October 26th, 2006


The Michael J. Fox Crisis

Of course the Evil Liberal Media hopped in yesterday whining, whining, whining because the Great War Hero Rush Limbaugh Lead the Charge against the 80's Radical Left Wing Anti-War Extremist Michael J. Fox who recently decided to not only Stab The President In The Back, but openly engage in anti-state Terrorism by advocating Stem Cell Research, knowing that this was an OPEN CHALLENGE to the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn.

But did the Evil Liberal Media take the time to actually think about how VICIOUS AND BRUTAL Michael J. Fox's Main Force Assault on Our White Christian America Had BEEN???? HUM???


They attacked the Great War Hero Rush Limbaugh instead!!!!

It's as if the Evil Liberal Media is no longer willing to Support The President's Policy on Stay The Course!!!

I am Just SHOCKED! Shocked I Tell YOU!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For Great Leader IS Great!!!!

Those Damn Liberals!!!

I just got email from Ken Mehlman, Chairman, Republican National Committee, and I am just SHOCKED!!! SHOCKED I tell you to learn that Ted Kennedy and John Kerry have given a Million Dollars to the Democrats!!!

That is just shocking!!!! and to think that these guys are not willing to Support the president and the National Policy of Stay The Course!!!

It is Just Shocking!!!

NATO Continues Brutal War In Afghanistan

But of course are the Red Hollywood Elites up in arms about the NATO troops out there, do their Dafur Dance Of Death????


One has to wonder why the Evil Leftists Liberals remain silent to this Brutal Tragedy:
NATO warplanes reportedly have killed dozens of civilians during bombing in southern Afghanistan. NATO officials say the operation targeted insurgent bases and killed 48 militants. But local Afghan leaders and witnesses say the victims were civilians, including women and children.

Afghan policeman stands inside house damaged during NATO bombing in Ashogho, Kandahar province, Oct 18, 2006

The incident happened in southern Afghanistan's volatile Panjwai district, where witnesses say NATO planes bombed residential houses for several hours Tuesday, causing the deaths.

A NATO statement, issued late Wednesday, said an estimated 48 militants were killed in heavy fighting in the area. But the alliance also said that there were credible reports of civilian casualties.

U.N. officials in Afghanistan also have expressed concern over the reported civilian deaths and have urged a speedy and thorough investigation.

{ cf VOA: Afghan Officials Say Civilians Killed During NATO Operation ]
First it is the Soviet Red Hordes!!!

Now the Evil Imperialists of NATO are Persecuting our Much Beloved Heroic Mujahadien, who helped End the Brutal Soviet Repression of their Lovely Little Country!!! All While Red Fellow Travellors, like Michael J. Fox, and his Radical Left Wing Extremists, ignore this Clear Sign of the Evil Rise Of Red TERROR by the Failed Eruo Nations!!!

it is Just SHOCKING!!!!

Clearly if the President were Not Besieged In The White House, he would come to the Aid of the Afghani's!!! But the Evil Liberal Main Stream Media remains unwilling to support his policy of Staying The Course!!!


Before the Democrats bring their Well Oiled Blue Helmeted One Worlder Army that they have been Training under the Guise of NATO Imperialist Operations In Afghanistan, here to the US of A!!! And Embark upon imposing one More Communist State In Their Very Red World!!!! Americans must unite behind the President and OPPOSE the Evil Democrats and their Jack Booted NATO Militarist Thugs!!!

Think of the Children!!! The Innocent Children!!!!!


UnHoly Defeatist Propoganda Of The Radical Leftists

I was SHOCKED!!!! Shocked I tell you when the Radical Left Wing Extremists at Bloomberg News ran the Foul Defeatists Cut and Runner Propoganda that many Republican Candidates are Distancing themselves from the President on ThatIraqiThingiePooh!!!!

WHERE IS THE FCC!!!!????!!!! when such Pornography is put out where Innocent Children might be deeeply scared for Life!!!

Do children want to grow up fearful that Americans Would Stab Their President's Political Policy Posturing in the BACK and advocate an Open Abandonment of the "Stay The Course" Doctrine that has brought americans total and glorious Mission Accomplished Foto's!!!!

How can children live in a world where any DEFEATIST CUT AND RUNNER can advocate abandoning the President's Policy of "Stay The Course" for mere Domestic Political Expediency!!!!

It is JUST SHOCKING!!! Shocking I tell you!!!

This makes NippleGate, well, making a Mountain Range out of a pimple On Some Silicon!!!!!

Clearly the Department of Homeland Security MUST open an investigation into whom in the FCC is really the Al-Qaeda Puppet Toady!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!

Why Does The Heritage Foundation Hate Jesus???

I was Just SHOCKED!!!! SHOCKED!!!! I tell you to hear the Evil Radical LEFTISTS at the Heritage Foundation stabbing our valiant fighting forces in the back by questioning the choices of the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!
Since January of 2004, when President Bush first proposed his “comprehensive immigration reform,” it has become increasingly evident that there is a sharp disconnect on this issue between the political elites in the nation’s capital and the values and concerns of average citizens.
This problem of unlawful entry into our country is intellectually, morally, and politically separate from other issues related to immigration. I believe the President’s attempt to roll these separate prob lems into one so-called comprehensive plan has caused much confusion and needless delay in fix ing our broken borders.

It is one of the great misfortunes for the nation and the Republican Party that over the past three years the White House has proven to be tone deaf on border security and immigration reform.

The President continues to repeat the same red herring argument, which he used again recently in his August 5 weekly radio broadcast, that the nation needs to find a “rational middle ground” between the “two extremes of mass deportation and amnesty.”

Bush further confuses the debate by insisting that amnesty is “automatic citizenship,” and that nothing else can be called amnesty. The fact is there is no such thing in history or in immigration law as “auto matic citizenship,” and H.R. 4437 does not propose “mass deportations.” Yet neither fact deters the Pres ident and his army of propagandists from repeating the same non sequiturs month after month.

[ cf A New Strategy for Control of Illegal Immigration ]

Brutally and Viciously Coming Out on the Side of the Nancy Pelosi Wing of Al-Qaeda by VICIOUSLY attacking the President with their Radical Leftist Agenda as IF the president were not a War President while our valiant Fighting Forces ARE at this very moment Defending the Free World in the KNOWN UNIVERSE!!!!!

Have these God Hating America Bashers NOTICED that NOT ONE ASTERROID from Klendathu has come down since the President's National Day of Torture Act made every day in America National Torture!!!

Clearly when these Communist Red Fanatics embark upon their Class War Rhetoric about the "political elites in the nation’s capital" they really need to go back and remember that their Red Fellow Travellors have Abandoned Them!!!! Unless of course these Pinko's want to Go Back to NoKo where they belong!!!

They can Either Love Great Leader And Support The President To Support The Troops, Or they should turn their Traitorous Treasonous Selves into the state security apparatus nearest them!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!!

For He Keeps Us Safe From Asteroids Being Hurled at us by Klendathu!!!

The Jack Boots Of Communism On The March....

And elsewhere, former Food and Drug Administration chief Lester Crawford, who resigned two months after his confirmation, has just pleaded guilty to hiding his ownership in food and drug companies "regulated" by his agency.
[ cf Ivins: The campaign of sleaze ]
How Typical Of The Radical Left Wing Communists to attack the Ownership of the Means of Productions That one has bought a place in Government To Oversee!!!

Clearly IF the communists are Elected no Decent White Male Christian will be able to buy a position in government!!!! Which will mean leaving the regulation of our Food And Drug industry up to mere Scientists and Others who do not Support The Divine Will Of The One True And Only Decider! The Greatest Military Leader, EVER!!!!!

ARE YOU as shocked at the Rest of Us that Nancy Pelosi's Reptilian Mind Control to field all of her Arch Red Menance Demon Clones, with their Plus Six Majik Shields and Poison Death Spray!!! This sort of Sick And Disgusting behavior on the Part of the Evil Liberals, as they try to bring back to life the Sort Of Red Communism that only The Heritage Foundation with it's Plus 36 TimeWarpShaftOfManliness can actually Control!!!!

Yes Boys And Girls!!! If you are NOT supporting Great Leader than the Evil Doers Will Do Evil!!!! And the Brain Wave Sucking Space Aliens will be left wandering around when they have turned on the Likes of Nancy Pelosi!!!!

What more reasonable Argument can be put forward as to why All True White Christian Americans can not allow the House to Fall Under the Red jack Boots Of Communism!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!!

For Great Leader Is Great!!!

Why Do They Hate Us????

Mad Props To [Unknown LJ tag] for
An electronic system set up last month by the U.S. Department of Defense to help overseas soldiers and other military personnel and contractors cast ballots in U.S. elections lacks security safeguards, critics say.

The department’s Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) launched a Web site on Sept. 1 to help military personnel and civilian employees access voting information and local ballots.

The program, dubbed the Integrated Voting Alternative Site (IVAS), provides instructions for personnel on how to submit local ballots by fax machine or e-mail, said J. Scott Wiedmann, deputy director of FVAP. The ballots are not directly cast by the agency for security reasons, he said.

Wiedmann noted that the program does not provide encryption for e-mailed ballots.

The site also lets personnel download a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) form that can be filled out to request an absentee ballot from local elections officials, Wiedmann said.

David Wagner, a professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley, said submitting ballots via e-mail or fax presents myriad security problems.

For example, he said, unencrypted e-mails can be intercepted and read by others. Wagner also noted that the FPCA form requires the voter’s date of birth and Social Security number, which means soldiers face the risk of identity fraud by sending the form via fax or e-mail.

“No self-respecting bank would tell me to e-mail them my bank account number and Social Security number over unencrypted e-mail,” said Wagner. The IVAS system ought to provide the requisite secure communications, he said.

Wiedmann said that the IVAS site offers Secure Sockets Layer encryption and that it warns voters of e-mail security concerns. He also noted that the site warns that votes may be viewed by those collecting the data.

“It’s more important to these voters that they participate in the vote than in maintaining secrecy,” he said.

[ from New Military Voting Process Lacks Security, Critics Say ]
Hum, what if the NeoCons had meant something when they were screeching about the importance of the Military Vote.

You know, back in 2000.

Oh yeah, that was back when NeoCons were not trying to Hide Behind HanoiAnnie Coulter's Moisten Bint rather than stepping up and joining the US Military for ACTIVE DUTY ABROAD IN A HOSTILE FIRE PAY ZONE. You know those Halcyon days before the day that scared them so bad, that they wanted the Government to keep on having more and more power to torture anyone anywhere to keep them safer than thou, because as Party Loyalists their type never serve in the Military.

Well Thank You NeoConClownCarCrew....

Oh yeah, that's right, not only do they not care about the Military - but they are having a hard time getting their panties moist about those Pay-Day Bilkers who have been ripping of American Military Familys for decades now.... So why EVER would they care about something so trivial as the VOTE from some GI overseas.... It's not like those people are, well, you know, the sort that NeoCons want to move into their neighborhoods anyway...

Oh yeah, in case it is not clear - I so do not like VOCHAS!!!!