign for the watch.

Hey Kids, what if the president were to show some real "eggs" and demand that someone show him where the money went, and what it was all about. Wouldn't that be a novel twist of fate, to have the Leadership Demanding Moral Integrity.....

All Hail Great Leader, he remains the unindicted co-conspirator!!!

Speaking Of The Job Stimulus Tax Cuts....

Hey kids, what if the economy did not need to add more jobs to lead to a recovery?

Would that mean that we could give up the job stimulus tax cuts that will sunshine out come 2010??? Or would allowing the Economy to live or die on it's own great resilliance, be, well, such a great leap of Faith, that, uh, we can not risk ever taking the Economy off of Life Support, because only those who Believe in total control of the economy by the central government can affirm the value of Life!!!


What if Republicans were to wake up, smell the coffee, and let the economy by economical? Why gosh, then we would get back to the process of working out what it was that we as a nation really wanted to pay for - once we had covered all of the Bad Debts from the Failed Stalinist Era.

Or is this just one more John Bolton Moment that Dubya is hoping that everyone will just accept that he is still a duffus, and we really should not pick on the handicapped, because, well, gosh, he meant well, even if his job stimulus tax cuts were not actually about stimulating job growth, and that with all of the posturing should have been killed off prior to the election so that we could have had a charge at the old balanced budget as a basis for explaining why folks should support Fiscally Responsible Republicans In Congress, and maybe even in the White House.

All Hail Great Leader!!! He has not yet lost any great Tax Cuts to the Horrors Of Fiscal Responsibility!!!

Should There Be A New Realism In The USofA???

I was somewhat frightened by the Comedians who put together The new realism on Iraq where our friends at the Guardian are off on that Laugh Riot about how majikally there is going to be this new day, because of a shift from the Cheney-Rumsfeld Axis. WOW.

We are suppose to buy into the Majik Wonder of the Baker-Gates-Rice Troika, as the progress is progressive moment as the Father is alledged to have taken his boy out behind the Shed for a well deserved Spanking. I really would love to believe this, were it not for the other horrors that have been wandering around. Like Friedman's Whine that the problem was that Dubya went into Iraq on the Cheap, rather than going in with enough troops to take the place.

But where is that third option, the one that says we do not need to invade countries because the president is not getting a Woodie. Someone might introduce the President to the many other ways one works out those little issues other than accidentally invading countries.

What makes all of this even more pathetic is the ongoing HORRROR that the Evil Liberal Media, the San Jose Merc, is still Whining about the Death of Pat Tillman. The special saunce in this round of massed comedy is that the current American Military Investigation is having problems finding the shooters. Both those still ON ACTIVE DUTY as well as the ones that have been, MIRACLES OF MIRACLES, released from active duty.

One has to wonder why is that??? Why is it that the Military can hold onto folks who do not want to be in Iraq, but, gosh, can misplace folks who might have to explain their role in killing an American Trooper.

Now I don't like to get too HARSH on our VOCHAS friends, you know the true heroes who have been protecting us, you know, from the Spores shot out of Klandathu that could turn into Large Arachnids and Take Over Everything!!! But for all of the cranking about 'respecting the troops' it is interesting how Silent they have been on this subject. For all of their Pious Love of the Specialist New Case, which, here on the nearly sixth anniversary, has yet been able to get the new CIC to overturn the conviction of the US MILITARY COURT, from the Clinton Era!!!

Why is it that the VOCHAS have since nice, neat, and politically motivated agenda items about Which Vets they want to Support More....

Could it be that they are going to have to work through some of the hard parts about what Realism is Real!!!

Hum... could the VOCHAS be a bit more worried now???

Don't You Hate Changing Your Travel Plans???

Just days after his resignation, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is about to face more repercussions for his involvement in the troubled wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. New legal documents, to be filed next week with Germany's top prosecutor, will seek a criminal investigation and prosecution of Rumsfeld, along with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, former CIA director George Tenet and other senior U.S. civilian and military officers, for their alleged roles in abuses committed at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison and at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The plaintiffs in the case include 11 Iraqis who were prisoners at Abu Ghraib, as well as Mohammad al-Qahtani, a Saudi held at Guantanamo, whom the U.S. has identified as the so-called "20th hijacker" and a would-be participant in the 9/11 hijackings. As TIME first reported in June 2005, Qahtani underwent a "special interrogation plan," personally approved by Rumsfeld, which the U.S. says produced valuable intelligence. But to obtain it, according to the log of his interrogation and government reports, Qahtani was subjected to forced nudity, sexual humiliation, religious humiliation, prolonged stress positions, sleep deprivation and other controversial interrogation techniques.

[ cf Exclusive: Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse ]
Has Dick also opted to find a safer country???

What if americans were obliged to uphold american law???

All Hail Great Leader!!! For he has perfected the art of being the poor Picked On Victimised Frat Boy!!!
For lo, no one would hold him personally responsible for his actions.

Why Not Indians For The Cowboys Of Taxes???

I mean it is working in india:
Dancing and singing eunuchs are knocking on doors in the Indian city of Patna in a bid to embarrass shopkeepers into paying their taxes.

The new shock strategy, in which sari-clad and heavily made up eunuchs accompany officials on their rounds of crowded shopping areas in a country notorious for tax evasion and non-payment, has been declared a success.

"Some paid in cash, while others quickly wrote checks. The shock therapy, which we plan to use sparingly, was a grand success," Atul Prasad, a top official in impoverished Bihar state, of which Patna is the capital, told Reuters Friday.

The novel tax-collection technique kicked off Wednesday, with boisterous eunuchs loudly demanding that mortified shopkeepers pay up -- to the bemusement of scores of onlookers.

[ cf Yahoo: Dancing eunuchs taxing red-faced shopkeepers ]

Just think, if only they had been around Andy Fastow might not be doing time in a Lousiana Prison for his criminal conspiracy with Enron....

Ok, so I am still cheesed off with that fiasco - since it would be interesting to figure out what Enron's Real Tax Bill should have been...

All Hail Great Leader!!!! For While Everyone Else Around Him Is Looking At FedTime, He is still wondering if Eunich will run on an x86 Architecture?

What The GOP May Want To Learn....

I am pleased by KOS's crank Memo to every Democrat since it makes it unpleasantly clear that the Republicans may want to run on a platform of being in favor of something, rather than hoping that they should or could run against the Klintons.

Who knows, Republicans may actually find that a refreshing Thought.

In an interesting Change Of Pace:
On Saturday, the president and Mrs. Bush will place a wreath in honor of fallen veterans at Arlington National Cemetery.
[ cf VOA: Bush Awards Medal of Honor ]
It is so pleasing that this year the President will be attending the traditonal role of the CIC of laying a wreath in honor of OUR Fallen Dead, rather than sending Dear Old Dick, because he was out campaigning for his Interesting Political Positions.

One wonders what would have happened if the President had remembered the oldest of Military Maxims
Take Care Of Your Troops And Your Troops Will Take Care Of You
it might have helped his political party, and his crony's. But it might have meant putting the Nations Business above mere Domestic Political Pandering.

Ah Yes, excuse me if I ask this question again,
What IF America Had Been Attacked?
would so many republicans have been more interested in supporting the president to support the Troops??? Or would they have been more concerned as Troopers that the President was "DRIFTING!"

All Hail Great Leader!!!!! For he has not had enough live ammo in his hand to threaten his foot!!!

Bored In The USA.....

Gov. Jeb Bush said Friday the unusually high number of voters who didn't choose a candidate in a congressional race in Sarasota County was worth investigating, and said the state has "the law in place to do it right."

"This is obviously something we need to look into, and very quickly," Bush said as state elections officials prepared to oversee an expected recount next week in the 13th District race between Republican Vern Buchanan and Democrat Christine Jennings.

Jennings was behind in the initial count by 373 votes and was pressing for answers about why more than 18,000 voters didn't register a selection in the race, but did make choices in other contests. That rate was much higher than what the district's other counties registered in the same congressional race.

[ cf Bush: Undervotes in congressional race worth investigating ]

Remember how it was them thar democrats who was gonna steal the election by owning the voting machine makers....

Or was it the other way around....

Hum... Assuming that we are planning to have a presidential election in 2008, god alone knows why, then wouldn't it be really spiffy if say florida got on the band wagon about how there was a need to have an audit trail... And that maybe the Brook Brother Riot might not have been as coolio a solution as the Young Republicans who opted to become VOCHAS ( Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome ) would have at first let folks believe back in 2000 - you know, back before the whole world changed, and well, their Heroic Heroics were just not Heroic Enough to get them to become the Next Pat Tillman....

Oh, I'm sorry, did I put too many issues in one itty bitty wittle pargraph and make weeder all emotionally traumatized that they, gosh, are all thematically from the same strain of incredulity.

My Bad!!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For Great Leader Has Not Needed A Brookes Brother Riot BY VOCHAS to protect his Shiney White Hiney Since the DAY that the whole world changed!!!!

And Lo, the Goodness Kept On Being Good Enough....